Joke of the day: Should we ask the USA to prepare a “Caesar Act” for Mr. Trudeau’s family and friends?

First, here is a serious article about the finances of Canada before the pandemic: . Food for thought, even for Bambi who voted for this government the first time (like most of her voting life). However, she did not do so the second time. Contrary to many Canadian human beings, Bambi does learn from history sometimes ?. She is saying so without even thinking if the other alternatives to Mr. Trudeau would be better or not. Perhaps the same. Perhaps worse (although hard to believe). It all comes down to the personal responsibility of each politician (or citizen in life), regardless of his/her party, to be decent.

Now, the following post is meant for Bambi’s pure pleasure. It is mainly made of jokes to have fun on this sunny last day of the month of July that she usually likes particularly.

Here is the story: For some entertainment (even is she has never watched any Netflix movie in her life yet, even during this pandemic), Bambi took the time to carefully listen to our PM and his Chief staff, Ms. Katie Telford, when they testified before the House of Commons finance committee. Of course, she equipped herself with a fresh coffee and a piece of cake before ?:

First, it was amazing to observe all the hard work of everyone involved.

Bambi found herself interested in the human side of our MPs. The pandemic has allowed us to see the humanity in official meetings (e.g., dogs barking, cats or kids jumping, etc.). We did not see any pet, make no mistake. This is too serious. However, we could see that some MPs had guitars in their offices. Others had pictures of their kids, etc. Mr. Trudeau seems to have status of knights on horses.

This being said, Bambi appreciated the GREAT questions. Perhaps the BEST ones came from Mr. Pierre Poilièvre. The more she observes him, the more she finds him competent. Well, too bad he is neither our PM nor the Leader of his party ?. As a PM, he would be perhaps competent and he is perfectly bilingual, Bambi fantasized whilst listening to his spicy interactions with Mr. Trudeau. Seriously now, Bambi appreciates his clear AND short questions. He even makes the job easier on the PM by literally telling him what is expected in the answer, simply yes or no ?.

Furthermore, Bambi liked the questions and comments of ALL the other members from ALL parties, including the Liberal Party (of course biased toward Mr. Trudeau… and we are not just talking about “unconscious bias” here ?). For instance, there were good questions and comments from Mr. Fortier, Mr. Angus, Mr. Cooper, Ms. May (who asked one and only but great question). Bambi cannot recall the names of every person. She just remembers that the Chair’s name may be Mr. Wayne Easter (Liberal party, one must say, which seems odd to her but perhaps this is how it is usually done). Anyhow, he seemed fair to Bambi with regard to time management. He seems to be a pleasant politician too. He was even funny at times despite the seriousness of this exercise of democracy and justice. Bambi enjoyed the teasing moments with Mr. Poilievre. The latter can be funny too.

At one point, something odd happened (or not too funny given the touchy moment): Mr. Easter went offline. Power outage at his end (thunderstorm, it seems). Bambi could not help not to joke in her mind saying: Too bad this Chair is not located in Lebanon, he would have had a UPS for his computer or a generator ? (seriously, this is how Lebanese families have done it during and post-civil war). Anyhow, the Vice-Chair took over and did a good job, not wasting more time (Mr. Trudeau stayed for perhaps about 90 minutes only).

Despite all the great DIRECT questions, Mr. Trudeau was as vague as ever. He wants us to believe him that he did not know at which hotel his spouse stayed in London in March, 2020. His own mother was with her. Didn’t he have any conversation about the trip with her neither? Come on (both were at a WE Day in London when the pandemic was beginning to tour the world. For the record, Canada was still in denial back then, especially at its airports).

OK, assuming the Trudeau family truly does not have the time to communicate, our PM knew he was coming to a committee inquiring about dollar figures and dates. Yet, he did not do his math homework ahead of the exam. Not very impressive, to say the least. Mr. Blanchet had a funnier way to describe this testimony on ICI RDI. He referred to it as “a tasteless tofu” ?. OK, except for a date him and his Chief Staff seems to agree on (May, 8), we did not get much information from Mr. Trudeau. However, this May 8 date does not make any sense with the other dates about this program (contradictions). Who launches a program before approving it? Very weird all this.

