If only love can drive the world…

Fifteen years of the childhood of Bambi and of many of the readers of her blog, literally around the world, have been hijacked by those shamelessly and stupidly indulging in the senseless violence of civil war. Luckily, our family’s love can shelter us from the cruelty around us. However, many decades later, the Middle East appears to be stuck in the same, yet MUCH more cruel, cycles of violence. Is there anything sadder for humanity then seeing innocent human beings suffering again and again? Why can’t love drive the world, like in the beautiful songs of our childhood, instead of extremism and hate?

If you like Grendizer (or Goldorak, in French), raise your hand!

I love Grendizer!

It is hard for Bambi to type on her keyboard with the elbows since both hands are up. Who knows? You may be smiling now, if you happen to be nostalgic to your childhood TV cartoons, namely Grendizer (or Goldorak).

For those of you who do not know this unique character. Here is what it is all about: UFO Robot Grendizer (Goldorak) was created in Japan about 45 years ago. Of course, it is fun to watch it while also being inspiring it, at least for those of us who are touched by acts of compassion, peace aspirations, and love. It makes young kids, their parents, and nostalgic adults dream of odd yet kind saviours and of a sweeter world.

Bearing the above in mind, Bambi learned from an article in La Presse that Japanese inventor Ryo Yoshida created “Archax,” a cool and highly impressive $3 million-worth robot, which measures 4.5 meters (length) and weighs 3.5 tons. Its speed can be up to 10 kilometers/hour. It is piloted from within a high-tech cockpit (https://shorturl.at/jwHS4).

Can you imagine, Mr. Yoshida can now pilot robots, like Grendizer (Goldorak) or others similar UFO characters? Can you imagine yourself doing the same one day? Or, can you be even more creative, and imagine that while doing so you have the magical power to save innocent people or shield them from danger? Wouldn’t it be nice to spread the beauty of technological creativity, along with love for humanity, instead of terror and wars?

Good-bye Mr. Matthew Perry: the world needs more heartwarming “friends”, like you

May your memory be eternal Mr. Matthew Perry…

Bambi went to bed after reading the very sad news of the death of Matthew Perry (https://shorturl.at/FHSU7). She sends her heart to your family and friends– the ones in real life and/or on TV or in movies. Thank you for having entertained many of us, literally around the world. You have inspired us with your acting talent, which included the best role someone can earn in life: a FRIEND ❤️. May your soul rest in peace and may your memory be eternal…

Did you eat chocolate today?

Bambi would like to offer you a chocolate treat ahead of Halloween :).

Did you know that today is the National Chocolate Day (https://shorturl.at/fijOT)? Whatever this means, Bambi wishes you a good one.

Some of us cannot live without chocolate. Many may be diabetic whereas a few can be literally allergic to cocoa or to milk. Who knows? They can even be sensitive to one of the chocolate’s ingredients https://shorturl.at/aIY57).

Through this post, assuming that you are a chocolate tolerant (and ideally lover like her!), Bambi offers you a little treat. Yes, you will get a virtual chocolate of your choice (dark, milk, white, etc.), along with a few song about chocolate in different languages.

Long live chocolate… Vive le chocolat!

Happy Birthday Bente!

Life is full of blessings, thankfully.

Bente is surely one of the HIGHLY significant precious life blessings for both Bambi and her spouse.

Indeed, it is hard for Bambi to put in writing how much they love her (and love her adorable family too)! Same for our entire shared family, across the miles in different continents… and in heaven too.

How can Bambi describe Bente to those of you who do not know her? Well, no word in any language can express who she is as a WONDERFUL person/young woman. She is independent, intelligent, highly resourceful, caring, talented in so many matters, including drawing, painting, cooking, etc. She speaks several languages and is skilled in intercultural as well as interpersonal relationships. After all, there is a reason why everyone loves Bente :). On this note, Bambi will stop in order to wish the latter, a superb birthday and year ahead in music!! Yes, have fun Bente ❤️!!

“Enfants de tous pays” [Children from all countries]: thanks to Mr. Enrico Macias’ for his eternally inspiring song about love and hope

Children from all countries (https://shorturl.at/jtxz7)


Children from all countries

Hold out your bruised hands

Sow love

And then give life

Children from all countries

And of all colours

You have in your hearts

Our happiness

It’s in your hands that tomorrow our earth

Is entrusted to go out from the night

And our hope to see the light again

Is in your eyes which are awakening to life

Dry your tears, throw out your guns

Make of this world a paradise


You have to think of our fathers’ past

And of promises which they have never kept

The truth is loving without any borders

And giving every day a bit more

For wisdom and wealth

Have only one address: paradise


And on the day when love on the Earth

Becomes king, you can rest

When our prayers are covered in joy

You can have your eternity

And every laughter of your kingdom

Will make of this world a paradise


Ms. Marie-Élaine Thibert: isn’t her voice amazing?

