June 21st was Fathers’ Day in Lebanon: sharing what Bambi’s sister Roula (Dr. Azar-Douglas) wrote on Facebook to honour her/their dad

First of all, thanks to Nayla from Montreal who kindly told her friend: “Bambi, do not forget to wish your dad a Happy Fathers’ Day tomorrow!“. Indeed, Bambi celebrated her dad Antoine (and with him, all the dads) on this blog on the Canadian Father’s Day, as shown further below. Without her friend’s warning, she would have forgotten that this special day is highlighted in their birth country on June 21st. The latter coincides with the start of the summer whereas Mothers’ day is celebrated with the start of the spring. How clever, even if every day is worth celebrating parental love.

Bearing the above in mind, only a few days following the past June 21st, Bambi is devoting a post to share with you all a moving and uplifting text written by Roula to honour her/their dad. Roula posted her tribute on Facebook and kindly shared it with sister abroad because she is not on social media.

The first text in bold is the English translation of Roula’s original French piece, which will follow it. If you happen to be able to read the French language, please check Roula’s beautiful writing [there is a reason she is an inspiring author and journalist :)]. In all languages, including Arabic, this is our father Antoine indeed. Roula described him so well in just a few words. What a dad! Bambi will add: What a daughter too! Much love to both of you, Antonio (or baba/papy) and Roula as well as Rania (Bambi’s other wonderful sister)… et al. ❤️.

“How can one talk about him without falling in the trap of repeating empty words, which could lose their meaning after being expressed here and there? How to do it without risking to transmit an image that falls short of reality?

One possibility would be to try to do this by recalling three of the countless actions he took over the years to protect my mother, my sisters, and myself.

It was he who pretended to have a stomach ache to secretly mourn the death of my maternal aunt during the siege of Ashrafieh [= Beirut] during the civil war, in order to obtain more details before announcing her death to my mother and spare her uncertainty.

He was the one who, despite having an impending heart attack, didn’t say anything because I had an exam at the university the next day and he didn’t want to worry me.

It was he who, last year, on the eve of Mike’s wedding, waited four long days before telling us that my mother had disappeared so as not to spoil the wedding, which was taking place outside the country.

He is generous in the noblest sense of the word. He is intelligent. He is fair. He is ambitious. He’s courageous. He is altruistic. He is friendly. He is human.

To say I love him is an understatement. In fact, we tacitly understand each other. He knows, without me having to say it, everything he means to me.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad”.

«Comment parler de lui sans tomber dans le piège de répéter des mots creux qui, à force d’être utilisés à tort et à travers, ont perdu de leur sens ? Comment le faire sans risquer de transmettre une image en deçà de la réalité ?

Une possibilité serait de tenter de le faire en évoquant trois des innombrables actions qu’il a entreprises tout au long des années pour nous protéger, ma mère, mes sœurs et moi.

C’est lui qui a prétexté un mal de ventre pour pleurer en cachette la mort de ma tante maternelle durant le siège d’Achrafieh pendant la guerre civile, afin d’obtenir plus de détails avant de l’annoncer à ma mère et de lui épargner l’incertitude.

C’est lui qui, malgré une crise cardiaque imminente, n’a rien dit parce que j’avais un examen à la fac le lendemain et il ne voulait pas m’inquiéter.

C’est lui qui, l’année passée, à la veille du mariage de Mike, a attendu quatre longs jours avant de nous annoncer la disparition de ma mère pour ne pas gâcher le mariage qui avait lieu à l’extérieur du pays.

Il est généreux au sens le plus noble du terme. Il est intelligent. Il est juste. Il est ambitieux. Il est courageux. Il est altruiste. Il est aimable. Il est humain.

Dire que je l’aime est un euphémisme. En fait, on se comprend à demi-mot et il sait, sans que j’aie à le prononcer, tout ce qu’il représente pour moi.

Bonne fête des pères, papa”.

Happy news: “Supreme court overturns Iranian rapper Salehi’s death sentence”!

I love happy news!

With much relief, Bambi learned today from L’Orient Today (https://shorturl.at/RVdUa) and L’Orient Le jour (https://shorturl.at/p9ZZC) the following: Mr. Toomoj Salehi who was sentenced to death penalty by the revolutionary court of Isfahan for “corruption on Earth” will not be killed (i.e. decision overturned).

