Ms. Ensaf Haidar: Why are the journalists only focused on her past public support of Mr. Maxime Bernier instead of also wanting to know why Mr. Trudeau’s Liberal party let her spouse, Mr. Raif Badawi, down?

Today, the journalists asked Ms. Ensaf Haidar why she publicly supported Mr. Maxime Bernier in the past. The Bloc Québécois (BQ) leader, namely the eloquent Mr. Yves-François Blanchet kindly defended his candidate in Sherbrooke during his press conference.

Perhaps he did so himself because: 1. She is going through a hell of a personal, endless saga with her spouse still in jail (and being tortured) in her birth country, Saudi Arabia (simply because of a personal blog!) and 2. Obviously, despite her intelligence and determination, she still lacks political experience.

However, the video shows us that the courageous Ms. Haidar later chatted with the media herself, as you can see in the Journal de Montréal video/article below:

As she said so well, this is a personal story in which she supported and supports everyone who kindly calls her, showing concern for Mr. Badawi. Bravo to Mr. Maxime Bernier for having been that kind of a compassionate public servant. As she added, in politics, things are different (since she is running now for the BQ).

Mind you, bravo for the BQ for their good attitude in the electoral campaign. Bambi read about two candidates, Liberal and BQ, running in a harmonious manner in Trois-Rivières (i.e., Mr. Martin Francoeur and Mr. René Villemure respectively).

It is is Bambi’s hope that one of our journalists will also ask Mr. Trudeau one day (or even one of his senior fellow colleagues) why didn’t they follow up on the motion of the BQ that everyone in the Parliament voted for, including Mr. Trudeau himself. Can they give us, and more specifically give Ms. Haidar and her children, a genuine answer as to why they did not give Mr. Badawi the Canadian citizenship in order to facilitate his return home to join his family? Why didn’t they have the courage to do so?

As for the BQ, thanks for this federal party for defending freedom of expression abroad (and bringing home Canadian fellow citizens in trouble elsewhere). Indeed, this party supported Mr. William Sampson. In the end, the latter sadly died in England in 2012, according to the National Post ( According to Radio-Canada (or the French CBC) in addition to several other media (, the BQ helped free him from jail (the UK too helped him since he held the double citizenship). A BQ politician even travelled to Saudi Arabia to meet him in jail. The tragedy was that Mr. Sampson was accused of false yet very serious accusations. He was also tortured. However, thankfully, he survived his ordeal. He spent the entire last ten years of his (free) life clearing his name.

FYI, Bambi has several posts on Ms. Haidar/Mr. Badawi, including this last one with a touch of humour:

“Liban-libre”: Isn’t Mr. Guy Béart’s song about Lebanon moving?

Bambi heard this song on her Lebanese-American internet radio that plays French songs twice per day (for a whole hour). She cannot recall when precisely, today or was it yesterday? Anyhow, since then, it has been on her mind.

The song was written in 1989, a year before the end of a bloody 15-year civil war. Mr. Guy Béart visited Lebanon on a famous boat trip from France to show his solidarity with the civilians of his parents’ birth country.

Mr. Béart’ song is entitled “Liban Libre” [which means The Free Lebanon]. It is against war and violence. It is for peace, love, and especially for freedom in Lebanon and for its children. It also mentions the hospitality of Lebanon to the persecuted populations and it pays tribute to all the Lebanese war victims, “Christians and Muslims” (as per the song’s lyrics). Mr. Béart performed his song in both Paris and Beirut.

Many French artists have supported Lebanon during its civil war (and beyond). Thus, Bambi has always thought that Mr. Béart was a talented French songwriter and singer. Today, she learned that he was Lebanese too (born in Egypt): His real name was “Guy Béhart-Hasson (originally spelled Béhar-Hassan)“. Indeed, his parents were “Jewish (of Shephardic Jewish assent)”, according to Wikipedia. As usual, it is moving to see the love of Lebanese people for their birth country (whomever they are or from wherever adoptive country they came from)!

Mr. Béart left our world in 2015 at age 85 (may his memory be eternal). Bambi does not know if he heard about the synagogue of Beirut before his death. It was renovated post-war (+ re-fixed after the surrealistic port blast of August 4, 2020). It is called the Maghen Abraham synagogue and it is beautiful, as you can see in 961 below.

The Jewish community is one of the 18 different religious-based communities of Lebanon. Before 1948, there were over 20,000 Lebanese families from this community, it seems. Today and tragically, there are just about 30 Jewish families left, most likely living discreetly ( .

Anyhow, thanks to Mr. Béart for his beautiful song dedicated to his beloved Lebanon. Below you can listen to it and read the French lyrics, if you wish.

