To Rita… with love

May your dad’s memory be eternal…

Life can be cruel sometimes… Bambi is still speechless.

How she had wished she could be with you, dear Rita, instead of writing to you across the miles.

Through this post, she sends her love to you as well as to your loved ones: Your brothers, your smaller family, and all your relatives in the USA, Canada, Lebanon… or wherever they are.

As you know, Bambi still has fresh yet very old memories of your dad and mom. Some stories from our childhood are too funny (or should she say embarrassing?). Luckily, you come from a welcoming family with a great sense of humour.

Is your dad with your mom now? Only God knows… Trust that this is Bambi’s wish for him and for your mom. She hopes that, together, they are watching over you. May they also keep being with you, of course in an invisible yet loving way. This being said, may the love of your dad and his memory be eternal.

To conclude this brief post, Bambi will thank you Nina, if you are reading now (you know why). Last but not least, if she may, she wants to dedicate a prayer for your late and beloved dad, Rita, with much love to you and your family ?. Take good care please and be kind to yourself.

Has Canada’s government thought that people can be proud to be BOTH Indigenous and Canadian?

Bambi thanks the reader who shared with her the following National Post article:

After reading the above, she could not help not to think about how disconnected our governments seem to be from “their” people and any of their concrete economic -and other meaningful- concerns.

Indeed, and in Bambi’s mind, our governments seem to be too obsessed with race ironically in the name of anti-racism. Do Canadians spend as much time as our governments thinking about race/racism, etc.? Anyhow, if you are interested by this topic, you can read this media article and build an opinion about it.

As far as Bambi is concerned, she will not comment the article. Related to it, she would like to share the following: Recently, she spent time chatting with many desperate people of her birth country, which looks more like a failed yet somehow still functional state. She observed that many dream of immigrating to better places of the world. Indeed, many have spent their energy and the little money they have to apply for immigration to Canada. They have no idea how collectively insane, or excessively ideological, Canada’s current times have become. Some do see similar excesses elsewhere. Yet they still naively believe that Canada would be different. Those who have resided in it think it is still the same as it was 20, 15, 10 or even 5 years ago. From far away, they still perceive it is as the land of freedom, of equal opportunities, and of merit. To what extent is the latter still accurate? Will they be disappointed if they return to Canada today?

Anyhow, to double-check the source cited in Sarkonak’s article, Bambi navigated the Government of Canada’s website and read about “the IRCC Anti-Racism Strategy 2.0 (2021-2024)” with its ideological yet apparently empty language, at least for Bambi. She will spare you quotes from this language that you can find at this link:

Why is Canada spending its energy (2021-2024) on a so-called anti-racism strategy for its Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) division? Why not put this energy on powerful immigration tools to support our country’s economic growth and prosperity for us all, Indigeneous or old and newcomers, especially post-pandemic?

Furthermore, instead of informing us that Canada’s “digital infrastructure enabling our work, are on the traditional territories of Indigenous nations“, why doesn’t Canada work on improving our digital infrastructure for all of us, including the Indigenous people?

Last but not least, Bambi is allergic to the term “racialized” in” Indigenous, Black and other racialized people“. She finds this label degrading despite any apparent noble intention behind it. Indeed, this term gives her the impression that, as a migrant or a Canadian deer from a visible minority, she is victimized or oppressed. She does not see herself as a victim. She hasn’t, even when she was the target of an intolerant mob trying yet not succeeding in silencing her. Actually, she refuses such defeating attitude in her own life. She prefers pride and empowerment instead of victimhood. She does not know about you, but she is sad to see our own government apparently dividing us based on our skin colour or victimized status (ie. racialized,), ironically in the name of anti-racism (or diversity, inclusion, and equity).

After consulting both Mr. Sarkonak’s National Post‘s article and our government’s website, Bambi could not help not to think of the most decent and talented Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould. Sadly, despite the great idea of recruiting her, Mr. Trudeau did not succeed in retaining her, with her brain along with her principles. What a loss to his cabinet and to Canada.

To conclude this post by linking it to its title, she does not know about you, but Bambi still vividly recalls Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s pride to be both Indigenous and Canadian, as you can read on her own Twitter account. Is Canada as “systemically racist” , as per its anti-racist strategy and according to its Deputy Minister’s own concluding remarks? How can Ms. Wilson-Raybould be that proud to be Canadian, if so? Anyhow, regardless, what a contrast between the ideological language of the anti-racism strategy of Canada and the simple yet powerful words of Ms. Wilson-Raybould: “Proud to be Indigenous and Canadian“!

A musical post, as a surprise to Roula… she can guess why!

A picture taken by Bernadette in Québec.

This brief musical post includes three songs carefully chosen for you Roula.

The first English kids’ song, about a big sister, also hints to our third sibling (yes, you Rania :)). Bambi loves you, Roula and Rania, very much ❤️. She thanks you both for all.

As for the second song, is it is in Arabic and performed by the most talented Mr. Mike Massy who revived a classical famous song, by Mr. Farid el Atrash, about “a flower in one’s imagination“. Roula, may the creative flowers of your fertile imagination always bloom and embellish the world around you!

