Can Minister Steven Guilbeault stop using both Muslims and Jews to promote Bill 36, which will eventually serve to silence us all… including them?

Above is a tweet by Minister Guilbeault (July 23, 2021) that Bambi just saw today.

If our Honourable Minister Guilbeault cares to also address “hate” or arson in real life, not just online (while preserving our “Canadian Heritage” as per his responsibility), can he please denounce the vandalism of churches in Canada (i.e., 48 of them lately, if Bambi did not lose count)? By the way, this suggestion applies to all our public servants, those in power as well as those in the opposition.

Bambi is asking because she is against violence to anyone and to any place of worship, including Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Churches (as well as synagogues, mosques, other temples, etc.).

Thank you.

Latest posts of Bambi on the vandalized churches and on Bill 36:

No one should be forced to attend “Workplace Diversity and Inclusion”, not even Mr. Bill Evans!

Bambi learned from a friend in town that a Change petition is circulating against Mr. Bill Evans, one of our Town Councillors.

Councillor Evans is not appreciated by many citizens because of so many reasons that Bambi is not interested in getting into. On a more family note, Mr. Evans was instrumental in the whole saga against Bambi’s spouse ostensibly for testifying at the Assessment and Planning Appeal Board.

Yet, Bambi is against using psychological manipulation in the form of those Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity training (i.e. Maoist style of sessions) for anyone.

To do this to an elected official is an insult to the population, even to those who did not vote for him.

Enough of power abuse, even to those who resort to it!

Thank you, Dr. Cory Long, for your service!

Bambi just learned that Dr. Cory Long is closing his medical practice in Sackville, New Brunswick. In addition to his 1310 patients, Dr. Long has served for many years as and emergency room (ER) physician at our small town’s hospital:

Bambi and her spouse had the chance to be treated by and interact with this talented physician at the ER more than once. For example, he saved Bambi’s life once by discovering the source of a severe infection that affected her neck. It was due to a dental abscess. His clever clinical judgment and thorough testing allowed him to reach the good diagnosis. She remains thankful, especially that both his efficacy and care allowed her to keep her travel plans to see her family for the last time in December, 2019 right before the pandemic. Last but but not least, Bambi and her spouse were lucky to benefit from Dr. Long’s competence and humanity in earlier ER encounters related to life and death.

Thank you Dr. Long for your medical talent and compassion! Best wishes in your future milestones! You have taken care of so many of us (a quarter of the population!). Please do take good care too, you and your family.

To conclude this post by honouring your service to Sackvillians, Bambi thought of two songs. The first is by Mr. Michel Sardou and it is called “Médecin de campagne” (“The country’s doctor” in English). Bambi will start with a quick translation of its lyrics. The second song is in French too and it is meant to make you smile :).

“He listens for hours

The beating of his patients’ hearts

He’s a country doctor

This woman so beautiful and so pale

Who says she doesn’t suffer?

What does she not suffer from?

This man who shakes and hesitates

I don’t drink anything anymore you know

He too lies so badly

He too lies so badly

He eats in an old bistro

He breathes for a short time

Then he goes to see Jocelin

In Nonaville he is doing well

His dog is aging and is tired

Nicole lost a lot of weight

He drives on dirt roads

He has seen them all or almost

To be born or to die

Almost all

To be born or to die

Almost all

And when that Tuesday he goes

To deliver Maria’s baby at home

All these days, these nights of running

These difficult and gray hours

Ran away at the first cry

To the tears of this newborn

Those crying, those baby cries

He’s a country doctor

That give meaning to his whole life

He’s a country doctor

The country

He’s a country doctor”.

July 23: Happy Wedding Anniversary Rania/Rabih… and Happy Birthday Joumana as well as Fatma!

