Happy Birthday Brittany!

Bambi is blessed to have you in her life, Brittany! Below, she will repeat what she wrote in an earlier post meant to share a few beautiful winter pictures you took:

“Talking about beauty, Bambi cannot help not to think of the beauty of the talented photographer, her friend Brittany, who took the fabulous pictures in question. She is beautiful at all levels, from her soul to her mind, from her heart through her external look too. Bambi loves you and will forever be grateful for our friendship (to the extent of kinship!). She will always cherish what you did for her during her saga (a true sister!).

To conclude this brief post, two songs for you today. Yes, you can guess that the first is to wish you a Happy Birthday. As for the second, it simply meant to try to put a smile on your face :). Enjoy the rest of your day!

Do you also like songs inspired by the ocean or the sea?

A beach in Lebanon…

Bambi is lucky to have lived near the water almost all her life.

Yes from Beirut, by the unique Mediterranean sea, to Montreal an island in the charming Saint Lawrence River, to Toronto and the stunning Lake Ontario, and now in Sackville, NB, close to the Bay of Fundy in the incredibly beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Behind that ocean, there is Europe… and Lebanon is not too far from it.

To celebrate all the waters of all the world, especially salty ones, here is a post fully dedicated to the seas and oceans. Bambi hopes you will enjoy it :).

Why don’t we start from the Lebanese coast with a beautiful sea medley [or “Mazeej- El Baher“] in Arabic that Bambi discovered earlier this morning. Thank you Mr. Lucas Sakr et al.!

This will be followed by a famous French kids’ song that Bambi once offered to her mom on this blog, as per the post further below :):

And now here is beautiful English sea lullaby for you!

And what to say about Mr. Enrico Macias’ great song to the sea, entitled “Toi la mer immense” and subtitled in English and French?!

Following the above, Bambi cannot help not to to think of Mr. Sacha Distel’s song that she sang a lot during her childhood years in Lebanon!

Following this, here is of course Bambi’s favourite Egyptian song for the summer, beach, and love entitled 3 daqat [three beats], subtitled in English, also shared on this blog, as per the two posts below.

And now the very moving and deep Lebanese song of the late Ms. Salwa el Katrib, sub-titled in English and entitled “Shou fi khalf el Baher Khabirayat”? [OR “What stories lurk behind the sea“?]

Finally, to conclude this post dedicated to the oceans and seas of the world, Bambi will end with a joyful Acadian song that she adores. This French song about the Magdalen Islands was posted on this blog in the post!

To the Russia-Ukraine conflict and to all wars, one song remains timely: “La paix sur terre, c’est ma prière” [Peace is my prayer OR ein bißchen Frieden]

Bambi posted this beautiful song-prayer for peace on May 22, 2021 (as shown below, including a public link with an English translation). May God protect all the innocent people caught in the middle of this bloody war…

In Putin’s Russia, citizens walk against war. In Trudeau’s Canada, citizens’ bank accounts are frozen if they demonstrate against vaccine mandates or make a private donation to help a demonstrator

To conclude this brief post, thank you Mr. Trudeau for thinking of authoritarianism abroad. Please also self-reflect on Canada’s domestic authoritarianism too. This being said, a big thanks to our Senate and consequently to you, Mr. Trudeau, for having recently lifted the Emergencies Acts (bravo). Finally, a piece of good news about political common sense and democracy. There is still hope for the latter in our world, thank Goodness…

Ms. Cynthia Karam: It is never too late to discover her talent!

Bambi is like a dinosaur sometimes, not just a deer. Yes, she is often lagging far behind when it comes to knowledge about new (or even older!) movies, songs, actors, brands, etc. However, thanks to her favourite internet radio, she just discovered a talented artist from Lebanon. If she may, she would like to introduce her to you.

Her name is Ms. Cynthia Karam. She is a Lebanese actress and a singer (https://elcinema.com/en/person/1101611/). It seems that she sang in French and English, before Arabic even.

Ms. Cynthia Karam is very interesting to listen to. She impressed Bambi with her wisdom, depth, and… even her talent in love (i.e., caretaker of her grandmother) and appreciation of it. Indeed, here are her beautiful translated concluding words at the end of the radio interview: “Love. Love. Love each other. Love like a mother (mothers know how to love maybe the best…). When we love, we tolerate. When we love, we accept the other. When we love, we forgive. When we love, no need for wars”.