One more thing about Mr. Trudeau, he wants Bambi and her fellow human Canadians to believe that he did not know the Kielberger brothers (the WE charity Bosses). He has never seen them in person (only on stages of WE days), he insisted. OK maybe this one is part of the truth, even if Bambi found an old picture online taken in a school (see further below. It is followed by a video of him calling those two brothers “our friends” in front of thousands of youth (1:44 minutes from the start )…but this does not mean anything. Perhaps he meant it as an Arab guy calling a pure stranger encountered on the street “habibi” (= my love or lover) ?. Sometimes, strangers may get mad at each other (e.g., traffic or other). Then, they call each other “habibi” with a friendly tap on the shoulder (pre-pandemic times, for sure).

Seriously, Mr. Trudeau seemed to want us to believe that he saw the conflict of interest and “tried to push back” but it was like the fault of the public servants. “They picked the WE Charity. It was a binary choice: WE or nothing”. Wow. Very logical ?.

Bambi is sure that he did not mean it that way but… still, he seemed ungrateful to the HARD/devoted work of our public servants. He said so instead of taking responsibility for his third violation of the same Conflict of Interest Act (Mr. Poilièvre challenged him well on this with some sarcastic humour even ?). He apologized but this time no tear was shed.

If Mr. Trudeau ends up resigning (as the Bloc Québécois is asking and as they should, him and Mr. Morneau), perhaps he can aim for a career in psychology ?. Indeed, he kept using terms like “perception” (of corruption or cronyism?) and “appearance of favouritism”. Of course, all this without providing us with evidence-based data (numbers, dates, content) to correct this misconception.  

Seriously, pandemic or not, it is hard to understand all the relationships of WE Charity with our government and many of our industries (now breaking ties with it). Did the WE group contribute to build Mr. Trudeau’s “cool” image over the years, making him more appealing to younger ones (

Does Mr. Trudeau feel the need to help them because they helped him. What are friends for?

How could both Mr. Morneau and Mr. Trudeau be so careless with public funds by choosing an apparently bankrupt (or shell to use a term used the MPs) stakeholder to manage the program? Does that make any sense? Is this fair to taxpayers and to youth (so dear to Mr. Trudeau’s heart)?

Plus, Bambi is still confused: what is the real final value of the program? $912 millions? Just $550 millions? Or $300 millions? Too bad this was not addressed, unless Bambi missed it.

Mr. Angus (NDP Party) seems to be offended by the less than minimum wage payment to student volunteers… but since when we pay volunteers? All this does not make sense to Bambi’s mind, in all honesty.  

This being said, bravo and thank you to Ms. Telford for her courage and efforts of telling the truth. Despite being limited in what she wanted to say (or could say?), she has been much clearer, and more collaborative than Mr. Trudeau’s “tasteless tofu” (luckily Bambi is a meat lover ?). Seriously, Ms. Telford also seems to be a hard worker. Not easy to do her job in a pandemic and now with another ethical saga.

After the committee, we learned that Mr. Poilièvre’s motion to get to the bottom of the needed information passed. This happened despite the Liberal MPs vote against it.

To conclude this post by linking it to its title, you may wonder what is the Caesar Act? This is a US legislation that imposes sanctions on Mr. Assad’s extended family members and friends (wife, cousins, now 18-year-old son, friends in Syria and eventually in Lebanon, companies, etc.), supposedly to protect Syrian civilians from corruption ( and At the end of Mr. Trudeau’s testimony, Bambi had a funny thought in her mind: How about a Canadian version of the Caesar Act ?? Of course, he is not Mr. Assad and we are not Syria, thank goodness… but perhaps a Canadian Cesar Act can help the House Finance Committee get to the bottom of this story and stop the conflict of interest ?. Obviously, as per this post’s title, that was a joke, hoping you have a deer’s sense of humour!