Yes, it is time for the “Mabrouk” (or Congratulations) song! Long live your love Rania and Rabih! Cheers to your lovely daughters (Bambi’s nieces :))!! You have been together since your early teenage years and Bambi is proud for having been your maid of hounour :)! One of the funniest moments of your wedding party was when your DJ announced that there will be a gift to the best dancers and it was a television. Many of your guests knew about the generosity of the bride’s dad and business in Beirut (i.e., a TV could have been one of the products he sells). It was easy for them to fall for the trap of this joke, especially that Bambi’s dad had just arrived to Montreal from Lebanon. Everyone danced dreaming to win a nice Siemens TV. If Bambi is not mistaken, the winner may have been Chadi, a family friend, who kindly invited her to dance. Anyhow, everyone laughed after seeing the size of the television in question [including Chadi and Bambi :)]!

This being said, here is your “Mabrouk” song, thanks to Mr. Ramy Ayash :).

Following this joyful song, it is time now for the Happy Birthday wishes of the day :). Joumana, have fun on your day. Bambi loves you! Fatma, Bambi misses you, saying: “Zum Geburtstag viel Glück”!

For Fatma:

For Joumana:

Lebanon: A beautiful country politically taken hostage by financially and morally corrupt warlords stuck in a decaying sectarian system

Channel 4, UK (June 22, 2021; English content):

France24 (July 20, 2021; French content):

To conclude this post on an alarming yet beautiful musical note, one song comes to Bambi’s mind. It is by Mr. Ragheb Alama from 2018 (lyrics by Mr. Nizar Francis). It is called “Tar El Balad” [“The country is lost”]. Thank you Mr. Alama for expressing the despair of the people of Lebanon. This famous song starts as follows: “Now is the time, people, to scream out loud. There is no time left, the country is lost. Where is justice? Dreams are being extinguished. Awareness in us has gone to sleep, and the tough situation is only getting more difficult with time.”

Enough of church burning in Canada!

If Bambi did not miss the latest news, the recent church to burn in Canada is called Saint George. It is in BC and it is Coptic. No place of worship should be vandalized, regardless of the faith. So once again, no to church vandalism, whether Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox. Enough is enough… and please do not tell us that it is meant to repair atrocities of the past or to bring the much needed justice. Clearly and sadly, this is not serving the latter :(. Instead, this is punishing innocent citizens and destroying beautiful monuments.

Bambi is concerned about the following scenario: Without a (serious) push back by our politicians (i.e., investigations demanded and public condemnations made), impunity will continue. As a result, violence can spread further in our country. Today, this is happening in the West Coast or closer to it. Tomorrow where? And after tomorrow? Will we eventually see church vandalism on our East Coast, may God forbid? We should all be concerned, whether we believe in the latter or not and whether we are Christians or not.

No to violence anywhere and to anyone in life. No to vandalism to any private property, to any historical building/monument, or any place of worship. Of course, this includes churches where people go to find comfort, celebrate happy life events, and to mourn their loved ones.

To conclude this post, four words are enough: Stop this vandalism… NOW!

CTV News (English):

Marseille News (French):


Below are earlier posts by Bambi on this worrisome topic:

“I teach, therefore I am”: France honours Mr. Samuel Paty

A picture taken from Mr. Bertrand Guay for the Agence France Presse via the Limited Times & Le Figaro.

It takes courage to stand up against terror.

While chatting with her friend in France last week, Bambi learned that a large number of schools did not have the courage to honour Mr. Paty, including an elementary school in her region and a college in another region.

However, in the Alpes-Maritimes, a French nursery school accepted to be renamed “Samuel Paty School” to honour this 47-year-old Professor who was killed in the most horrible way (i.e., decapitated). This honour came despite the initial reluctance of (some) parents who were paralyzed by fear (who can blame them?!): .

Bambi has extensively posted on this tragedy. May Mr. Paty rest in peace. Long live academic freedom and freedom of expression in France… and in our world. Bravo to France for honouring its values and its teachers. By doing so, this country paid tribute to both Mr. Paty (with the approval of his family) and, by extension, the French Republic.