Thanks to all those who defended him, from his lawyer to his peers in Iran, to “independent experts” of the United Nations (UN), and to supporters around the world, including Toronto, Paris, and Sydney (https://shorturl.at/p9ZZC).

Even a Sackville’s deer, called Bambi, joined her voice to all those denouncing this injustice described in more details in the older post shown further below.

What an artist/man of courage and dignity! With the “Mabrouk” song and with his own voice, Bambi congratulates Mr. Salehi and his family. May they be reunited as soon as possible. May he be (truly) safe and free in order to begin his healing journey, following a LONG and likely highly traumatizing stay in prison.

Whether we agree or not, why aren’t we using Rebel News’ van as an opportunity to discuss the place of religiosity in public places? Instead, politicians and police prefer to attack the messenger to prevent public debate in the name of Islamophobia

This posts shares the story of a van belonging to Mr. Ezra Levant’s Rebel News and it involved a successful businessman and philanthropist of Lebanese origins, called Mr. Mohamad Fakih.

Bambi recalls the name of the latter well. He did a generous act following the tragedy of the mosque shooting that took place in Québec city a few years ago. Mr. Fakih kindly paid for the fees of the funerals and helped repair this place of worship (https://shorturl.at/RVkHD). Bless his heart for this gesture of love and healing. Years later, he helped with the crisis of homeless people in his charming Toronto, along with a certain Ms. Jennifer Evans. Bless their hearts for this gesture of solidarity and love (https://shorturl.at/Qd4RZ).

During the recent war Hamas-Israel, Mr. Fakih got too passionate about this conflict, like many fellow Canadians to the point of sadly sounding antisemitic. He wrote on social media: “we don’t want your money. Please don’t bring us blood money.” (https://t.ly/WiTMD). How sad to become disconnected from one’s humanity because of a conflict at the other side of the planet. How unwise to also forget about one’s business interests.

Despite this, Bambi can understand that he may have been too blinded with his anger. It happens. At least, on January 27, 2024, he reconnected with his humanity again and tweeted the following: “Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, I encourage members of my community and all Canadians to learn more about the Holocaust- the murder of 6 million Jewish people. Canada is still home to just over 5000 survivors. May the lessons of the holocaust endure past the lifetimes of the last survivor in this country”.

Another of his tweets seems to be human too (assuming he is sincere and not saying what needs to be said to sound fair): “I encourage all my friends to read this and disseminate it far and wide. Charles, May God bless you for writing this. I want you to know that the hostages held in Gaza are also not forgotten by me and those killed on October 7th are not forgotten by me. Netanyahu and his coalition are a blight on humanity that need to be called out by all” (https://t.ly/vw0b8)

In the van story described in Mr. Ezra Levant video below, and reported in all the mainstream media, including the Toronto Sun (https://shorturl.at/n4nhT), we get to see the “hypocrisy” in action: some speech seems to be tolerated, even when occupying university campuses or intimidating Jewish students or folks. Other speech is called Islamophobia.

Maybe Mr. Levant likes to provoke a bit, but he is also speaking in the name of a silent majority. Maybe he does not show all the nuances when he calls all the demonstrations of Toronto as Hamas supporters. Some maybe walking in them not knowing that they are supporting Hamas’ interests or Islamists’ interests. Of course, we also see Hamas and even Hezbollah flags. We sadly see lots of intimidation toward Torontonians of Jewish heritage, as per the video shown below.

Now, what is the role of Mr. Fakih in all this? He offered $25,000 to find the owner of the truck. Mr. Levant is now accused of hate speech and it is considered as a crime. He risks 2 years of jail. Why, can someone tell Bambi? Why doesn’t he have the right to express an opinion, whether his own or by a third party group calling itself “Canadians Opposed to the Occupation of our Streets and Campuses“, on Islamic prayer sessions in public spaces?

We may agree or not with the latter opposition to public prayer. So what? What’s the big deal, even if he said “this is not Yemen, Syria, or Lebanon, this is still Canada. Wake up Canada. You are under siege” or something like that. In Lebanon, contrary to Canada, we are still allowed to express an opinion similar to this one toward any religion. We may find the Christian processions on the street too much. We may find the Muslim call for prayer a nuisance. Bambi happens to be someone who loves the latter from a spiritual and artistic point of view. She comes from a family who has always loved this beautiful ritual. However, she can understand the point of view of Mr. Levant, especially when prayer seems to be used in a public place as a social provocation. What she loves about Canada is that prayer is in your heart. You want to pray, you are free. You do not want to pray, you are free too. Let’s not impose our own prayer on others. Let’s keep it private because it is too precious.

