Mr. Mario Dumont: “Amnesty International has lost its compass” [“Amnistie internationale a perdu sa boussole”]

Like Mr. Dumont, Bambi also noticed the sad change in Amnesty International. Here is a very quick translation of his interesting article published in the Journal de Montréal yesterday:

As a CEGEP student [CEGEP refers to professional or pre-university college system unique to Québec], I had participated in a few Amnesty International activities. The organization played an important role in exposing the plight of prisoners of conscience and challenging authoritarian regimes to secure their release.

I liked this organization, as I liked the offensive it led to defend the rights of Raif Badawi. Badawi is a glaring example of an individual who has committed no crime and finds himself incarcerated strictly because of his writings [absolutely!!]. Because his political convictions tarnish the image of the Saudi regime.

How surprised I was to read this week that Amnesty International no longer considered Russian opponent Alexei Navalny to be a prisoner of conscience! Yet Navalny is probably the number one prisoner of conscience right now.

After having denounced Putin

As he returns home after receiving treatment in Germany for a “mysterious” poisoning, his plane is hijacked and he is taken to an airport where he is stopped. The Russian authorities have nothing concrete against him except that his words could stir up Russian revolt.

Indeed, he broadcasted the images of what appears to be the royal palace of Vladimir Putin on the shore of the Black Sea. Putin denies it, but no one can clarify who really belongs in the ultra luxurious domain. All this in a country where assassinations and poisonings of opposition leaders have almost become commonplace.

According to the latest information, not only will he be jailed without valid justification, but he will be transferred to a labour camp. Material for Amnesty International.

So why, after certain steps to obtain his release, does Amnesty International no longer consider him a prisoner of conscience? Because he would have made nationalist and anti-immigration remarks twenty years ago. Positions he no longer holds today anyway. He is jailed for his opinions, but Amnesty International no longer considers him a prisoner of conscience because it dislikes his opinions … from twenty years ago. Odd, right? [absolutely, the issue is not this or that topic. The issue is freedom of expression or free speech, period!].

The breadth of the causes that are heard

What must be understood is that Amnesty International has lost its compass and has become a ninth movement of the so-called “woke” left [she does not know about you, but like Mr. Mario Dumont, Bambi misses the more beautiful left of her youth. It has genuinely been about protecting people’s rights and about truly standing up for justice]. On the organization’s website, there is less and less talk of prisoners of conscience and more and more of all the leftist themes in vogue.

The environment, racism everywhere, police violence, logging, all wrapped up under the guise of human rights. One more organization to repeat the refrains of this left which is radicalized. One less organization to defend the most fundamental causes for anyone who believes in democracy and freedom.

Let us recall the fight of Amnesty International against Bill 21 on secularism in Québec. Amnesty is more worried about an elected government that frames secularism for its employees in authority than it is about an opposition leader imprisoned in a labour camp under an authoritarian regime. Welcome to 2021!”

What is freedom of expression? What is tolerance? What is courage? And what is compassion?

For Bambi, freedom of expression starts with self-tolerance.

Yes, tolerating our own freedom of thought. By this, Bambi means giving ourselves the freedom to use our brains to think, to question, to agree with, to be open to the world. This means tolerating our own thinking processes and brain plasticity, so to speak. We allow ourselves to be wrong, to be stupid, or to be wise.… and from ourselves, we extend this tolerance to others:

Tolerating their thoughts on this or that topic, whether we agree with them or not.

Why can’t we allow others to be wrong anymore?

Why can’t we allow others to be stupid anymore?

Why can’t we allow others to think differently anymore on this or that topic? The topic does not matter here. It could be related to politics, science, religion, arts or to anything else.

It is the intolerance that underlies them all…

Why should we mob, harass, cancel, vilify, exclude, destroy, and throw under the bus others when they express another opinion?

Freedom of speech is first and foremost about tolerating different speeches, precisely those with which we do NOT agree with.

There is a reason why freedom of expression is protected in our Canadian Charter and NB laws/charters, etc.

The laws are all beautiful on paper, but when a society does not feel the urge to stand up for freedom of expression anymore (especially of those with different opinions), the boat of tolerance sink… and we all drown with it.

Is it normal for a society to tolerate the harassment, mobbing, or vilification of citizens, professors, or politicians when we disagree with their expressed opinion?

Bambi wonders about how many of those who are repeating clichés, taking words out of context, making false accusations, and/or threats have taken the time to read this blog?

Why are they condemning the messenger if they did not read or like the message?