Mr. Joseph Facal: “Welcome to Santa Banana” [“Bienvenue à la Sainte Banane”]

Mr. Joseph Facal’s article was published today in the Journal de Montréal. Here is a quick translation for you:

“Take one of those countries that is typically called a banana republic.

In this kind of country, the head of state does what he wants.

He places his family members in important positions even if they have no obvious skills.

He appoints whomever he wants, fires whomever he wants, gives money to whomever he wants, receives lavish gifts, etc.


He does it with impunity, without being accountable, without suffering consequences, without giving a damn about what those below think.

The potentate does not differentiate between state coffers and his own.

The potentate considers the country to be his own playground.

The scandal is permanent, except that it is not a scandal in the eyes of the potentate and his court, who believe that they are entitled to it … because they make the law.

Usually this lasts until the fall of the potentate.

Conversely, in genuinely democratic regimes, when a scandal becomes too large, those responsible are forced to resign.

There are consequences, there is a price to pay for turpitude.

Clearly, Canada is a democratic, serious country, enough anyways to consider itself to be very good and to set an example of virtue around the world.

Nothing would be further from the truth than associating Canada with a banana republic, right?

We might say, it’s still funny…

Justin Trudeau was snowboarding in Whistler and teaching high school drama.

He is catapulted as prime minister only because his name is Trudeau, rather than Tremblay or Trépanier.

His skills for the job? He doesn’t even know the meaning of the word.

His family is taking advantage of the largesse offered by all the regime’s courtiers who want to be well looked after by him, such as the Kielburger brothers or the Aga Khan.

The former pays his family, the latter lends him his private island for small family vacations.

The regime’s number two, Bill Morneau, takes trips unrelated to his job, half paid for by the agency where his children worked.

And all these beautiful people seem to consider that this is due to them quite naturally.

They are almost outraged that one dares to question them.

The Kielburger brothers claim to be victims and blame the bad media.

Justin tells us: what do you mean, I have the cause of young people so much at heart that I did not realize that WE Charity was paying my family.

Morneau took out his personal checkbook.


Justin Trudeau will be questioned by MPs today.

He’ll probably apologize and maybe shed a little tear.

In the banana republics, when you need a scapegoat, you throw an insignificant under the wheels of the bus, never the real culprits.

If Trudeau or Morneau save their heads after that, it will mean that between Canada and Santa Banana, there isn’t much of a difference in the end”.

Black Lives Matter are to so-called “black” New Brunswickers (and to all of us, by extension) what Islamists are to Muslims (and to all of us)

No matter the source of external or internal funding, no matter any guilt feeling we may have for the sins of earlier generations (in Canada or elsewhere), no matter the apparent beauty of the cause… the whole BLM movement is not as innocent as you may want to think.

Thus, Dearest New Brunswick along with all its esteemed politicians, PLEASE be mindful of the following:

Bambi urges you not to fall into the trap of caving in to BLM‘s demands, as they will keep asking for more and more (e.g., see what happened in other cities in Canada). Indeed, this movement seems to function like any other radical group, including Islamism (Bambi did not say the Muslim religion, mind you, and she knows what she is talking about here). Groups like BLM usually intimidate to get what they want. They infiltrate existing entities/organizations, and… brains! They do not stop. They just push and push. Even if at times they may deceive you by hiding their real agenda, they do not hesitate to use means that you and Bambi would never resort to.

This is why, please do not let Black Lives Matter (BLM) do to NB what Islamists have done to Bambi’s birth country and to its neighbourhood… or what they do to us in the Western’s world, including Canada. Here is a story from last week:

Bambi feels sad for all the well-meaning people (i.e., especially young people) who will fall into this potentially dangerous ideological trap.