As for the third and last melody, it is a duo by Ms. Sofia Marikh and Ms. Sentia Karam. This beautiful “Je suis malade” song is in the French language, which Roula has kept alive in Lebanon through her dynamic journalistic and editing activities, media interviews, mentoring, lecturing, research, and publications. All this in addition to the English and Arabic languages that she excels in.

Bambi hopes you will enjoy your songs Roula. Take good care and all the best!

Ms. Sophie Durocher: “Sex in all its forms” [Le sexe dans tous ses états]

Today, Bambi came across Ms. Sophie Durocher’s article about the Musée de la civilisation du Québec, which was recently published in the Journal de Montréal ( In all honesty, she does not know if she should smile or be disappointed by how collectively absurd, our highly divided, our societies seem to look like… ironically in the name of a so-called ideology entitled “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion“. The latter has become the obsession of our governments and public institutions.

For Bambi, what is particularly disappointing about Ms. Durocher’s informative article is that the museum in question is located in Québec, which is a Canadian province that usually knows how to resist to political correctness or woke or identity-based ideas. Indeed, Québec has traditionally been an open-minded and welcoming society where citizens benefit from legally protected rights under this province’s own Charter of human rights. So, why does it need new blahblahblah all of of a sudden? Why should we put people in categories and sub-categories like this? Do they truly feel more included when we do so? And included in what? In a highly fragmented place? Since when the latter is better than a dynamic and truly pluralistic society? Stated differently, and pushed to the extreme, can political correctness backfire one day? Or could it become even more toxic and definitely divisive?

Anyhow, before sharing the translated article with you, Bambi was curious about the funder(s) of this museum. She learned that the main funder is Hydro Québec, which is a Crown corporation, that is a state-owned entreprise ( However, it is unclear if the new initiative in question, with its rather odd language, independently stems from the museum’s managers or is encouraged by the financial partner.

Of course, Bambi respects the sincerely noble intentions that people, perhaps like you reading this post now, have about diversity and inclusion. However, with all due respect, the linguistic style of the museum’s initiative (quoted in Durocher’s article) seems to be intellectually poor and socially divisive with its cumbersome categories and sub-categories.

Anyhow, Bambi will stop here to share Ms. Durocher’s article, thanks to her faithful friend Mr. Google Translate. Mind you, you may wish to use your critical thinking to build your own opinion about this topic. You may agree or disagree with Ms. Durocher or Bambi. If you wish, you are welcome to post a comment on this blog.

“Recently, in my columns, I spoke to you about the woke excesses of the Museum of Fine Arts of Canada [for an English translation, you can read Bambi’s older post shown further below].

But a reader wrote to me to draw my attention to another Museum that has some, shall we say… intriguing plans.


Since June 14 and until August 31 of this year, the Musée de la civilization de Québec has launched a “call for objects and archives” which I will copy to you in full here.

“The Musée de la civilization is looking for objects that can document the multitude of experiences related to gender identities and how these are transformed over time and according to cultures, in Québec and elsewhere. »

“We call on people of the plurality of genders and sexual diversity to help us collect different objects that evoke the realities of the following communities: Intersex people, binary and non-binary trans people. Trans sex workers. Neurodivergent trans people. Two-Spirit, intersex and trans artists. Racialized trans people involved in ballroom circles. Polyamorous trans people. Trans people involved in Kinks communities. Trans parents. Trans and creative kids. Trans people active in the trans and transfeminist movement in Quebec in the years 2000 to 2020. Indigenous and Two-Spirit LGBT+ people. Black, racialized, immigrant or refugee LGBT+ people. LGBT+ people who live in or come from the regions of Québec. LGBT+ activists active in the 1960s to 1990s” .

“Activists active within the radical feminist, lesbian feminist and queer feminist movements in Québec in the 1960s to 2000s.”

I hope the Museum has ensured that its list is comprehensive and that no subgroup of “People of Multiple Gender and Sexual Diversity” has been overlooked.

And I wonder what an “object that represents the realities” of “trans people involved in Kinks communities”.


Another of my columns that made you react is the one on the use at Radio-Canada [the French CBC] of the words “people with a uterus” instead of the word “women”.

Several readers who have had a hysterectomy or were born without a uterus have written to me to tell me how shocked they are.

“Should I be called ‘person who no longer has a uterus’? “, wrote me one of them.

A reader also told me that on July 18 on the program Le 15-18 on Radio-Canada, about women’s breasts, the host said:

“While it’s legal for everyone to walk around topless, it’s still not quite accepted in the general population that ‘people with fuller breasts’ don’t hide them.”

Her guest, Myriam Daguzan-Bernier, sexologist, replied: “There are as many different breasts as there are ‘people who have breasts’ on the planet”.

Finally, did you know that the Women’s Centre of Montreal wrote on Facebook on July 13 that “the HPV vaccine can be given to vagina owners between 9 and 25 years old and to penis owners between 9 and 26 years old”?