Fond of Ms. Marie-Élaine Thibert’s voice, Bambi posted her music on this blog in the past. For those of you who may not know her, she is a highly talented and moving Canadian singer from Québec (https://shorturl.at/cpBFU).

As a treat for herself, that is before anyone else, tonight Bambi would like to share two performances by Ms. Thibert, namely: Mr. Jacques Brel’s “La Quête” [“The Quest”], which is a song about the pursuit of an impossible dream, and Ms. Édith Piaf’s L’Hymne à l’Amour, which is a hymn to love.

With these beautiful French songs, this brief post will end with the following wishes to all: may you follow your dreams while learning when and how to dream new ones, as needed. Regardless of the world’s darkness or life challenges, may you dream, be, and spread love around you. May this love come back to you in many meaningful ways.

Today is Olga’s birthday, which would have been Mr. Gilbert Bécaud’s big day!

Happy Birthday to Olga from Bambi and her spouse!

Olga is family, not just a close and inspiring friend.

Yes, Olga is a DEAR friend as well as the mother of friends.

Bambi is blessed to have Olga in her life. For those who do not know her, she has a big and a generous heart, a sharp mind, and a sense of humour. Of note, she is filled with creativity and artistic skills (e.g., drawing, painting, writing beautiful words, cooking, etc.). She is an inspiring spouse, mother, and grandmother.

This being said, as usual, this post would not be complete if it does not end in music, including a few songs by Mr. Gilbert Bécaud with whom Olga shares her special day. For those who have never heard of him, Mr. Bécaud was a GREAT French composer, pianist, singer, and actor who lived from 1927 (October 24) to 2001 (December, 18) (https://shorturl.at/qCU35). Bambi likes his songs a lot.

May the magic of music entertain and brighten your days, dearest Olga. May God bless your heart filled with love. Thank you for being a faithful reader of this blog, for having enriched the latter with a highly supportive comment during its saga of censorship, for your continuous care, and positive vibes/prayers for Bambi’s family abroad. Everyone is grateful and we all love you, especially Bambi ❤️!

Mr. Nicola Ciccone: thanks for your still timely song, which is a call for love. Is anyone listening on all sides of all conflicts in the world, including the Middle East?

“They are more than six billion

And we are only two

To want love

Be the greatest of the gods

They say we are crazy

That we do blasphemy

But we stay standing

We never believe them

They are more than six billion

And we are only two

To see that all these wars

Only serve heinous acts

They say we are cowardly

That they will put chains on us

But despite all their rages

We choose peace

Of course there are days

Where we lose heart

Of course there are days

Where we shipwreck

But despite all these days

Despite all these outrages

We believe that one day

That one fine day

They are more than six billion

And we are only two

To believe that all men

Have the right to be happy

They say we are deaf

That hell is on earth

But despite their insults

We believe in tomorrow

Of course there are days

Where we lose heart

Of course there are days

Where we shipwreck

But despite all these days

Despite all these outrages

We believe that one day

That one fine day

We will be six billion

And they will be nothing

We will unite our dreams

Our joys and our paths

We will go without detours

Rediscover the light

We will be six billion

And they will be nothing


Good-bye migrating birds!

In the Atlantic Canadian province of New Brunswick, and especially in Sackville, the fall season is full of charm. Indeed, we can appreciate the amazing colourful leaves, the impressive half-naked trees, and especially fascinating singing birds getting ready for a LONG journey in which they fly south for the winter.

Of note, about 300 migratory bird species leave us each year for warmer climates (https://shorturl.at/juRTV). However, despite the GREAT distances travelled, they remain loyal to Canada: billions of these migrating birds return home in the spring. How sweet it is to welcome their sounds again, see them in our/their skies, and to know that they will be home again with all of us for a long time.

In this post, Bambi will share a few pictures she took last Friday evening as well as a brief video featuring some birds’ sounds. She will end with two songs. The first famous melody is entitled “Asfour” [Bird in Arabic]. This song is originally by Mr. Marcel Khalife; we can hear Ms. Aliya Cycon playing the oud (oriental guitar) and singing this lovely song: she starts with her own English translation and ends with the original Arabic. Bravo to her for this uniquely beautiful performance! As for the second song, subtitled in English and entitled “Deux oiseaux” [Two Birds in French], it is by the talented Ms. France Gall. Long live all birds. Good-bye to them… until next spring!

Sackville Waterfowl Park (NB, Atlantic Canada). A picture taken by Bambi.
Sackville Waterfowl Park (NB, Atlantic Canada).
A picture taken by Bambi.
Sackville Waterfowl Park (NB, Atlantic Canada).
A picture taken by Bambi.
Sackville Waterfowl Park (NB, Atlantic Canada).
A picture taken by Bambi.
Sackville Waterfowl Park (NB, Atlantic Canada).
A picture taken by Bambi.
Sackville Waterfowl Park (NB, Atlantic Canada).
A picture taken by Bambi.