When one of us is under attack because of his or her opinions, we all lose. Yes, collectively, we lose our freedom. Collectively, we lose our tolerance. Collectively, we lose our compassion…

In addition to mobs trying to suppress a voice they do not like or endorse, is it compassionate to harass, mob or throw under the bus people we do not agree with?

Is it normal in Canada to tolerate abuses like that done to Dr. Jordan Peterson, Ms. Lindsay Shepherd, Professor Verushka Lieutenant-Duval, and many more… now even Bambi!

Is this the Canada that we want? If it is done to one of us, will it be done to all of us?

This is perhaps the main difference between the people of Lebanon and Canadians… There, people stand up for each other when freedom of expression is under attack.

Some risk their lives to defend it. Some literally give their lives. The latest victim was called Mr. Lokman Slim…

Ironically, in this tiny bankrupt, and extremely vulnerable Lebanon, and despite the power of one group over the others, there is more tolerance and more freedom of expression than now in Canada… Can you imagine the irony? There, you can write whatever you wish in media comments (always open by the way) and online. When people see threats to their freedom, they denounce it collectively… and keep it protected. We are talking about a country that was in war not a long time ago. We are talking about a neighbourhood with dictatorships…and yet, there is a light of democracy in Bambi’s birth country.

Where is the light of freedom, tolerance, and compassion in Bambi’s beautiful Sackville, New Brunswick, and Canada?

Ms. Aline Lahoud is so talented!

Bambi adores listening to her preferred internet radio station (out of LA). Well, an advantage of working from home is that we do not disturb our colleagues whilst singing [badly and in a weird language :)].

Below, you can hear one of the songs that played today. It is a Lebanese love song (The Voice TV show in France).

This talented artist is called Ms. Aline Al Katrib. She is the daughter of the great Ms. Salwa Al Katrib who left our world too early many years ago. Bambi grew up appreciating the voice of her mom (it is her song actually). It is only recently that she discovered the daughter’s talent. What a beautiful tribute to her mom!

China’s genocide: 1 for Mr. Biden and 0 for Mr. Trudeau

Mr. Biden changed his position about China’s current genocide of the Uighurs (

Bravo to Mr. Biden for having the wisdom of changing the rhetoric (i.e., much more logical than “cultural norms” to justify the abuse) whilst keeping many if not most of the policies of his predecessor about China (e.g., Huawei, etc.). This ensures continuity. Plus, if something seems to be working well, why revert it?

It is Bambi’s hope that Mr. Trudeau will learn something from Mr. Biden.

It is Bambi’s hope that Mr. Biden will learn something from Mr. Trudeau (yes, it is possible ?) when it comes to Iran.

Bambi worries about Iran’s hegemony in the Middle East (that directly affects her birth country and its neighbourhood). What will happen with the nuclear saga, she wonders? What would be the consequences on Lebanon?

To conclude this post, dealing with countries intimidating other sovereign entities requires leadership. Good leaders need to be courageous (in addition to other skills like wisdom, etc.). In the end, whether acts of intimidation are occurring at the macro- or at the micro-levels, Bambi sees a similarity: Omitting to interfere to stop an abusive process between two (or more) countries/entities, or empowering the source of the abuse, becomes part of the abuse, even with the best intentions in the world.

Mr. Lokman Slim was shot in Beirut. Mr. Dany Turcotte was cancelled in Canada. Why is our world that intolerant?

Mr. Lokman Slim was a talented Lebanese publisher, political commentator, and film maker. He was assassinated in Beirut because his opinions bothered those who did not share them.

Bambi paid tribute to him, and through him to all the critical thinkers of our world (sadly many have been also eliminated in tiny yet courageous Lebanon).

If she may, she will dedicate a song to his memory called “un berger vient de tomber” [or a “Shepherd has just fallen under arms“] by Mr. Enrico Macias. This beautiful song was originally written for President Sadat on the second day after his assassination in 1981(lyrics by Mr. Jacques Demarny and music by Mr. Macias):

That was the tragic story of Mr. Slim… and before him many other intellectuals.

Now, what happened to Mr. Dany Turcotte from Radio-Canada (the French CBC)?

His story is well described below by Mr. Mathieu Bock-Côté. His article was published three days ago in the Journal de Montréal. Bambi will quickly translate it to you below.

Who knows? Perhaps like Bambi, you can also see the similarity between the stories of those killed in the Middle East and those cancelled (or silenced) in Canada? In both cases, the underlying issue is the same, even if the degree is (luckily for us) different: It is all about the intolerance (of another opinion we do not necessarily agree with). Yes, a lack of critical thinking fuels intolerance. Of course, there is sometimes malice on top of all this absurdity.