This being said, good luck Mr. Levant in your legal fight. Bambi will make a donation to support you because she believes in freedom of expression for ALL.

As for you Mr. Mohamad Fakih, Ms. Amira Elghawaby (or Trudeau’s government) (https://t.ly/Exgzm), Toronto police and Toronto Mayor, maybe this story seems to be Islamophobic, but even if it was for real, since when is it a crime to express one’s opinion? It is just anti-religious and expressing an opinion about the rise of “Islamism” in Toronto as it is in Montreal and in Europe (not Islam per se!). So what then? Where is the problem? It is a fact and why don’t we discuss it as a society?

Mr. Nasrallah: When will he put the interests of Lebanon first, that is before those of Iran?

From time to time, Bambi has fun virtually imagining an interaction with Mr. Nasrallah, the head of the Hezbollah. She did this after the Beirut explosion and she will now vent while sending a a message of love and peace in order to counterbalance his threats of violence, even toward the most peaceful country in the region: Cyprus. Can you imagine?

Before beginning the chat, Bambi has always wondered if threats are a sign of military weakness or power of the takeover, or does the latter really matter? Indeed, perhaps what sadly matters the most is the tragic end result for Lebanon: mortality of innocent people, injuries, destruction, financial losses, and a contribution to post-traumatic memories of wars. Why is Mr. Nasrallah once again taking his birth country into the abysses of regional wars? When it is not in Syria, it is in relation to Israel or Palestine. When it is not in the latter, it is the former. His fellow citizens deserve to live in safety, dignity, peace, peace of mind, and prosperity. They do not deserve the cult of war in the name of whatever foreign cause or divinity. They do not want wars of others in their own country, which is already suffering from much corruption along with political vacuum.

This being said, time now for the chat (first Mr. Nasrallah then Bambi’s reply in bold), which will be followed by a song for peace. YES, peace, healing, and ideally love. No to violence, no to wars. Enough is enough!

Mr. Nasrallah: “the enemy knows that what also awaits it in the Mediterranean Sea is very huge, seeing as all its coasts and ships will be targeted“.

Why are you threatening and provoking Israel, Mr. Nasrallah? Why are you putting everyone in danger by doing so, starting with Lebanon?

Nasrallah: “we warn the Cypriot government that if it opens its airports and bases to Israel for targeting Lebanon, it will become part of the war“.

Why are you threatening the only peaceful and normal country of the region, Mr. Nasrallah? Please leave Cyprus alone.

Mr. Nasrallah: “the enemy must awaits us on land, at sea and in the air and we will fight without restrictions of rules“.

Why are you putting Lebanon in danger to that extent, Mr. Nasrallah with your threats to Israel? STOP. Enough is enough.

Mr. Nasrallah: “threatening us with war on Lebanon does not scare us, we have prepared ourselves for the most difficult of days and the enemy knows well what awaits it”.

BOTH of you just stop! As for you, take a look at all the innocent people of your country, not just your belly button! People caught in the middle of threats and violence do not want the latter. They want to enjoy the summer and simply return to their homes and villages. They deserve to finally live in safety.

Mr. Nasrallah: “we have a large number of new weapons and drones and we’re manufacturing some types of rockets in Lebanon“.

How about allowing your fellow people to have power to manufacture medication, food, and other important goods for the quality of life, economy, and prosperity? Enough of rockets, drones, and weapons. Enough of danger for your birth country.

Mr. Nasrallah: “we have long hours of footage of Haifa, what’s around it, what’s before it, what’s beyond it and what’s even further”.

Enough of threats. Stop the war mindset and actions. Work for peace. How about the power of love for Lebanon, and in the world, instead of the love of power for a change?

Mr. Nasrallah: “we are not seeking to engage in an all-out war with Israel and the Lebanese front is strongly present on the negotiations table“.

So why are you playing with the fire then? Why do you keep poking the bear?

Mr. Nasrallah: “the invasion of the Galilee remains an option should war erupt“.

What is this madness, Mr. Nasrallah? Please come to your senses. Thank you.

Mr. Nasrallah: “Netanyahu does not want to turn the northern front into a pressing front and is concealing the losses that we are inflicting on him“.

