Thank you Mr. Emmanuel Macron and El Jazeera for this beautiful interview

The interview below was conducted in French.

Bambi does not know if it has been translated into English or could be found sub-titled.

She will share with you some translated quotes from the last part of the interview (of course, they were said as responses to questions. So, one must keep the context in mind).

Mr. Macron is a lucid, wise, direct, and articulate politician.

It is refreshing to watch a smart interview, thank you!

In English first:

“France’s message: It is not in the name of your religion that you can leave your citizenship AND It is not in the name of your citizenship that you can fight a religion.

Building the same representation of the world together.

This is why I am really saying it with a lot of humility and friendship in the true sense of the term for all Muslims: Make no mistake about what freedom of speech is. Freedom of speech is by no means something that is done to target or hurt you.

But help me defend freedom of expression because it is this freedom … it is only with this condition that we can live with each other. Otherwise it would be against each other.

What feeds fear is incomprehension.

What breeds hatred is ignorance.

And the tyrants of this world keep it going.

The most effective weapon against these tyrants, these extremists in the long term is knowledge, it is understanding, it is knowledge of the face of the other in all its aspects, in all its traits, it is this capacity to look at the face of the other with in what it is different from mine, it is all these civilizations with each other, men with women …

Create research chairs on Muslim civilization, on French civilizations, etc., allow academic controversies [Bambi will add here: what a contrast with our Canadian approach of censorship!].

A difficult fight to lead, difficult in the weeks to come because today some men and some women have decided the worst in this fight against ignorance, which is a fight of hate. I need all women and all men, whatever their religion.”

In the original French now:

«Le message que porte la France: Ce n’est pas au nom de ta religion que tu peux sortir de ta citoyenneté ET ce n’est pas au nom de ta citoyenneté que tu peux combattre une religion.

Bâtir la même représentation du monde ensemble.

C’est pour cela que je le dis vraiment avec beaucoup d’humilité et d’amitié, au sens propre du terme, pour tous les musulmans:

Ne vous méprenez pas sur ce qu’est la liberté d’expression.

La liberté d’expression ce n’est en aucun cas quelque chose qui est fait pour vous atteindre ou blesser.

Mais aidez-moi à défendre la liberté d’expression parce que c’est cette liberté… ce n’est qu’avec cette condition qu’on peut vivre les uns avec les autres. Sinon, cela serait les uns contre les autres.

Ce qui nourrit la peur, c’est l’incompréhension.

Ce qui nourrit la haine, c’est l’ignorance.

Et les tyrans de ce monde entretiennent cela.

L’arme la plus efficace contre ces tyrans, contre ces extrémistes, dans la durée c’est la connaissance, c’est la compréhension, c’est la connaissance du visage de l’autre dans tous ces aspects, tous ces traits, c’est cette capacite de regarder le visage de l’autre avec dans ce qui l’a de différent avec le mien, c’est toutes ces civilisations les unes avec les autres, les hommes avec les femmes…

Créer des chaires de recherche sur les civilisations musulmane, française, etc., permettre les controverses académiques [Bambi will add here : what a contrast with our Canadian approach of censorship!].

Combat ardu à mener, difficile dans les semaines à venir parce qu’aujourd’hui certains et certaines ont décidé du pire dans ce combat contre l’ignorance qui est un combat de haine; j’aurais besoin de toutes les femmes et tous les hommes, quelque soit leur religion».

Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté: A tiny little man named Trudeau [Un tout petit homme nommé Trudeau]

In Bambi’s mind, one thing is as clear as water: The worst PM she has ever encountered in her three decades as a Canadian voter is Mr. Trudeau.

OK, she is guilty of having believed in his potential for competence, as our PM. She voted for him the first mandate. However, she proudly did not repeat her mistake the second time, despite the remaining incredible talent in his party that she has traditionally voted for (Luckily, there is something called learning in life ?).

Well, this being said, below is a thoughtful article by Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté published in the Journal de Montréal today (you should also see all the media articles worldwide, especially from Paris. Journalists there, real ones not propagandists like our end, did not seem to be impressed with his “mediocrity” to use the words of Bock-Côté).

Who knows? Perhaps he is just being naïve or paralyzed by fear (with a reason. Islamism is dangerous).