To conclude this post on a musical note, only one song comes to Bambi’s mind. Of course, it is “Adieu Monsieur Le Professeur“.

Whether we agree with Mr. Ezra Levant or not, why is our federal government censoring his book… for the second time?

Bambi voted for the Liberal Party MOST of her voting life. She has voted once, wanting Mr. Trudeau to win and he did (this only time was enough for her :)!).

Seriously, and keeping the above in mind, those in power seem to be behaving like kings more like public servants. For Bambi, the tragedy is that alternatives (to those in power) do not seem to be that different in so many regards. Bambi is saying so, even if she sees the good work or talent of everyone across parties. In her mind, we are in an era of political mediocrity, and not just in Canada…

With all due respect to our current government (there is still talent and honesty left within Mr. Trudeau’s party), in addition to incompetence, Bambi sees a worrisome lack of courage. However, lack of courage is one thing. Abuse of power is another. Indeed, resorting to censorship to that extent makes Canada look more like Syria under dictatorship than like a country of the Western (free) world.

Indeed, in Bambi’s childhood and teen years, Syria used to be called “Syria’s Assad” (it belonged to him in his citizen’s minds). Are we now in “Canada’s Trudeau” (or “Trudeau’s Canada” in English)? Is this a healthy governance? Mr. Trudeau seems to be eager for a majority government. Does he need it? He seems to be indulging in entitlement that comes after years of a majority government.

Mr. Trudeau, regardless of what Mr. Ezra Levant wrote in his book (that Bambi did not read), please leave him alone. Enough of what looks like harassment of a non-mainstream journalist. Let us the citizens, human and deer, either read or ignore his book. No need to “burn” it. No need to cancel it. Just ignore it. This will likely make it less appealing to readers. So, you can achieve what you wish for by simply respecting Mr. Levant’s right to freedom of expression (or what is left of it… at least until Bill 36).

Thank you, Mr. Trudeau. As for your Mr. Ezra Levant, Bambi is against censorship in life by anyone, to anyone, and in any country (especially ours). This is why, without having read or wanting to read your book, and even if she agrees with you or not (on this or that topic), she stands with you in solidarity!

Ms. Sophie Durocher: “Stop talking about exotic cuisine”!

Ms. Sophie Durocher made Bambi laugh this morning. Below is her article published in the Journal de Montréal, followed by a quick English translation.

It was somehow ironic for Bambi to read this article immediately after hearing dramatic news from her birth country, which is traditionally known for its delicious food. Sadly, because of hyperinflation, an increasing number of Lebanese people cannot afford to purchase food anymore (half of them are under the poverty line). What a contrast between this harsh reality and the article of some American food columnists. From the comfort of their offices, the latter are seriously promoting banning words related to food… in the name of anti-racism, as you can see below.

However, before sharing Ms. Durocher’s article, which is a satire of the above, Bambi feels like making a silly suggestion: If we ban the word “exotic“, can we replace it with “erotic” :)? Yes, she is very serious and here is why: When Bambi’s Dearest cousin was a child/pre-teen, she mixed these two words once. How is that possible, you may wonder? Well, she is English-educated (French is her third language; unlike Bambi whose second language is French). She went to meet her mom at the hairdresser. A senior client asked her what she was planning to do for Halloween (or a similar Middle-Eastern celebration where kids wear costumes…). The lady asked her question in French, not in Arabic. Very seriously, Bambi’s cousin replied using a well-structured sentence that she was going to have fun at an “erotic party” (instead of “exotic”!). Needless to say that the face/eyes of the old lady (and the other Beauty salon’s clients) showed some signs of shock :). The entire family spent years laughing at this CUTE incident (hi Joumana, Bambi misses you :))!

Anyhow, here is Ms. Durocher’s article (

“Stop talking about exotic cuisine!

Oh my God! They dared! The anti-racists who see racism everywhere, who forbid words, who censor works and who boycott individuals have been bold enough to declare that talking about “exotic cuisine” is racist and xenophobic.