Once again, who is funding this movement and why don’t they leave our beautiful NB alone?

We are far from being perfect FOR SURE. Like any other place, there is room for much improvement… but one thing is clear in Bambi’s mind: We do not deserve such toxic radicalism.

Sadly, we just learned that the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in Fredericton has partnered with BLM Federicton (with funding from we do not know where):

If you do not believe Bambi, please take a look at what BLM Frederecton recently added to their Facebook page (this was not there in the earlier post reported further below). Please look specifically at how BLM Fredericton is putting pressure on our government, provincial and municipal (see the message in red). Is this a good method, even if their demand was 100 percent logical?–NGO-/Black-Lives-Matter-FrederictonNB-100550358369958/

As you can see, they are well organized. They have a template of a letter to harass each of our MLAs to push their (freaky) agenda forward, including their # 1 call (for now) to defend our police services:

Is this what we want for our NB? Is this what we want for our Canada?

If we do not wake up now, we can eventually easily destroy our beautiful young country.

Reasonable countries need their police and army to protect their citizens. This is the least in any country of the world, not just in Canada and in NB. This being said, of course, we must keep improving our police services whilst always saying NO to power abuse by the police!

Bambi will stop here, concluding with her earlier post on this topic:

Ms. Carole Samaha singing “At the dawn of the third millennium”

Bambi lives on a different planet sometimes.

Although this song is 20 years old, Bambi just discovered it recently :).

Thanks to the internet radio she listens to whilst working, she now knows this beautiful song’s title and history.

In Lebanese Arabic, it means “At the dawn of the third millennium“.

This song was composed for Ms. Carole Samaha by Mr. Osama Al Rahbani, a musician and composer (son of the famous musician and poet, Mr. Mansour Rahbani).

Below you can find an English translation of the lyrics (taken from, followed by the fantastic performance of this singer.

“At the dawn of the third millennium, there is still hunger

Homeless children, crying and tears!

Let us end all wars, oh powerful nations

No to poverty

No to oppression

No to racism

Who are you? I would not question (I would not care)

But your sadness told me who you are.

I don’t know (care) which colour nor which religion.

All I know is that you are my brother

My brother in humanity

At the dawn of the third millennium, yet, there are still those exiled

People who have been in detention for years!

Let us, at the dawn of this new era when the world is so longing for peace

End all oppression

End all fear

And agree on justice

Who are you?

I would not question (I would not care),

But your sadness told me who you are.

I don’t know (care) which colour nor which religion.

All I know is that you are my brother, my brother in humanity

I come from the East

The land of faith

Our villages are the home of the sunrise and the colours of the time

From here to all the people (of the whole world) we send our greetings

May generations go and come on the path of freedom!

Who are you?

I would not question (I would not care),

But your sadness told me who you are.

I don’t know (care) which colour nor which religion.

All I know is that you are my brother, my brother in humanity”.

Mr. Justin Trudeau’s “open letter to Canadians” on November 4, 2015

A picture taken from the Government of Canada‘s website

You can read the full statement of our PM here, if you wish:

Bambi would like to attract your attention to the following words at the end of his statement:

I am committed to leading an open, honest government that is accountable to Canadians, lives up to the highest ethical standards, brings our country together, and applies the utmost care and prudence in the handling of public funds“.

Mmm… That was less than five years ago only.

Of note, that was before our PM’s three consecutive ethical deviations (i.e., the Aga Khan vacation, the SNC-Lavalin story, and the current WE Charity saga). The third scandal is definitely the largest… It is like the sponsorship scandal (, although larger. For a description, see Bambi’s earlier post further below.

Mr. Trudeau, if she may, Bambi would like to ask you the following:

1. What happened to your beautiful promise above?

1a. Did you just “forget” about it (for the third time :))?


1b. Are you just good in talking the talk. So who cares about walking the walk?

Mr. Trudeau, can you try to remember your beautiful promise when you go to sleep the night before Thursday, that is when you will testify before the House committee?