Is he pandering to his Muslim permanent residents and future Canadian citizens, as potential voters (especially with his announced mass immigration yesterday)?

We cannot help not to wonder if such cold calculation could be made by desperate politicians to hang on to power.

Is he too globalist (like Islamists since their nation is not the “global world” or their own country, but rather their religion)?

Is he just too politically correct?

Or maybe too rigidly multiculturalist in his mindset (dogmatic finally like Islamists, even in this noble approach to citizenship)?

Is he aspiring to becoming the Secretary General of the UN? one day (if so, he thinks that it could help to please Islamists)?

Anyhow, Mr. Trudeau, we and the whole world need your courage. When will you open your eyes?

Mind you, Mr. Macron started as a globalist as well, if Bambi is not mistaken, but he recently demonstrated that he is wise and more courageous. He had no choice but to see the risk of this civilizational war on his country with lucidity. It is sadly in his face.

Mr. Macron put his country’s values (freedom) first in order to protect his citizens from Islamists and literally stand up for his country’s future existence. By doing so, he is also protecting our own right to freedom of expression in the so-called free world (contrary to you). For that, he should be thanked and supported, not let down by you.

Anyhow, enough of Bambi’s blahblahblah and here is the article in question:

“We could have thought that Justin Trudeau had hit rock bottom. That it couldn’t be more mediocre.

Sadly, we were wrong.

In the current global crisis affecting freedom of expression and the possibility of publishing Muhammad’s cartoons, he sided with the Islamists. He may pretend to multiply the nuances, his position is clear.


I quote his words: “Freedom of expression is not without limits. We are not allowed, for example, to cry fire in a crowded movie theatre.”

In other words, the kid from Ottawa compares criticism of religions to a criminal act.

He also says that freedom of expression should not be used to hurt people.

Let us translate: he gives way to the tyranny of the susceptible who see in every criticism a hate speech. He forgets that the freedom of expression, the freedom to criticize all dogmas, whatever they are, is the foundation of our civilization. No group has the right to impose its conception of blasphemy on others.

Trudeau is nonetheless true to his multiculturalist convictions. For him, “minorities”, whom he sanctifies, have the right to set taboos in public life. They can decide whether the title of a book can be pronounced. Or if we can make fun of religions.

Trudeau wants to give Islamists the right to define in what terms we can talk about Islam. You might think that the fear has something to do with his position.

Whoever wants to censor cartoons so as not to displease the Islamists submits to them. Are we to understand that the price to pay for the establishment of Islam in the West consists, for the latter, in sacrificing its freedoms?


France is the target of Islamist aggression. And Justin Trudeau betrays his ally by spitting in his face.

He is a very small man.

He’s a coward.”

Bambi’s reply to Mr. Nasrallah’s speech of October 30, 2020, on France and Islam/ism

Well, those who read this blog know that Bambi has a little pleasure in life, which consists in replying to Mr. Nasrallah ?. The latter is the Chief/Leader (or Secretary General) of the Hezbollah in Lebanon (

Further below, you will see a screenshot of the speech text, published in the Naharnet.

Bambi’s comments are in bold.


Nasrallah: We hope the PM-designate in cooperation with the president will manage to form a government as soon as possible and we will facilitate the process as much as possible.

No comment.

Nasrallah: The time is for cooperation and openness, not bickering.


Nasrallah: We will spare no effort to help facilitate the formation of the new government.

No comment.

Nasrallah to France: You should address the source of the problem.

Who are you to blame France? What gall!

Nasrallah: No one in the Islamic world is seeking new rivalries. Muslims want to lower the number of rivalries in the world… France must rectify the mistake and this would not be submission to terrorism.

Which mistake? And why the threat?

Nasrallah: When the issue relates to a certain sect or to Israel or the Zionists, freedom of expression stops… Freedom of expression in France and Europe is not ultimate.

What is this nonsense, Mr. Nasrallah? What are you trying to insinuate here? Stop lying and distorting the reality of France. JUST stop!

Nasrallah: There are instances of repression of freedom of expression in France and Europe, such as what happened with French philosopher Roger Garaudy.

You are absolutely right. Even holocaust deniers have the right to express their opinion.

Nasrallah to West: The use of these (extremist Islamist) groups as tools must stop or else you will keep paying the price.

