Aren’t these wise words beautiful?

Bambi would like to start by thanking her friend Mary for sharing a wonderful thought that someone shared with her earlier. She had fun with both Mary and Mounir in translating those beautiful Arabic words into English as follows:

“Between breaking hearts and gaining hearts, there is a fine line called the art of communication“.

Bambi hopes you enjoyed the above. May we all learn how to gain people’s hearts, with our own loving hearts, along with our genuine words expressed with kindness.

2 thoughts on “Aren’t these wise words beautiful?”

  1. Ein deutsches Sprichwort
    Zwischen Freud und Leid ist die Brücke nicht breit.
    Goethe hat diese Weisheit in Faust so formuliert:
    Freud muss Leid, Leid muss Freude haben.

    1. Beautiful words by Goethe. Bambi thanks you, Fatma. Here is a quick English translation: ´The bridge between joy and sorrow is not wide. Joy must have sorrow, sorrow must have joy’.

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