Has Canada’s government thought that people can be proud to be BOTH Indigenous and Canadian?

Bambi thanks the reader who shared with her the following National Post article:


After reading the above, she could not help not to think about how disconnected our governments seem to be from “their” people and any of their concrete economic -and other meaningful- concerns.

Indeed, and in Bambi’s mind, our governments seem to be too obsessed with race ironically in the name of anti-racism. Do Canadians spend as much time as our governments thinking about race/racism, etc.? Anyhow, if you are interested by this topic, you can read this media article and build an opinion about it.

As far as Bambi is concerned, she will not comment the article. Related to it, she would like to share the following: Recently, she spent time chatting with many desperate people of her birth country, which looks more like a failed yet somehow still functional state. She observed that many dream of immigrating to better places of the world. Indeed, many have spent their energy and the little money they have to apply for immigration to Canada. They have no idea how collectively insane, or excessively ideological, Canada’s current times have become. Some do see similar excesses elsewhere. Yet they still naively believe that Canada would be different. Those who have resided in it think it is still the same as it was 20, 15, 10 or even 5 years ago. From far away, they still perceive it is as the land of freedom, of equal opportunities, and of merit. To what extent is the latter still accurate? Will they be disappointed if they return to Canada today?

Anyhow, to double-check the source cited in Sarkonak’s article, Bambi navigated the Government of Canada’s website and read about “the IRCC Anti-Racism Strategy 2.0 (2021-2024)” with its ideological yet apparently empty language, at least for Bambi. She will spare you quotes from this language that you can find at this link:


Why is Canada spending its energy (2021-2024) on a so-called anti-racism strategy for its Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) division? Why not put this energy on powerful immigration tools to support our country’s economic growth and prosperity for us all, Indigeneous or old and newcomers, especially post-pandemic?

Furthermore, instead of informing us that Canada’s “digital infrastructure enabling our work, are on the traditional territories of Indigenous nations“, why doesn’t Canada work on improving our digital infrastructure for all of us, including the Indigenous people?

Last but not least, Bambi is allergic to the term “racialized” in” Indigenous, Black and other racialized people“. She finds this label degrading despite any apparent noble intention behind it. Indeed, this term gives her the impression that, as a migrant or a Canadian deer from a visible minority, she is victimized or oppressed. She does not see herself as a victim. She hasn’t, even when she was the target of an intolerant mob trying yet not succeeding in silencing her. Actually, she refuses such defeating attitude in her own life. She prefers pride and empowerment instead of victimhood. She does not know about you, but she is sad to see our own government apparently dividing us based on our skin colour or victimized status (ie. racialized,), ironically in the name of anti-racism (or diversity, inclusion, and equity).

After consulting both Mr. Sarkonak’s National Post‘s article and our government’s website, Bambi could not help not to think of the most decent and talented Ms. Jody Wilson-Raybould. Sadly, despite the great idea of recruiting her, Mr. Trudeau did not succeed in retaining her, with her brain along with her principles. What a loss to his cabinet and to Canada.

To conclude this post by linking it to its title, she does not know about you, but Bambi still vividly recalls Ms. Wilson-Raybould’s pride to be both Indigenous and Canadian, as you can read on her own Twitter account. Is Canada as “systemically racist” , as per its anti-racist strategy and according to its Deputy Minister’s own concluding remarks? How can Ms. Wilson-Raybould be that proud to be Canadian, if so? Anyhow, regardless, what a contrast between the ideological language of the anti-racism strategy of Canada and the simple yet powerful words of Ms. Wilson-Raybould: “Proud to be Indigenous and Canadian“!

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