The great thing about woke activists, who constantly see racism where there is none, is that they make us laugh: you never know where or when they are going to strike.

But we’re sure they’ll entertain us!


She’s a Washington Post food columnist who wrote a crazy piece called Stop Talking About Exotic Food.

She says when readers criticized her for using “exotic” ingredients in her recipes, it “hit her like a slap in the face.”

Then she wrote the following enormous nonsense [“stupidity” is an alternative translation of bêtise”]: “The most crucial problem with the use of the word ‘exotic’ is that one indirectly lengthens the metaphysical distance between one group of humans and another and, this doing so reinforces xenophobia and racism ”.

Yes Madam, yes Sir. If you call the Thai restaurant around the corner an “exotic” restaurant, you are a xenophobic villain. If you find durian, this Southeast Asian fruit that stinks of carrion and old socks “exotic”, you are a dirty racist.

But that’s not all: Mrs. G. Daniela Galarza also quotes a university professor who affirms most seriously in the world that the fact of qualifying a food as “exotic”, it is linked to the “history of colonialism and slavery.

If you are exotic, you are necessarily an Other, you are not one of Us “, says this expert!

Yes Madam, yes Sir. If you call the Thai restaurant around the corner an “exotic” restaurant, you are a xenophobic villain. If you find durion, this Southeast Asian fruit that stinks of carrion and old socks “exotic”, you are a dirty racist.

But that’s not all: Mrs. G. Daniela Galarza also quotes a university professor who affirms most seriously in the world that the fact of qualifying a food as “exotic”, it is linked to the “history of colonialism and slavery.

If you are exotic, you are necessarily an Other, you are not one of Us “, says this expert!

Want proof that the word exotic is racist? “I’ve never heard the word ‘exotic’ used to describe something white. No one calls the McDonald’s Big Mac exotic, ”says a sociology teacher quoted in the article. The word “exotic” is used to “ostracize the Other by giving oneself all the power”, a word coined by people who “think they are the center of the world”.

Excuse me, but the first time you ate a kiwi, that hairy fruit that looks like a gorilla’s testicle, you may have found it “exotic” without being a xenophobic villain who is scared of New Zealanders. I’m sure that when a resident of East Papua eats a poutine for the first time, he will find it quite “exotic”.

Before being told not to use the word “exotic” anymore, do you want to know what other word is causing trouble for little fragile anti-racist beings? The word “orientation”.

Why ? Because, according to the Washington Post, the word refers to an individual’s position in relation to the East. So it’s a Western-centric word.

I think it’ll take a good sense of direction to find my way back to the nearest ethnic restaurant to eat exotic food and make the little Washington Post lesson-givers scream.

What? Did I just put my foot in my mouth?”

El Jazeera on Beirut: “PM-designate Saad Hariri resigns as crisis escalates”

While speaking with her parents to check on them, Bambi learned about this new development (breaking news of the day in Beirut): PM-designate S. Hariri just resigned. It seems that following this announcement, the Lebanese pound traded at 21,000 to the US dollar.

From El-Jazeera, we learn that Mr. Saad tried to form a new government since October 2020 without any success (the Lebanese government resigned following the Beirut surrealistic explosion that occurred on August 4, 2020).

What are those Lebanese politicians fighting over, asked the journalist in this news documentary? Nothing is left in Lebanon worth fighting for.

What does this new development mean for Lebanon’s immediate future? Bambi has no clue… but it seems worrisome for its financial DEEP crisis (i.e., hyperinflation!), at least.

Sometimes in life you hit the bottom hard (yes, it hurts…). Perhaps the sound/pain of the hit will wake the politicians up to realize that a change is BADLY needed for the sake of the Lebanese people who are fed up of hyperinflation… as well as further political instability and violence/threats of violence.

To use the words of Mr. Hariri himself: “May God help Lebanon“….!