A musical post, as a surprise to Roula… she can guess why!

A picture taken by Bernadette in Québec.

This brief musical post includes three songs carefully chosen for you Roula.

The first English kids’ song, about a big sister, also hints to our third sibling (yes, you Rania :)). Bambi loves you, Roula and Rania, very much ❤️. She thanks you both for all.

As for the second song, is it is in Arabic and performed by the most talented Mr. Mike Massy who revived a classical famous song, by Mr. Farid el Atrash, about “a flower in one’s imagination“. Roula, may the creative flowers of your fertile imagination always bloom and embellish the world around you!

As for the third and last melody, it is a duo by Ms. Sofia Marikh and Ms. Sentia Karam. This beautiful “Je suis malade” song is in the French language, which Roula has kept alive in Lebanon through her dynamic journalistic and editing activities, media interviews, mentoring, lecturing, research, and publications. All this in addition to the English and Arabic languages that she excels in.

Bambi hopes you will enjoy your songs Roula. Take good care and all the best!

4 thoughts on “A musical post, as a surprise to Roula… she can guess why!”

  1. Quelle belle sélection de chansons ma [Bambi]! Toutes significatives pour moi, surtout dans le contexte actuel. Je t’embrasse.

    1. ❤️ Oh– Bambi thanks you Roula [“sa grande :)]. She is moved by your comment and happy you liked the songs! Bambi t’enlace et t’aime fort!

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