Anyhow, here are the words of Mr. Bock-Côté about this story. It is nice to see his support of Mr. Turcotte at the very end (

Dany Turcotte victim of the pros of indignation

Dany Turcotte has just left his position at Tout le monde en parle. Rumor had it that he was uncomfortable with the new live format.

But we can understand that he is paying the price for his joke on the last show that he made with Mamadi Camara [Bambi does not know the person in question or his story. She just read his own message online, telling Mr. Turcotte that he did not mind the joke. Imagine he is the person concerned here, but yet the CBC did not have the courage to stand up to the mob]. The lynching pack of outrage professionals, specializing in media caning and public humiliation, pounced on him. On Twitter, he was singled out for public revenge.


It wasn’t his first joke, though. Not even his first awkward joke, if you want to.

But apparently, in our egalitarian world, some social “groups” are outside the scope of humor. Whoever does not respect the prohibition commits a sacrilege. The awful culture of lynching, which turns a clumsy joke into a culprit, has had its skin. He was to serve as an example.

Some say he should have resisted the pack. They might not know how grueling it can be to have an army of aggressive and malicious little canines on your back. The latter never miss an opportunity to spit in your face. Not everyone knows how to resist a permanent public defamation campaign.

Whether you are left, right, centre, sovereignist, autonomist or federalist, we should be worried.

TLMEP [name of the French show “Tout le monde en parle”]

Please allow me to come back to a recent event.

At the beginning of December, during my time at TLMEP, I had a small heated exchange directly with Dany Turcotte. It received some attention. There was nothing personal about it. And I would be remiss if I did not say that I am sorry for his plight. There was a benevolent, quintessentially Québecois humor about him that fitted in well with the show [indeed, Bambi has always appreciated his humour, like all his guests including our own Mr. Trudeau. Indeed, Bambi posted about this specific beautiful show where even our PM seemed to have had fun and… in this show, he was fun to watch].

I sincerely hope that we will see him again on our airwaves soon, in a project where he can show all his talent” [Bambi too!].

Why is Boyden Canada, a job recruitment agency that offers “solutions of Executive Search, Interim Management and Leadership Consulting” now into the business of Apartheid of talents, “black” versus all the others?

Bambi would like to thank her friend Samer (name changed to protect his privacy) for sharing the following link:

From Boyden Canada, you can read the job description (shown further below), calling for “Applicants/Nominations to the Inaugural Board of Directors for Black Opportunity Fund.”

From this call, we learn about Black Opportunity Fund (BOF) meant to “combat anti-Black racism in Canada”. Yes, Canada is SO racist and so anti-black that it needs such initiatives now? As Samer wondered in a very candid way: “Is there a white opportunity fund… or are you telling us that all the funds available before were destined for whites only?!!!

Do you also see the hidden message underlying all these initiatives: If you have a black skin, you are not good enough to compete for the usual funds or usual business opportunities? Don’t you see this as an insult, like Bambi does? Had she been a black (not just a so-called BIPOC) deer wanting to use the services of Boyden Canada, she would have been insulted to see this initiative, despite the good stated intentions. She bets many other business leaders would be asking the same question as Samer. Keep in mind that both him and her are so-called “people of colour”.

Why aren’t we simply valuing the richest capital ever—whom we are as a person in life, that is with all our richness that has been built on the integration of our heritage with our culture/environment, along with our personal choices/decisions in life. Why aren’t rewarding hard work, creativity, and agency?

Plus, how are we going to assess the eligibility of those Applicants/Nominations? Is it by relying on Teams or Zoom platforms’ images (looking for a tanned appearance?). What if they may be Middle Eastern like Samer, but who tans beautifully over the summer? Are we going to administer a skin hue test to them then?

Once again, we are putting ALL so-called blacks together. We are not looking at a Canadian say from Nova Scotia who happens to be of black heritage or a recent immigrant from Nigeria or a Québecker of Haitian descent.

We are also telling Canadians that they are racist in such as systemic and systematic way that we are now creating a two-tier society (or two-tier system of everything). Is this the ideal way to be truly inclusive?

The tragedy according to Bambi is that our governments, big companies, and even charities are talking this talk and/or taking acts in this direction. What will be the end result of all this? Will it truly bring more social justice and more equality?

Not only our federal government is behind with vaccines, compared to other countries, and decent basic living conditions to our first nations (i.e., running water, etc.), it is also dividing us further and further without any vision of unity and development of talents/skills ( For Bambi, fostering tribalism in a society is VERY worrisome. It is the antidote to progress in a country. It is a dangerous game of playing with fire that can burn us all, just like how Lebanon burned for 15-years during civil war.