Both you and Mr. Netanyahu stop the machine of war. Enough is enough. People are fed up. Deer, like Bambi, are sick and tired too. Of course, it takes two to tango in life. Do you know how to dance, Mr. Nasarallah or you just play war?

Mr. Nasrallah: “Hezbollah’s response to the latest assassinations was very huge“.

Bambi is sorry for the families of the victims. Her heart aches for any loss, including your organization’s losses, even if she does not agree with its mission or methods. Enough of war. Enough of retaliation.

Mr. Nasrallah: “the Lebanese front has performed a very big role and is inflicting moral, material and psychological losses on the enemy“.

How sad to drag Lebanon into the Hamas-Israel aweful war.

Nasrallah: “Hezbollah’s footage of its drones’ overflights of northern Israel is part of the “psychological” warfare against Israel”.

Enough of both psychological and actual wars. Enough of violence and hatred. Work finally for peace ALL of you.

Screenshot taken from Naharnet

Time to laugh with Mr. Rudy Ayoub!

Some days start earlier than usual. Some days are funnier. Today is one of those days.

The FUNNIEST part of this long and lovely day was the discovery of the multi-talented Rudy Ayoub, thanks to Fred who wrote to Bambi, asking: “Do you know Rudy Ayoub“? She replied no and she immediately googled the name, as it sounded a bit familiar to her ears. Maybe because the family name sounds Lebanese-Arabic? Maybe she heard a song by him on the radio? Anyhow, she discovered a VERY skilled, funny, Lebanese-American comedian who made her laugh… and laugh :)! This is why she is now sharing his talent with all of you in this post.

Mr. Ayoub is not only a HIGHLY funny and popular thirty-year-old America-born social media comedian of Lebanese heritage. He is also a musician, singer-songwriter, and apparently a music teacher or mentor too, not just in his funny videos 🙂 (https://shorturl.at/VgTov)]. Of note, his “music is known for its unique fusion of different genres. He often blends elements of hip hop, EDM, trap, and jazz together to create a unique sound” (https://shorturl.at/QJh9i).

To come back to comedy, there seems to be a theme in Mr. Rudy Ayoub’s humour: the highly narcissistic dad who embarrasses the son in public or who insults him while also apparently caring for him (in addition to his image). There is also Clark, the friend, and Rudy’s dad who cannot remember his name. All these characters are played by Mr. Ayoub himself.

To appreciate Mr. Ayoub’s humour to its fullest, it helps to be well connected to one’s willingness to play, have fun, and simply laugh. She does not know about you, but Bambi finds his creativity not only inspiring but also refreshing. For her, it is reassuring to keep discovering artists whose imagination make us forget about the excessive political correctness, and even self-censorship, of our collectively insane times.

To conclude this post, many thanks to Mr. Rudy Ayoub for his multi-talent, sense of humour, acting competence, musical skills, creativity, voice, and… productivity. Bambi is one of his numerous fans now, just like you Fred : )!

Three celebrations today: the birthday of two readers… and Bambi’s 34 years in Canada!

Happy birthday to two of Bambi’s readers and wonderful friends. With much love, Bambi sends them both her best wishes ❤️❤️ !

Bambi also sends her deep love and gratitude to Canada ❤️. Yes, it has been thirty-four years since the unforgettable June 17, 1990.

This being said, it is time for music now. Of course, the Happy Birthday melody is a must. It is followed by a LOVELY ten-year-old song, entitled In Canada, which was composed and performed by the highly talented Hartfield Brothers (https://shorturl.at/bUchX).

Today is Adha Eid: best wishes to all of you who celebrate it!

This post will be brief but full of HAPPY wishes to the readers, relatives, and friends who are celebrating Adha today.

Bambi seems to be living on another planet today. Yes, she is guilty of mixing the days. Thanks to dear George for reminding her of Eid el Adha, which is celebrated by both Muslims and Druze.

Adha commemorates Abraham’s story of willingness to sacrifice his son. Imagine, we are talking about his OWN son… just for his love of God (wow). Well, on Fathers’ Day (today!), Abraham’s story symbolically takes a deeper meaning.

May love and happy moments of life prevail. May everyone be HAPPY!

With much gratitude for her father’s unconditional love, Bambi sends a warm regard to him… and to all the great dads of the world, including those in heaven or the parents-to-be!

Bambi is surely biased by her eternal love for her dad, but for the close readers who happen to personally know him or those who read about him on this blog (see further below), you know how amazing of a man he is. On the eve of Fathers’ Day, and always, she wishes him lots of continuous well-being and much happiness ❤️.