Your own beautiful words (assuming they were written by yourself) may help inspire you to have the right mindset to answer all the questions (contrary to the WE Charity bosses today).

We, as tax payers, deserve to hear the truth, Mr. Trudeau.

Thank you for the efforts.

When the most Liberal-leaning journalists of the Journal de Montréal are that critical, it tells you how much the WE scandal is disgusting

A picture taken from the Journal de Montréal showing PM Justin Trudeau and his spouse, Ms. Sophie Grégoire, on the stage of WE Day UN at the Madison Square Garden in New York (Septembre 2017)

The talented Ms. Emmanuelle Latraverse is not any journalist in Canada. She is a high-calibre journalist who worked for RDI (or Radio-Canada International). She has covered the Parliament of Canada. She was also the host of “Les Coulisses du pouvoir” (2011-2017). She was also the lead reporter for the French CBC Newscasts (“Téléjournal”) with Ms. Céline Galipeau.

Below is a quick translation of her powerful article, which was published on Sunday July 27, 2020, in the Journal de Montréal and entitled: “When will we see real inquiries on WE Charity”? [“À quand de vraies enquêtes sur WE Charity?”].

“In the We Charity case, each week brings its share of apologies, each more grotesque than the next [Bambi’s will add here that we learned yesterday from the media the following: (1) Despite being allocated $900 Million, the WE program was going to offer $500 Million in grants and (2) Our government already paid WE Charity $30-million; (3) “The professional code of conduct for teachers varies around the country, but in many places it appears the proposed $12,000 payments would violated the code”, as per today’s article, co-signed by Brian Platt & Christopher Nardi, in National Post:].

There were those of Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau for forgetting that the Conflict of Interest Act applies to them too. Then the finance minister’s surreal act of contrition for forgetting to reimburse $41,000 for travel expenses.

Beyond the spectre of cronyism worthy of the sponsorship scandal surrounding this matter, it is for the flippancy and negligence in the administration of public funds that the entire Trudeau government should apologize.

Rounded corners…

We understand today that WE Charity is not a charity like any other.

Transfers of funds to sister company ME to WE, a large pool of real estate in Toronto, all ensuring a comfortable income for brothers Craig and Marc Kielburger.

Already, governance doubts have prompted many of the most generous donors to step down in recent days.

Bye bye the millions of Telus, Virgin and many others [Royal Bank of Canada today, Bambi adds].

But these important questions about the governance of WE, it seems that no one has asked them in government. Neither officials nor cabinet members, according to the Clerk of the Privy Council.

Yet the Canada Revenue Agency should have questions about WE Charity‘s financial tricks. Will it, in turn, open an investigation?

And what about the allegations that WE Charity has passed the data on its participants in the Liberal Party.

Imagine the rest…

Moral of the story, once again the pandemic has a broad back.

The government has turned corners on the pretext of helping students, giving WE Charity a big boost in the detour.

But the question arises: how many other pandemic programs have been launched and administered so carelessly?

That the government has chosen to impose few controls to save families from bankruptcy under the Canada Emergency Benefit is one thing.

But we must not forget that, in total, 315 billion of public funds were spent in a few months.

How many other party friends have had privileged access to the government’s billions?

How many other contracts have been so neglected?

Faced with the daily revelations in this matter, it’s hard not to fear that WE Charity is just the tip of the iceberg.”

For the financial crisis, there is a slim hope of bailout, ideally WITH reforms. For a pandemic, there is the hope of a vaccine… But for risk of wars, where can Lebanon find hope?

Bambi would like to begin by sharing a tweet of her favourite journalist in Lebanon, Ms. Roula Douglas:

Here is a quick translation:

“It is surrealistic what is happening. When we think we have more or less *adjusted* to a new reality in Lebanon, another one, even worse than the precedent sets in”.

Below is the worrisome news out of Lebanon today:

Who is lying here?