Here is a nice vocabulary suggestion for our friends from Radio-Canada [the French-speaking CBC].

Lebanon: Isn’t Lamartine’s valley beautiful?

Bambi thanks you Laila for kindly sharing your superb after-sunset pictures of the Lamartine’s valley taken from the Cherry Blossom Boutique Hotel!

The Cherry Blossom hotel is located on about 20,000m² of land in the hills of Lamartine Valley, along the most beautiful Pine trees forest of El–Metn region (about 20 Km from Beirut Downtown).

A picture of Lamartine’s valley taken by Laila from the Cherry Blossom Hotel in Bhamdoun.
A picture of Lamartine’s valley taken by Laila from the Cherry Blossom Hotel in Bhamdoun.

For those of you who are not familiar with Lamartine, who is he? His full name was Alphonse Marie Louis de Prat de Lamartine (1790-1869). He was a famous French author, poet, and a politician. He played a key role in the foundation of the Second Frrench Republic (

Of note, Mr. de Lamartine lived in Lebanon during his long trip to the Orient. He loved Lebanon so much. His writing was even inspired by it. With much pride, Lebanon also loved him back. Indeed, there are several places named after him. For instance, there is Hammana as well as Lamartine Valley in Ras El Metn.

While refreshing her memory by reading about Mr. de Lamartine, Bambi learned that he lost his daughter in Beirut in 1832. She died at age 10 from tuberculosis. May her and his memory be as eternal as the beauty of the valley named after him.

Below, you can watch a brief video featuring an aerial view of the Lamartine’s valley in Mount Lebanon. Bambi hopes you will enjoy it! Following it, if you are interested, you can read a 961 article on the Cherry Day in Hammana.

To conclude this post on a violin musical note, how about the Lebanese National Anthem with the most talented Mr. Andre Soueid?

Aren’t these wise words beautiful?

Bambi would like to start by thanking her friend Mary for sharing a wonderful thought that someone shared with her earlier. She had fun with both Mary and Mounir in translating those beautiful Arabic words into English as follows:

“Between breaking hearts and gaining hearts, there is a fine line called the art of communication“.

Bambi hopes you enjoyed the above. May we all learn how to gain people’s hearts, with our own loving hearts, along with our genuine words expressed with kindness.

Go Lebanon Go: Yes, it reached the 2022 FIBA Asia Cup final!

The Lebanese basketball team will play today in the final against the very strong Australian team! Bravo!! All the best!

Yesterday, the Lebanese national team won over Jordan, another great team, by one point only. What a beautiful game! Thank you and bravo! (

Earlier, Lebanon won against India and New Zealand, imagine?

What will happen today? Bambi sends her warmest best wishes to her birth country’s team. Regardless of the outcome, the Lebanese basketball team members have demonstrated that they are already the champions!

If you are not convinced by the above assessment, just think of the living conditions these players, and their trainers, have been preparing themselves in. We are talking about a bankrupt country drowning under systemic corruption yet full of talent and of wonderful people who deserve a better country. We are talking about a shocking hyperinflation with sad and unacceptable daily power outages. We are talking about a country with much political shenanigans, paralysis, and a total lack of accountability for Ponzi schemes and explosions.

So, what do you think of these athletes after the reminder above? Do you agree with Bambi that they are the champions? Of course, Bambi is saying so with the utmost respect for the forthcoming FIBA Asia cup champions, Australia or Lebanon! Good luck to both countries.

More celebrations: Happy Birthday wishes to you Fatma!

Zum Geburstag viel Glück liebe Fatma ?! Yes, Happy Birthday to you ?!

Bambi thanks you for reading her blog and for taking the time to comment in different languages. You even understand the essence of French songs :)!

Before concluding this post with your two birthday songs in German and Arabic respectively, Bambi sends you her love across the miles ?! If she may, she will add that you should be commended for who you are (i.e., your uniqueness and humanity) AND for being a devoted mother. Yes, bravo for having raised a wonderful and much talented daughter!

Indeed, is there anything more precious in life than seeing our young adult children with roots (i.e., deep connections with their ancestry) ALONG with efficient wings to freely and responsibly fly as far/high as they aspire to? May your – and her- forthcoming year/s be filled with Love, Happiness, Health, Continuous Success, Peace of Mind, and dreams/projects to enjoy!

Two days of celebrations: Let’s start with the first, ahead of it, and… stay tuned for tomorrow!

Bambi would like to wish her cousin Joumana a wonderful birthday! ❤️

As their maid of honour (about 25 years ago), Bambi is eager to wish Rania and Rabih heartfelt happy wedding anniversary wishes! ❤️❤️. Rabih, thank God you survived the surrealistic (and unacceptable!) Beirut port explosion; Rania thanks for being Bambi’s loving and beloved sister ❤️.

Indeed, there is nothing like caring family members or friends in life. Bambi is blessed in so many ways with both of these blessings. Once again, all the best Joumana, Rania and Rabih. Have fun!