Why are you threatening the Western world? Are you talking about yourself?

Nasrallah addressing West: The beheadings started in our countries through the people that you supported.

Is Syria your country now, Mr Nasrallah? Bambi thought it was Lebanon like her birth country ?. Or your country is about Islamism in the whole area?

Nasrallah: You in the West protected this (extremist Islamist) ideology ten years ago. You helped them come to Syria and Iraq. You helped equip and finance them.

There could be some remote or limited truth to it. Mr. Obama sadly encouraged them. Perhaps other Americans too to fight Sovietism.

Nasrallah addressing West: Instead of blaming Islam and the Islamic nation for these terrorist acts, let’s search for your responsibility for these acts and these groups.

Islamic nation is your dream, isn’t it? Other dreamers walked after the Friday prayer in Lebanon today. They also dream of an Islamic nation. Same fantasy, but with a different Muslim perspective. Yours more like Iran. Theirs like Turkey (or Saudi Arabia). Everyone forgot about the beauty of the Lebanese makeup, which is multi-confessional with 17 other sects/religion than yours. Plus, most of the Lebanese people are not that religious as you pretend to be. They prefer secularism.

The tragedy of Lebanon, Israel, and now France is that a minority of religious folks is imposing its vision/values on the rest of the more secular population.

France, which is secular, values freedom of expression; this includes the right to blasphemy. Those who do not like it should not immigrate there, period.

France is in Europe, Mr. Nasrallah, not even in the Middle East. France is NOT your country. So, please leave it alone. Leave it as a safety option for Muslims and Arabs who want to escape the craziness of the Middle East!

Nasrallah: The sanctities of nations must be respected.

What do you mean? Nations are secular. France is a secular country, whether you like or not. Lebanon too!!

Nasrallah: Some Muslims certainly harm Islam and its prophet through their terrorist acts and killing of people.

Absolutely! Wise words.

Nasrallah addressing French authorities: There is nothing called Islamic terrorism or Islamic fascism.

If you say so (always too funny, Mr. Nasrallah, even when upset ?). How do you call chopping heads of innocent teachers, elderly people, and young mothers? Do you have a better term?

Nasrallah: It is unacceptable for French authorities and others to blame Islam and Muslims for this crime. This is an incorrect, unrealistic and unethical approach.

They are NOT blaming Islam or Muslims. Stop playing on the words and stop exciting our crowds. They blamed criminality called Islamist terrorism.

Nasrallah: This incident is rejected by Islam and the Islamic religion, which forbids the killing of innocents.

Islam does, thankfully, but sadly not Islamism that has hijacked it. You must know it even better than Bambi ?.

Nasrallah: We strongly condemn the Nice incident and Muslims everywhere have also condemned it.

BRAVO Mr. Nasrallah. Wise of you!!! Is this an “incident” to you?

Nasrallah: The current problem between French authorities and Islam and Muslims concerns all people and not only a single country.

It concerns first and foremost France! Surely, none of your business!!!

It concerns the Western world, where sadly we have reckless leaders like our own Canadian PM, who do not want to defend freedom of expression (including the right to blasphemy). A carte blanche to folks like you. A carte blanche to the neo-Sultan too. Very sad.

Leave France French and Western. Do not impose your own vision on others, as you are sadly doing with tiny bankrupt yet beautiful and multicultural Lebanon.

You do not speak for all Muslims.

Muslims have the right to chose to be observant or not.

Observant does not have to mean obedient like sheep.

Nasrallah: Muslims cannot tolerate any insult addressed to their prophet.

No one insulted Prophet Mohamed. Plus, even if they did, so what? Live with it.

Stop the insanity please, Mr. Nasrallah... Muslims have a brain and now is the time to critically and wisely use it.

Mr. Trudeau’s refusal to defend free expression: Why is he putting us all at risk, including Muslims and Arabs?

In the video below (La Presse), we hear Mr. Trudeau talking about the limits of free expression:

Tu illustrate his non-sense, he gives a totally irrelevant example as an analogy to what happened in France (the decapitations).

To score his point, he seems to be telling us that yelling “fire fire” in a movie theatre where there is no fire is exactly the same problem of Islamism in France and… by extension, in the whole world (including both Canada and Lebanon!).

In France, heads of innocent people where chopped.