Israel or the Hizbullah?

Once again, which comes first, the chicken or the egg?

This DANGEROUS incident between Israel and Hizbullah is part of a historic vicious cycle of violence and death culture?

Why does history keep repeating itself in the doomed Middle East?

Could it be because conflicts are never truly solved?

Could it be because wars may be more convenient for those who decide of the fate of populations on both, or rather all, sides of a border?

Enough is enough… NO to violence.

No to stupidity… especially in a pandemic.

Stop playing with the fire, for God’s sake!

“Imagine You were Born in 1900” – Shinas Salaudeen

Bambi would like to thank her friend Aline for sharing this thoughtful video.

As Mr. Salaudeen elegantly and wisely said, ” we live relative comfortably compared to our grandparents who were born back in 1900. They endured much more difficult challenges, including deadly pandemics. So following simple health protocols such as wearing a mask should not be seen as a hassle and inconvenient. Please help other people and yourself“.

Let’s take care of both ourselves and others. Everyone’s life is precious!

What is the Black Lives Matter’s agenda for our NB schools?

Not a long time ago, it was the global movement of climate change that was all over our schools.

Now, it is the global movement of Black Lives Matter (BLM) that wants that access.

Why is BLM pushing to get into school curriculums?

The first two words we read in an image on the BLM-NB Facebook page is “Dismantle hate”:

So, NB is that full of hate? Bambi did not notice it yet after 12 years in this province?.

We also read the following:

“It is during this time that we must rise up with our fellow humans. Black people around the world are suffering due to systemic racism, and being quiet is no longer an option.

We must stand with each other! We are all human, and we can not stand by as our parents, siblings, and children are brutally tortured and killed because of the colour of their skin! It is either all of us, or none of us! Their voices must be heard.

Please gather at the provincial legislature this Wednesday, June 3rd, in solidarity.

We are working in collaboration with BLM Protest and #BlackLivesMatterMarch.”

Who is funding this organization? What is its hidden agenda for our province?

We know the agenda for other cities across Canada:

For Toronto:

For Montreal:

For Vancouver:

Mind you, one of the stated ultimate demands in Vancouver is the following: “The City of Vancouver must commit to improving social conditions across the city with a commitment to the goal of eventually abolishing police and prisons, as they serve the primary purpose of oppressing marginalized communities and protecting the riches of the wealthy minority of denizens.”

Does the above make any sense, even if we all want a world full of love, peace, and justice?

To conclude this post, it is Bambi’s hope that the Government of New Brunswick will do its homework about the BLM’s agenda for NB in depth. It is also Bambi’s hope that they would ideally share what they will learn with us, the population before our schools (or unions of teachers in our schools) decide to endorse this movement, imposing it on our children… and thus, on our society.

Mr. Boris Vian would have been proud: Inspired by “The deserter”, Mr. Georges Abu Araj wrote moving verses about Lebanon!

First, who is Mr. Georges Abu Araj?

He is simply a good friend of Bambi whom she loves dearly, beyond words. Below you can read his story and appreciate his talent.

Mr. Abu Araj is an integral part of Bambi’s childhood memories in Beirut (Lebanon).

Each time she visits her parents in Beirut, and literally as soon as she steps out of the car (after a 10-minute ride from the airport), she stops quickly at his “L’Objet” store to to ask about him or to wave at him through the glass window ?.

L’Objet is not just a store where we find the most beautiful purses!)!  L’Objet is literally a monument of this residential neighbourhood that was established in 1967 (the father of Bambi established his store a few miles away, around that time in 1961, imagine! One day, Bambi will write about her dad’s inspiring story, as entrepreneur).  

To come back to L’Objet, Bambi has beautiful childhood memories of this store, of playing in front of it, of walking by it, or simply of daily seeing it from her parents’ balcony ?.