To conclude this post, further below you will see the text of Boyden Canada about this job application. Before that, Bambi feels like sharing the following: some of her friends who left Canada to work abroad many years ago do not realize how worrisome our situation is. They think Canada is still where they have left it. It is hard from far away to realize what Bambi is trying to explain in this post and in others. Some kindly still read Bambi’s blog (thank you), even if they do not agree (others sometimes take some self-boycotting breaks from it). Yet many others  thank Bambi for the posts or privately share opinions (some generously and even courageously nowadays write comments). Bambi hears sometimes comments about why is she talking like the “far-right” (?), perhaps when she denounces the extremism of the far-left (we all know that the far-right is bad!). Well, Bambi’s answer to all this is the following: If in her own family, one beloved relative known to be to the right, herself historically to the centre-left, and another beloved relative who was a communist in his youth are now all on the same page… Well, this must tell us something about what Bambi and Samer are denouncing. Why don’t our political leaders stop and wonder about how to envision Canada (i.e., what are the implications of their flirt with this or that ideology on our best interests, as a society)?

Whether we are to the left, right, a hardcore federalist (lover of big governments and Trudeauists even), a hardcore socialist or environmentalist, a proud Québecker or Albertan, or maybe simply a Conservative/Libertarian (advocating for small governments like Mr. Maxime Bernier), or if we do not care about directions in life (just about Canada and the future of our children)… let’s pause and then critically use our brains before endorsing this or that policy. Plus, let’s not accuse each other being racists because we are not anti-racists enough, etc.

For an inspiring reading, if you want to take the time, Bambi discovered this thoughtful article over the weekend. Food for thought…


Job Description

Call for Applications/Nominations to the Inaugural Board of Directors for Black Opportunity Fund.

Black Opportunity Fund (BOF) has been established to combat anti-Black racism in Canada by building a sustainable and long-term pool of capital for the Black community.

To fulfill its mission to raise and mobilize the world’s largest permanent pool of capital to serve and empower the Black community, BOF will be established as a registered charity with three distinct pools of capital: a Philanthropic Giving Pool that provides support to charitable organizations that meet BOF’s giving criteria, a Black Business Pool used to provide financing for Black businesses, and an Investment Pool used to make responsible investments to generate income for BOF.

BOF is currently governed by a Steering Committee, serving as an interim Board of Directors. Early in 2021, the Steering Committee will transition fiduciary, strategic and generative duties to a Board of Directors comprised of 15-20 accomplished individuals who are members of and/or have a demonstrated track record of commitment to Canada’s Black communities.

Comprised of exemplary individuals from across Canada, the newly formed Board of Directors will bring a mix of skills in Investments, Accounting/Audit, Legal, Governance, Communications/Marketing, Strategy, Investment Risk, Non-profit/Granting, and Entrepreneurship/Venture Capital. The Board will also include representatives with experience in the areas of Social Justice, Education, and Health.
To explore this exciting opportunity further, please click Apply to submit your resume and information.

To nominate someone, email their name and bio to Be sure to write “BOF Board Nomination” in the subject line of your email.

We would like to thank all the applicants but regret that we are only able to personally contact those individuals whose backgrounds best match the requirements for the role.”

“Adeus” Ms. Kavana Wa Kilele… Hard to believe you already left our world!

Bambi’s heart is heavy and she is speechless since this morning…

Kavana (Ms. Wa Kilele) is no longer with us (at least in a physical sense because her memory will be eternal!)… Yes, tragically, Kavana died from an asthma attack.

Kavana is a talented Mount Allison University alumnus (Sackville, NB, Canada). It is hard to find words to describe her kindness, her vivid intelligence and talent, her big heart, and openness to the world.

To Bambi’s knowledge, she lived in at least three countries: in Mozambique where she was born and raised (and where her family still resides), in Kenya where she has more recently moved, and earlier in Canada where she touched so many lives!

Bambi sends her love first and foremost to Kavana’s grieving family, to her relatives, to her friends in Sackville, in Africa and literally around the world (from out of Lebanon where she is now, Gloria’s heart is broken as she appreciates your “amazing soul”, to use her own words. Bambi also sends her condolences to Gloria’s family), former fellow students, the Mount Allison Student Union (MASU), the teachers, staff, and administration of Mount Allison University, the Argosy student newspaper family, the Sackville Refugee Response Coalition, the United Church, the Town of Sackville, the Rotary Club of Sackville, and many more… Please forgive Bambi if you do not read your organization’s name here. Everyone loved/loves Kavana. Everyone adopted her and, most importantly, she also adopted us… like a family.