As for you dear readers, long live your own father, father or stepfather of your children, if this applies (whether on earth or in heaven). May you be healthy and happy yourself, this weekend and all year long, especially if you are a dad (or about to become one), a grandfather, a father-in-law, or any paternal figure.

With or without children, if you have a heart filled with empathy and love, you understood the essence of life. Thank you. Please keep being connected to your humanity. Our troubled world needs your authentic heart and fairness. Of course, remember to love yourself while cherishing others and enjoying your journey of life!

Ms. Natalie Elgrably: “Bill C-63 will make us all vulnerable” [“La loi C-63 nous rendra tous vulnérables”]

In this post, with the assistance of her online friend Mr. Google Translate, Bambi will quickly translate for you a thoughtful column by Ms. Natalie Elgrably published today in the Journal de Montréal (https://shorturl.at/7Ljpy) about Bill C-63. Indeed, as Ms. Elgrably clearly expressed it, this bill will make us all vulnerable. Thank you for writing about this topic. Food for thought… especially ahead of any federal election in the future.

I have already written about Bill C-63 on “online harm”, tabled by the Trudeau Liberals. This law is currently in second reading and nothing seems to slow down its inevitable march towards adoption.

However, under the guise of wanting to protect children, this bill is nothing less than a crude lure, a real idiot trap to make us accept a bill which assassinates freedom of expression and democracy, and which will create a deleterious social climate.


On the one hand, most of the bill does not target children, but rather “hate propaganda” and actions “motivated by hatred”. However, the vague outline of this definition invites subjective readings, and therefore the instrumentalization of the bill for ideological or political ends.

On the other hand, the bill is retroactive and without time limit. Therefore any content produced before the bill, and still available online, could be subject to prosecution for “hate propaganda”.

Finally, the bill lprovides for the criminalization of words even before they are spoken. Nothing less! In the hell that is being prepared for us, it will be enough for anyone to denounce an individual under the pretext that he could possibly make potentially hateful comments for this individual to be brought to justice.

To make matters worse, if the bill is adopted, it will be applied even before an ombudsman is appointed, which would make any recourse in the event of litigation or abuse practically impossible.


Trudeau is preparing the establishment of a permanent climate of terror which will force self-censorship. Because this bill is not only cancel culture at its peak, it is the criminalization of thought.

This means the death of democracy and the establishment of arbitrariness which will make every Canadian highly vulnerable.

This is the Inquisition, version 2.0.

And there is no point arguing that this law is in the interest of the population. Censorship only benefits the person who establishes it!

Mr. Mathieu Lewis: a pure singing/songwriting talent… made in New Brunswick, Canada!

Bambi made a recent discovery, which she called “a musical Acadian treasure“. The name of this precious artistic treasure is Mr. Mathieu Lewis. This post is meant to share his inspiring talent with you, dear readers.

In addition to being passionate about philosophy and education, Mr. Lewis is uniquely gifted in songwriting, music performance, and singing. When Bambi listened to his songs for the first time, she was both impressed and moved by this Moncton-based artist. Yes, she immediately fell in love with his music.

In all the YouTube videos shared below, we hear Mr. Lewis’ voice singing his own compositions while playing the guitar. In the first video, he performs with other highly talented peers: Ms. Laurence Larochelle (voice ), Mr. Kevin Lewis (guitar, voice). Mr. Jonathan Lewis (bass, voice), Mr. Matt Boudreau (percussions, voice). Bravo to all of them.

As you would notice yourself, especially if you understand French, the lyrics of Mr. Lewis’ songs are deep while sounding like music to the ears. Indeed, his diction is filled with beauty, namely because of the simplicity, accuracy, and creativity behind his choice of words. The latter seem to be in great harmony with Lewis’ skills in guitar playing.

Of note, in 2019, Mr. Mathieu Lewis won the ChansonStar competition at the prestigious Caraquet Song Gala with his composition L’éteinciel (what a clever play on words) . In the grande finale, Ms. Katrine Noël, from the Les Hay Babies group performed Mr. Lewis’ composition. His winning song was determined 70% by the competition jury and 30% by public voting (https://shorturl.at/mXZ5X).

Please Mr. Mathieu Lewis keep writing songs, composing music, singing, and sharing with all of us. Your talent is a richness not just for Atlantic Canada, especially its Acadian music and culture, but also for the entire world!