One memory is literally like a miracle to her. L’Objet (or was it God through L’Objet?) saved Bambi’s life, so to speak… and, most importantly to her then, it saved her cousin’s life (she was under her responsibility). Indeed, Valérie (cousin) was sleeping over. It was Roula’s birthday (sister). Bambi (14 or 15 then?) was determined to offer her sister a book. Valérie and her went to a bookstore, just one street away. As soon as they arrived, Bambi felt the urge to leave the place, telling her cousin: “Let’s go purchase something from L’Objet!” They waked to L’Objet (a 0.5-minute walk). Upon their arrival, a HUGE explosion took place, just across from that bookstore! Bambi will never forget the scene of her mom screaming her name from the balcony. She could not walk to her balcony as her knees were shaking (fear). It is Mr. Abu Araj who kindly run outside to reassure Bambi’s mom. Bless his kindness. The explosion killed two kids whilst injuring citizens. The siblings’ names were Élie and Suzanne. Even in middle age, Bambi keeps praying for them in her heart.

Sorry for this graphic story about war… To come back to Mr. Abu Araj, he lived in Lebanon throughout civil war, like Bambi’s family. Like them, he also immigrated to Québec (Canada). Like Bambi’s family he returned back to his birth country (at the end of war) when Lebanon’s days were brighter than today.

Once again, like her own family, Mr. Abu Araja is attached to both Lebanon and Canada.

To use his own words, “Even if Lebanon is my homeland, Canada competes with it because between Canada and myself, there is a continuous love story”.

Mr. Abu Araj’s words take their full meaning when we know how genuine he is. No wonder he remains grateful and faithful to his love of Canada.

In addition to being a skilled merchant, he is a cultivated man who loves literature and arts.

Right now, like many Lebanese citizens (especially those of his age), he is deeply sad to see his country diving into hell like that. The covid-19 pandemic finished Lebanon, literally pushing it into famine… but make no mistake. This is not the fault of a tiny deadly mean virus. This is rather due to the metastases of decades of systemic corruption by Lebanon’s political leaders. It may also be due to mismanagement, regardless of the intentions ☹.

Inspired by Mr. Boris Vian’s poem entitled The Deserter (, Mr. Abu Araj wrote verses about Lebanon’s sad reality. Bambi is eager to share her friend’s talent below!

To borrow Mr. Abu Araj’s own words again, “Mr. Vian conceived his poem, called the Deserter, in suffering and in the revolt against a war he did not conceive. This may be the same feeling that made me scream my pain and desperation of seeing what is happening to a unique country in the world. I knowingly say the latter without wanting to denigrate or hurt anyone”.  

Before concluding this post with Mr. Abu-Araj’s poem that moved Bambi’s heart today, she will start by sharing the original poem (turned into a song). Second, you will see a link with the English lyrics. Third, you can read a screenshot of Bambi’s phone with Mr. Abu Araj’s verses (in French). Finally, Bambi will provide a quick English translation of those moving verses. She will do so, urging Dearest Georges to forgive her as she will surely not succeed in keeping the beauty of his words and their rhyme intact.

May this dark cloud over Lebanon know how to move away. May the sun rise again. May a new Lebanon finally see the light… Until then, as we say in French, “bon courage”. Please hang on, Mr. Abu Araj!

Last but not least, many thanks for sharing your talent, honouring Bambi with your trust!

Mr. Abu Araj’s verses on Lebanon, inspired by “The Deserter” (Boris Vian)

“Gentlemen perched up there

I am writing you this letter

That you might read

If you ogle lower

Since you are enthroned

We have seen the misery

Touching all our brothers

And laugh in our face

Since you are enthroned

The strings are chained

Over the poor wretched

Who are on the pavement,

And not even a plot of land,

To bury them,

Our accounts are razed,

Our horizons blocked,

Our saucy lives,

Only bankers show off

Gentlemen perched up there

Think about those who put you

In the position you hold

Think about all these fates

That you bullied

Think about this country where you were born

And who might see you waste away and disappear”