To conclude this post, what is both reassuring and moving is to witness the concern/respect of the younger Lebanese generations for the collective historical memory of their fellow citizens of Jewish faith. This memory is like a missing or weaker piece of the puzzle of their beautiful country, historically a land of pluralism and tolerance. For Bambi, all this gives her hope for both Lebanon and humanity…

Liban Libre

Liban libre 
Libre Liban 
Enfants libres 
Libres enfants 

E tous les martyrs 
Chrétiens Musulmans 
Avant de partir 
Ont crié ce chant 

Liban libre 
Libre Liban 
Enfants libres 
Libres enfants 

Toi qui nous montras 
Tant d’humanité 
Qui ouvris les bras 
Aux déshérités 
Liban libre 
Libre Liban 

Si ton rivage fraternel 
A Dieu ne plaise allait mourir 
Je ne crois pas que l’arc-en-ciel 
Sur Terre pourra revenir 

Pour qu’un beau jour le monde entier 
Ne vive pas dans la terreur 
Je ne dois jamais oublier 
Le petit Liban au grand cœur 

Qui offrit l’hospitalité 
A tous les peuples poursuivis 
De l’eau vive aux persécutés 
De la vie 

Liban libre 
Libre Liban 
Enfants libres 
Libres enfants 

Libre sur la mer 
Libre sur les routes 
Dans les cœurs ouverts 
Et libre à Beyrouth 
Liban libre 
Libre Liban 

Ah ya Loubnane 
Ya salame ya zamane 

Liban libre 
Libre Liban 
Enfants libres 
Libres enfants 

Tes montagnes pures 
On les a salies 
Avec les blessures 
De l’argent folie 
Liban libre 
Libre Liban 

Avec la drogue avec les armes 
Au lieu des fruits de tes vallées 
On fait de l’or on fait des larmes 
On fait du sang avec du lait 

On s’est même payé la corde 
La corde pour être pendu 
Payé pour la miséricorde 
Et payé pour être vendu 

Payé pour devenir esclave 
Payé pour être massacré 
Payé pour vivre dans les caves 

Liban libre 
Libre Liban 
Ton chant vivre 
Vibre ton chant 

Vibre dans nos cœurs 
Vibre dans nos corps 
Pour que le bonheur 
Nous survive encore 
Liban libre 
Libre Liban 

Ah ya Loubnane
Ya salame ya zamane
Ah ya Loubnane
Ya salame ya zamane

Que tous tes enfants
Avec l’harmonie
Du ciel et du temps
Retrouvent leur nid
Liban libre
Libre Liban

Levons le vert de l’espérance
Ensemble partout mieux qu’avant
Réunis pour la renaissance
Du monde en paix pour les enfants
Liban libre
Libre Liban

Ah ya Loubnane
Ya salame ya zamane

Ah ya Loubnane
Ya salame ya zamane

How can Mr. Trudeau be so lacking in judgment?

In his “Ministerial Mandate Letter” to Minister Steven Guilbeault, Mr. Trudeau asked the latter the following (

“…Work with the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness and the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada to take action on combatting hate groups and online hate and harassment, ideologically motivated violent extremism and terrorist organizations. You will be supported in this work by the Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth, the Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Rural Economic Development and the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry.

Well, just as a reminder, the Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Rural Development is Ms. Maryam Monsef who read a written statement (prepared for or by her?) in which she called the Talibans (who killed at least 159 of our soldiers in addition to civilians and other allies) our brothers. Aye… Bambi hopes your own brothers (if any) are nicer than these guys who also stone women and force them into sexual slavery!

First, the “work in question” likely refers to the proposed Bill C-36, which, in the name of online anti-hate, will serve to silence citizens in an rather arbitrary manner. Indeed, what is “hate”, to begin with? Who would define this so-called online “hate” and how? If Bambi understands the proposed bill well, citizens can be fined up to $50K and their online platforms would close. Some citizens would act as anonymous informers. Others would be their target. Our bureaucrats would act as those censoring forces. All this in the name of a noble cleaning of the internet from “hate” content. Do you see the slippery slope and… or the deep ditch too?

Once again, why is our government even envisioning such bills when we already have criminal laws, namely about the call for violence and defamation?

Furthermore, why are our so-called opposition parties (the official one and all the others) silent about this?

Indeed, if Bambi is not mistaken, the only party criticizing this bill is the People’s Party of Canada (PPC) of Mr. Maxime Bernier who is, once again, not invited to the TV debates. By doing so, an important part of the population is getting the message: You are not worth hearing or worth being governed by us. We do not care about you.

Most importantly, why are we leaving the defence of our freedom of expression to a party that is more right-wing or more conservative than the official opposition? Why aren’t the centre-right and centre left BOTH worried about those potential excesses? This is even more absurd as some Canadians may even call this party “far-right”. So, can someone tell Bambi why are we leaving the defence our freedom of expression to just this party? Is this normal/healthy in a (still) democratic, Western country?