In Lebanon, eyes of soldiers were taken out of their faces during their sleep (sorry to be graphic).

Other Lebanese police officers and army members have been kidnapped to Syria.

Many died. Many are still missing.

Some may have been lucky to survive, who knows?

The Lebanese authorities were much more courageous than Mr. Trudeau in dealing with this tragedy that made so MANY families and a whole nation suffer :(.

So once again, how does your fictional movie theatre example compare to real-life Islamism, Mr. Trudeau?

With all due respect, you are totally wrong.

We all know it, including your former and potential Muslim or Arab voters.

You may think that you will gain the vote of a part of the population, but you will lose more than you think.

You will lose more votes of those Canadians from the invisible minority (you already lost Bambi’s vote :)). More seriously, your will lose your own (OUR!!) country.

Please wake up, Mr. Trudeau, to courageously defend democracy.

Free expression does not have ANY limit.

Its only limit is the direct incitement to violence.

This would be called criminality.

Thankfully, we have criminal laws to protect citizens in that case.

So, no Mr. Trudeau, hurting the feelings of people is not a limit on free speech!!

This is rather the excuse you are naively giving to Islamists to justify their criminality… and mildly yet seriously to all the so-called triggered marginalized people to intimidate the silent majority. Enough please!

Canada-France: How sad when friends talk the talk, but do not walk the walk, when needed

Lebanon President, Mr. Michel Aoun, immediately stood up for France.

He offered his condolences to France and its people on his personal behalf and on the behalf of the Lebanese people. Well done, Mr. Aoun.

He also offered the injured citizens wishes for a smooth healing (sadly, they died later. The words of one of the victims were: “Please tell my children that I love them” :(, as per CNN).

On behalf of the USA, Mr. Donald Trump also stood up for France and named the elephant in Mr. Trudeau’s room. Yes, it is called Islamism and it kills innocent people, including Muslims.

What did Mr. Trudeau do?

As a reminder, it took him 10 days to be forced by the Bloc Québécois‘ motion to denounce the decapitation of the French teacher, Mr. Samuel Paty.

Today, he could not afford to remain silent for that long since the barbaric attack in Nice (symbolically at a church) and at the French embassy in Saudi Arabia (French territory abroad in other terms) was in the face of the whole world.

He denounced the terrorist attack on Twitter, but he omitted the word “Islamism” in both languages.

Luckily, we have an opposition that is more direct (even if it is also into political correctness or hypocrisy). Mr. O’Toole immediately named France’s nightmare in sensitive words in French (thank you) and in English in a video that he posted on his Twitter account.

Mr. Trudeau, did you already forget your words on July 14, 2020? You praised our friendship with France. Aren’t “closest friends” supposed to courageously and directly support each other as needed, to cite your own tweet/re-tweet!?

Well, it is NOW that our friends need us!

Please, show them (and show us) that you can genuinely be a good friend.

Mr. Erdogan, would it help to contact Mr. Trump to learn tips of thick skin in politics, despite mockery? How about taking lessons in humour from the Turkish comedy artists you jailed after insulting you?

The satirical magazine Chalie Hebdo dared to publish a hilarious cartoon of Mr. Erdogan on its cover page, which reads “he is very funny in private” and showing a lady covered from head to toe, but without underwear and… check what she is carrying? Likely alcohol, which he is drinking (unless it’s just soda). Anyhow, he is saying: “Wow, the Prophet!”

A screenshot of France 24 video news

Some may find this humour vulgar or simply too much!

Others may still have a sense of humour in life. Bambi is one of them.

She laughed to this cartoon. More importantly, she could not help not to think that Charlie Hebdo is courageous, unlike many of our politicians (Mr. Trudeau # 1), journalists, or administrators of public institutions.

They may be paralyzed by political correctness… and/or by their fear of Islamists.

Some may be literally terrorized at the thought of being called racist, sexist, islamophobic, patriotic, or guilty of still defending democracy in life (because it is at the heart of our Western values).

They prefer the convenience or the hidden benefit of superficial yet rigid ideologies, coupled with civilizational emptiness.

Mr. Edorgan is threatening a legal action against Charlie Hebdo because of the cartoon shown above.