To conclude this post, here are four select songs for you, by Ms. Cynthia Karam, in French and English (+ some Arabic in the last one). She is performing with other talented Lebanese artists. Bambi hopes you will enjoy them, especially you Jacinthe (with your appreciative ears… not just your own beautiful voice)!

Openspace with Ora: “Coffeehouse “Yallah”– with Dr. Rima Azar, a caffeinated conversation of two middle eastern emigrants”

Many thanks Ora (Itkins) for our heart-to-heart “caffeinated conversation of two middle eastern emigrants“.

Bambi was BOTH honoured and delighted to be your guest for the second time. She had much fun at our Coffeehouse “Yallah” :). Thank you!

Please keep on being who you are as a human being and as an educator! In Bambi’s mind, one thing is clear: Your students are blessed to have a real or genuine professsor like you! Actually, she would be honoured to interview you herself one day to learn from you and share the lessons learned with the readers of this blog.

THANK you for your your inspiring “Openspace with Ora” on Youtube!

In solidarity with Ms. Tammy Giuliani, owner of Stella Luna Gelato Café filled… with humanity!

Where is love, Canada?

From out of Beirut, a friend shared this Fox news video with Bambi with the following meaningful words:

Can’t believe this is really happening in Canada :(! This is a crazy come on… RIP free Canada.

Bambi’s friend is her hero of humanity. She could not not stand silent. She sent an email of support to Ms. Giuliani… Yes from out of Beirut where freedom of expression is known to be under threat (https://today.lorientlejour.com/article/1291471/lebanon-classified-as-authoritarian-regime-for-first-time-in-economic-intelligence-units-annual-democracy-index.html).

Just watch this heart-breaking interview… All the best to Ms Giuliani, her family, and staff. May love, peace, common sense… and FREEDOM prevail again in Canada.

Until then, take good care everyone.

An earlier post on the mourning heart of Bambi…

Canada: From a democracy to Wokistan to now Polistan…

There is no word to describe the disappointment of Bambi today (https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/mps-to-vote-tonight-on-whether-emergencies-act-for-blockades-still-needed).

When we come from a birth country torn by sectarianism and now struggling to exist, the last thing we want in life is to see our adoptive country turn into an authoritarian banana republic in front of our own eyes…

We are now officially in a police state… yes, a red line has been crossed.

Mr. Trudeau et al. are still telling us empty words about “healing” and about “how we cannot allow anger to divide us”. We are supposed to believe them and applaud to them, as they do in countries like former Soviet union or Syria under Mr. Assad-father, etc.

It is not anger that is dividing us, Mr. Trudeau. It is rather your style of governance. How sad to see our policy makers, NDP and Liberals, voting for your Emergencies Act. Some even gave their trust to you (in our name!).

Our Dear Mr. Jack Layton must be turning in his grave…

Ms. Elizabeth May, the decent politician from the Green Party, why?

The two Liberal MPs who changed their minds after their earlier courageous positions, why?

The other competent/decent Liberal MPs, why?

As for the Bloc Québécois and the Conservatives, thank you for having tried to block this absurdity.

The Bloc Québécois proved that is is a true left-wing party (for the workers, contrary to the current NDP under its current leadership). Bravo, it is refreshing to read the historic tweets of Mr. Blanchet questioning the Emergency Acts. This being said, it may be somehow ironic to see the sovereignist BQ trying to save Canada… from itself.

Thank you, Mr. Blanchet. History will remember your position…
Thank you, Mr. Rheal Fortin. History will remember your clever arguments…

Bambi will stop here…. she will let Dalida and Mr. Alain Delon reply to Mr. Trudeau, as they do from time to time on this blog.

Ms. Alexa Lavoie for Rebel News: “INTERVIEW- Candice Sero aboriginal protester trampled by RCMP horse unit in Ottawa”

Bambi would like to thank her friend for sharing the video below. What a heart-breaking interview :(. This is totally unacceptable! Bambi’s heart goes to this lady, Ms. Candice Sero, while thanking Ms. Lavoie for giving her a voice.

Is this the Canada Mr. Trudeau, the other Canadian decision-makers, and followers of orders have envisioned for us?

As per the earlier post further below, Bambi is mourning the Canada she immigrated to in 1990.

Wion: “Canada’s violent crackdown on protesters”

From as far as India, Ms. Palki Sharma informs us about the sad, unwise, illiberal, contradictory, incompetent, and ugly truth concerning the decision-making of those who govern our own country.

Why is Canada falling, further and further, for the trap of authoritarianism? Why didn’t it handle this crisis differently? What is next for the protesters now… and for all of us, by extension?