Just to make you smile Kavana, if you can ever see deer blogs from heaven, Bambi will never ever forget when/where she bumped into you the first time. It was on York Street, a few weeks before she officially met you at social events with our dear newcomers to town and then at Lebanese parties at Goya’s Pizza place. We ate together, we laughed, we danced. As a reader, you may perhaps wonder how can someone recall where she precisely met someone. Well, if it is Kavana, you simply remember. It was during a snowy and windy day where Bambi was walking fast to work. Kavana, you were getting out of a store (was it the Knuckles Truffles Chocolates Chocolate shop?). We were the only two human beings on the street in this crazy weather. As Bambi shared with you later, our human brains can surprise us with their reactions sometimes… Well, Bambi’s brain had a spontaneous thought (funny as it was in French): “Oh une autre femme de couleur comme moi en ville…”, she was surprised by her own thoughts. Yes, Bambi identified with Kavana as another woman of the same colour as herself (keep in mind that Bambi is not much into this language of categorization of people like BIPOC, which means “Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour“) Who knows? Perhaps Bambi simply identified with another member of a (visible) minority? Perhaps she felt some warmth in the cold by bumping to a smiling Kavana? Perhaps Bambi felt a fast connection to your beautiful smile (a mirror to your “awesome soul” to use your friend Gloria’s words)? When our paths crossed again at a public social event in town, Bambi shared this thought with you. She will always recall how we both smiled/laughed at this souvenir and then engaged in a fun and enriching conversation.

Indeed, Kavana was talented in connecting with everyone. What a great listener. She was also a pleasure to listen to, to get to know, and learn from. Thank you Kavana for whom you have been. Thanks to your family for having raised you and for them and life who brought you to us. Our lives would have not been the same without your journey among us… Sackville and our province of New Brunswick are grieving today with all your loved ones worldwide.

Among many of Kavana’s amazing contributions to our campus and town are her articles in Argosy (2016-2017):

As you can see in the link above, she was passionate about social justice and she wrote MANY informative and thoughtful articles on various topics listed below (with links):

For those who checked the box labelled “other”

What’s new in NB? (April 5, 2017)

What’s new in NB? (March 22, 2017)

Focus group on mental health accommodations held on campus

MASU Executive 2017-18

Francyne Joe at MTA

Salt use on slippery Mt. A sidewalks

A day in the life of a snow plower

Indigenous speakers discuss MMIW

Mt. A students upset about Trump win

Student-led mental health groups aim to break down stigma

Sackville Commons opens to community use

This Week in New Brunswick

Decolonization of academics not happening on campus

Passports at The Pond

Queerphobia in communities of colour teeming with hypocrisy

All-gender bathrooms to be the norm at Mt. A

Changes to racism policy in progress

To conclude this post, it is not easy to say good-bye in any language… Bambi does not know if you or your family speak Makhuwa, Changana, Sena, Nyanja, Ndau, Chwabo, Tswa, or another language, perhaps most likely Portuguese. So, Bambi will choose the latter to say: “Adeus” Dearest Kavana… Thank you, we all love you, rest in peace, may your memory be eternal and inspiring, and may God knows how to comfort your loved ones’ hearts during their grieving journey.

A New York city public school “sent a survey to white parents asking them to identify their level of whiteness”. If this insanity is not racism, what is it then?

Imagine that you are the parent of a child attending this school and you receive such as survey, what would be your reaction? In all honesty, would one of your reaction be one of the options below?

  1. Shock at this apparent racism and ignoring the survey.
  2. Shock, but filling the survey whilst laughing at the school administration.
  3. Considering changing your child’s school over the level of stupidity.
  4. Considering homeschooling (for the first time of your life).
  5. Considering moving to a sane place (if possible).

Now, for those of you who know the Lebanese context, imagine that you receiving a similar survey from your child’s school in Beirut. It is asking you the same, but replacing the absurd concept of “whiteness” with another identity characteristic like you religion affiliation (or at least your parents’) or being tall or being short, etc. Imagine if a school is asking Sunni Muslim parents to do this reflection or Shia Muslim parents or Christians versus Muslims or Druze and Jews. How do would you feel about it if you are that target group of parents?

Why are the Americans (and with them the Canadians… and maybe by extension the whole Western world) doing this to themselves? Why are they accepting and endorsing this non-sense wokeism? See the “8 levels of whiteness” below, if you do not believe Bambi.  

Why do we see society’s elite like Hollywood stars, politicians and even governments, companies like Apple, schools/universities or rich people like Bill Gate and Melinda (through their foundation) endorsing the woke ideology and competing to virtue signal, whilst being among the blessed ones with jobs, high salaries, and recognition?

When will all this stop? And how will it end?