Well, in October 2020, a Lebanese TV host, called Mr. Neshan Der Haroutiounian, was set to stand trial in his own Beirut (not in Ankara!), after allegedly insulting the Turkish president on live television. Can you imagine?

Bambi is curious to know what happened to his case (we are almost at the end of October now).

As written in 961, “The case of Neshan today has raised outrage across Lebanon, particularly considering that there have been recently major insults to some heads of other friendly countries without any repercussions”.

These were his own words, as a response to all this: “If I go to prison, there is no difference; [I] live in a big prison and [I] will move to a small prison, with the difference being that I will be paying for my convictions”.

The 961 article ended as follows: “Notably, the lawsuit gave rise to a social media campaign in support of the famous Lebanese media personality, in which several celebrities and public figures participated.

To come back to the story behind this post, Mr. Erdogan insulted Mr. Macron with a series of silly yet inflammatory and defamatory words (e.g., mentally ill, Nazi, etc.).

Today, he is claiming to be terribly insulted by Charlie Hebdo, which he will take to court, likely with the tax money of the poor Turkish people (as if their Lira was not devalued enough already).

Mr. Erdogan (oups Mr. Neo-Sultan), to conclude this post, Bambi feels like simply reminding you of the following proverb: those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!

Is Mr. Justin Trudeau telling that using words to educate is worse than chopping heads to silence?

Is our PM out of his mind?

Does he think before talking?

First, thanks to the Bloc Québecois for playing the role of the real opposition (whilst the Conservatives are busy competing with the Liberals in political correctness).

As Mr. Yves-François Blanchet (Leader of the BQ), explained in his two tweets below:

It took 10 days, with the instance of the BQ for Mr. Trudeau to denounce a sordid attack against a professor in France, our close ally and friend, against freedom of expression”.  

Well said/done, Mr. Bergeron (video attached about the motion proposed by the BQ to denounce what happened to the teacher in France). The Liberals were avoiding the topic for over 10 days, incredible! They finally had to put their pride aside and support France that clings to freedom of expression.”

Second, in the media article (French CBC, Journal de Montréal, La Presse, etc.), we read Mr. Trudeau’s words about how the horrific story of the teacher in France is not comparable to the saga of the professor in Ottawa. As a reminder, the latter was maltreated by a student who indulged in exaggeration and in social media/media (sharing not only her name, but also her home address). She was cowardly let down by the high administration of her own University… and now, once again, by our PM who is too blinded by his ideologies. Ironically, he is a teacher himself, like Mr. Paty and Dr. Verushka Lieutenant-Duval. Our times are not just collectively silly, they are also sad.   

From La Presse article, ( we read Mr. Trudeau’s following words:

“That is why I am going to take the opportunity to speak to leaders, world leaders, community leaders, leaders of the Muslim community here in Canada, to understand their worries, their concerns, to listen and to work for reduce these tensions”.

He means talking to the neo-Sultan (oups, Mr. Erdogan is his name) and all the hypocritical Muslims or Arab leaders denouncing France for living according to its values (and putting French citizens abroad in danger).

He also wants to talk to Muslims in Canada whilst he knows deep inside that most of them denounce Islamism (some have escaped it to immigrate here from their birth countries or even from France!).

Sadly, he seems to care more about their votes, than anything else.

He also presents them as the victims in this sad story in France.

Does that make any sense? Shame on you, Mr. Trudeau, to borrow the words of Mr. Richard Martineau from an earlier post.

In the French CBC article below, one reader attracted Bambi’s attention that the word “Islamist” is written so small under Trudeau’s picture telling us he is denouncing this terrorism in France. In contrast, the long article does not mention this word not even once:

However, in both English and French media, Mr. Trudeau seems to insist to tell us that freedom of expression in France is not as valuable of freedom of expression in Canada.

He also tries to convince us that a word (the N-word) is worse “to the receivers of education” than the trauma of a sword decapitating the head of a teacher. Should we laugh or cry to this illogical logic, Mr. Trudeau?

Both teachers were educating students. Both teachers believed in the “light of education” (no, not in the darkness of obscurantism) to borrow the words of Mr. Bergeron above (from the BQ party).