To conclude this post, Bambi is concerned not just about the proposed bill C-36 (that she rejects!), but also about the intellectual judgment of Mr. Trudeau [+ his party for which Bambi voted for most of her voting life 🙁 ] AS WELL AS the relevance of Minister Maryam Monsef in a team that would protect us by taking “action on combatting hate groups and online hate and harassment, ideologically motivated violent extremism and terrorist organizations“. How can someone who thinks that the Talibans are her brothers effectively combat terrorist organizations?

A song for Bambi’s sister

Bambi does not want to go to bed without sending her solidarity to her sister and through her to all the residents of Lebanon.

Below, you can see a tweet by journalist Roula Douglas from earlier today, along with a reply:

The tweets above are both moving.

The first one means: “I do not want to adjust as our authorities (accused of corruption) are advising us AND I refuse to leave. # Lebanon“.

The reply (of “El Baron”) shows the picture of Alexandra (“Lexou”), one of the young children who died in the surrealistic Beirut explosion on August 3, 2020. It reads as follows: “So we have to fight relentlessly“.

As a gesture of solidarity, Bambi would like to offer her sister Mr. Claude Capéo’s song entitled “Mon pays” [My country]. In this song, the artist asks his country for “forgiveness” for having had no choice but to leave it to protect his children from the “raging madmen who destroyed it“. The latter did so “as their minds thought they were Gods“.

Gods of corruption in the case of Lebanon…

Hang on Ms. Roula Douglas et al.

Thank you for your courage and resistance (to leave Lebanon for a third time…). Thanks also for caring for our parents and for being there for all your loved ones, those nearby and those abroad. Be safe please.

Love to Lebanon while it awaits its brighter days!

Canada’s political parties: Can their names help them re-commit to their respective missions?

Except the Bloc Québécois (meant for Québec only), all our federal political parties’ names include one of the most beautiful words in the world: Canada!

To begin with, perhaps the term “Canada” can serve as a critical reminder to always aspire to keep Canada first, that is before our ideologies, personal considerations, lobbies’ interests, or foreign pressures?

In addition, and to describe its respective vision of Canada, each party has a meaningful term that has or could contribute to advance/redress our country, in one way or another, as follows:

The term “liberal” in the Liberal Party of Canada is supposed to be all about liberal thinking, liberal policies, and respect of freedoms. Why doesn’t it revive itself around these principles anymore?!

Th term “democratic” in the New Democratic Party of Canada refers to the added value of a neo-democracy that is oriented toward social programs/socialism. Why can’t socialism still be envisioned in a healthy way like the latter, that it without falling into the trap of “racialization” of social ties? The latter comment also and particularly applies to today’s Liberal Party of Canada (with Mr. Justin Trudeau’s as PM).

The term “people” in the People’s Party of Canada refers to the nature of this new party, which is more people-centred and less [big] government-centred. The latter seems particularly appealing from an economic perspective like the promotion of personal responsibility, free market, innovation, and thus productivity (Libertarian). Perhaps the potential political risk of possible excesses of this party would be to stretch its vision or mission to areas where governments can/should play a responsible role.  

The term “green” in the Green Party of Canada is a beautiful colour symbolizing the need to respect/value our environment. Perhaps the political risk of possible excesses of this party would be to be at the other extreme of the People’s Party of Canada: Aspiring for more control of our [big] governments (Communism).

The term “conservative” in the Conservative Party of Canada seems to be needed to conserve or preserve our values, economy, and country. However, the political risk of possible excesses of this party would be to fall into the trap of the rigidity of social conservatism.

The term “bloc” in the Bloc Québécois is interesting because it implies the common interests or working toward those common goals. Ironically, this name (of a party toward the centre-left) is also inspiring for the rest of Canada because it shows us that no need to add any adjective to whom we are: Canadians, period. Québeckers, period.

The term “independent” in those candidates running on their own to serve Canada reminds us of their independence of lobbies or the establishment. Independence is honourable; Sometimes it can eventually involve partnership with other parties.

DW News: “Lebanon’s hospitals are at a breaking point as they face the pandemic and fuel shortages”

Reuters informs us that the European Union and the United Nations are worried about Lebanon’s political catatonia (no government yet since the blast of August 4, 2020!):

Before sharing the Deutsche Welle (DW) news documentary about Lebanon’s severely challenged healthcare system at large (i.e., public/private), here are some examples of the latest developments shared by L’Orient Today a few hours ago:

  1. Dar al Shifa Hospital (Tripoli, Northern Lebanon) will close on Saturdays due to lack of diesel. “We asked authorities to help us, but unfortunately, no one has responded to us…The lives of many of our patients are at risk”.
  2. “Dozens of demonstrators have gathered at the Gibran Khalil Gibran Park in downtown Beirut to protest the inability of cancer patients to get medication needed for their treatment due to the shortages of drugs in the country”.
  3. Premier-designate Najib Mikati has left Baabda after his 13th meeting with President Michel Aoun regarding cabinet formation, without giving any statement“.