Bambi has a prediction, that could one day happen. It is about that funny term called “BIPOC” (that society of nowadays wants her to fit in). It means: Black, Indigenous, and People of colour (she is supposed to be a deer of colour :)). By the way, what happened to the cleverer term of “invisible minority“? Anyhow, she would not be surprised if we continue down this silly logic by adding an extension to this acronym to specifically include Muslims as another victimized group, meaning those with a thin skin when it comes to religiosity. That would be a recipe for a societal disaster waiting to happen… no, not because Muslims (and others) do not deserve to become holy too like all the BIPOCs. It would be the case because Islamists would salivate, taking it as a carte blanche to chop more heads, including those of innocent Muslims 🙁 .

This is sad reality of our world… Mr. Trudeau is smart enough to know it, deep inside.

So, when are we going to wake up, as a society?

Perhaps this book can help you Mr. Trudeau, if you have the time to read it during the Christmas Holidays. It is called “The empire of the politically correct” by Mr./Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté. Bambi is eager to read it (she sadly did not have the time to do it yet):

Bonne lecture, Monsieur Trudeau :)!


Below are some of the earlier posts of Bambi on the stories of both teachers:

Is this all what you have to say, Mr. François-Philippe Champagne, about freedom of expression in France?

Yesterday, at 5:30 PM, Mr. François-Philippe Champagne, whom Bambi respects (and likes!) came at the rescue of his boss, Mr. Trudeau (who remains silent).

Yes, Mr. Champagne tweeted something likely to save face, from him as our Foreign Minister to his French counterpart.

In other terms, not from Canada to Turkey to condemn the excessive, defamatory (and stupid) words about Mr. Macron and the risk to freedom of expression and international safety.    

What is Mr. Trudeau waiting for to express himself directly and condemn the unacceptable behaviour OR to express sorrow about Mr. Paty OR to defend freedom in our world?

Is he paralyzed by Islamism or… by political correctness? Or both?

Is he afraid of losing “Muslim” potential vote, as one of Bambi’s clever friends wondered?

Perhaps he is waiting for the American elections to see what will happen in our world?

Perhaps he has many other concerns, as some may think?

Perhaps all the above.

Mr. Champagne wrote the following: “We will always stand together to defend freedom of expression with respect”.

Mr. Champagne, was does “with respect” mean?

Why did you add this term after freedom of expression? To hide behind it or to say nothing, even with words that sound supportive?

When we defend freedom of expression, we do it clearly, simply, directly.

Same for denouncing barbaric criminality of Islamists (i.e., decapitation of a teacher, Mt. Samuel Paty).

It would be nice to also reject inflammatory and disrespectful remarks by Mr. Erdogan and truly support Mr. Macron.

To conclude this post, what is deeply disturbing to Bambi in our sadly stupid times is not seeing the world divided or radicalized. This will pass.  

It is not whom would win in the USA, Mr. Biden or Mr. Trump. This will also pass.

Despite being polarized, Americans will eventually find a way to re-unite, just like the Lebanese people did after civil war, and especially on October 17, 2019 (with their revolt).

Bambi is not worried about all the above as much she is disturbed to see Liberal parties (here and across the border) becoming illiberal ☹.

Freedom of expression is at the heart of our democracies.

What are we waiting for to defend it?

We are doomed Mr. Champagne and Mr. Trudeau, if we stop believing in ourselves, as a society, and stop standing up for our Western values (including our attachment to freedom) or self-respect as a civilization (sense of pride of our past, despite the mistakes and imperfections, “universal values” to re-cite Mr. Macron, etc.).

We are also doomed if we keep endorsing trendy racial ideologies, without critical sense, but that is not the focus of this post.

Populations in least developed countries (under so-called “secular” dictatorships, full-blown corrupt governance without accountability, and/or under Islamism) look up to the Western world, Mr. Champagne.

Many immigrate to it, precisely because of this freedom of expression.

They expect it to keep standing up for its own values. Yes, those values of freedom and democracy they aspire for, without any conditional attached words to them.

Can we have back this Liberal party of the past, Mr. Trudeau? Bambi misses it.

The question also applies to the Conservative party, mind you (+ other parties or independent brains; no one is immune).

In Bambi’s non-expert citizen opinion, political correctness is like an epidemic collective insanity. What would be its outcomes in 10, 20, 50, or 100 years from now, if we do not wake up?  

Bambi may be wrong in being concerned, of course.Yet she is asking these questions with the utmost respect and… lucidity.