Below you can see a picture from the demonstration of cancer patients and their families mentioned above. Instead of focusing their energy on their treatment, these patients are worried about shortages of drugs :(.

A picture taken by An Nahar in Beirut

To conclude this post, Bambi will repeat the same question again and again: When will Lebanon finally form a government to effectively rescue what is left of the sinking boat?!

Madame Claire Béliveau: “C’est à votre tour de vous laisser parler d’amour” [Happy Birthday]!

Who is Ms. Claire Béliveau?

She is a wonderful aunt, a retired oncology nurse, a compassionate human being, a lady, not just any woman (with a SHARP intelligence of both the mind and heart), an inspiring painter, a great Canadian, and the list can go on and on!

Claire, Bambi is blessed to have you in her life. You have inspired her in so many ways (for almost 20 years now), including your coping with this pandemic.

Talking about pandemics, like war, the Covid-19 health crisis taught us that hardship brings out the best and the worst of human nature. With Claire, it is always the best! Bambi thanks you for all the support during her ordeal and for your genuine care. Through you, thanks to all the Béliveaus in Québec and abroad who have supported Bambi. Once again, Bambi is also grateful for all your friends for their support.

To conclude this post with beauty and music, one of your kind summer gesture was this beautiful personalized card to Bambi:

As for the musical note, two songs for you today, l’Essentiel of Ms. Ginette Reno and… of course Happy Birthday!! Bambi loves you so much and wishes you a superb day :)!

Lebanon’s excesses can travel abroad: Australian physician, Dr. Jamal Rifi, is “sentenced in absentia to 10 years in prison”

What an absurd Lebanese (or rather Hezbollah)-style story!

An apparently devoted Australian physician of Lebanese origins is being sentenced in absentia to 10 years in prison (with forced labour) supposedly for collaboration with the “Zionist enemy“. According to him, as per ABC Net, “the charge of collaboration relates to his work with an NGO that helps the Palestinian healthcare system“:

Dr Rifi believed “there was a deeper motive behind the charge against him“, as “an an attempt to smear his brother’s reputation in Lebanon“.

Bambi does not know neither this physician nor his brother (she left her birth country over 31 years now). However, as a deer, she has a STRONG sense of smell (like a dog!). This story smells cancel culture “à la libanaise”, especially that the brother in question has criticized Hezbollah more than once (i.e., surrealistic Beirut port blast).

What happened following the testimony of this Former Justice Minister (brother of the Australian physician)?

Well, the Investigative Judge Fadi Sawan was removed by the Lebanese authorities (later, he was replaced by Judge Tarek Bitar).

What is happening now to the brother of this former politician who has testified (also former Head of the Internal Police Forces or La Sûreté Générale)? He is being accused of collaboration with Israel… from out of Australia.

Is this story credible? Perhaps to you…. but not to Bambi.

When you are a physician, you serve your patients and community. You sometimes help others abroad. This is what this physician did. He supported young Palestinian children get a much needed treatment. Since when facilitating access to care is a crime against humanity?

This is a worrisome development, especially that the Al Manar (Hezbollah’s media) also announces two other accusations similar to this one with sentences of 2 and 5 years respectively:

To conclude this post, is the trend of accusations going to increase now? Or will this latest drama succeed in scaring people and keeping them quiet for a while? Where are Lebanon and the world heading? Why the censorship to this extent? ENOUGH.

Mr. Kendji Girac & Mr. Claudio Capeo: “Que Dieu me pardonne” [May God forgive me]. Have you heard their beautiful song?

Bambi lives on a different planet sometimes, especially when it comes to the most recent music or movies. Well, this time she is just three years behind :). Indeed, the song she just discovered is from August, 2018. If she may, she would like to share it with you because she finds it both joyful and inspiring.

The lyrics of this French song (subtitled in both English and French) tells us how much these two talented men are proud to embrace their sensitivity as well as imperfection in life. Yes, these artists are happy to “just be humans“! For them, acknowledging their limitations, while being genuine about their state of mind, seems to be the main ingredient for a fulfilled life. They sing about slowing down or even giving up (as needed). In turn, this facilitates perseverance later on (once ready), even in the face of failure. Of note, the joyful music of this song shows us how much they are happy to “listen to their instincts” in life (instead of hiding behind a mask or an illusion of perfection). After all, they are not “Gods“, “just humans“, to use their own words.

Clearly, Mr. Girac and Mr. Capeo seem to have fun singing together. Good for them and bravo for their lovely song!