Why are we institutionalizing identity politics?

This post is a quick reflection on three stories, happening in Nova Scotia, Québec, and the United States. They all share the underlying dangerous game of identity politics or racial politics.  

In Halifax (Nova Scotia), as you can see in the video below, the current Premier, Mr. Stephen McNeil, apologized “for systemic racism in justice system”. He did it adding: “I see you, I hear you, I believe you”. The Premiers called all the institutions of his province racist. Does that make any sense? Perhaps to you, but not to Bambi. Why are these institutions racist all of a sudden? This PM apologized not for any past wrongdoing, but for the present. He apologized even before the results of the committee work of his own authorities and its recommendation(s). Why the rush?

If you take the time to listen to part of the same official video in an article by CTV news, you will see the Black Lives Matter sign written on the street across from the Westin Nova Scotian Hotel. Bambi personally finds it a sad view to see from the room of her preferred hotel in town. Why is this beautiful city endorsing radical movements? How will this make our world a better or safer place, she keeps wondering?


Anyhow, that was the first story.

The second story builds on a tragedy about disrespect of a patient by a nurse (who said awfully racist remarks recorded on a video). The patient, whose name is Ms. Joyce Echaquan, sadly lost her life following the UNACCEPTABLE incident that took place at Joliette hospital (Québec). She was a mother to seven kids ☹.

Mr. François Legault, the Prime Minister (name of Premiers in Québec), announced yesterday that this nurse is fired. Good to act fast on this one.

Today, we just learned that the Leader of the Liberal Party of Québec, Ms. Dominique Anglade, is calling for the resignation of the Minister responsible for Indigenous Affairs (Ms. Sylvie D’Amours). 


She does know about you, but Bambi finds it disgusting when someone uses a human tragedy to advance a political move or agenda. This reminds Bambi of what has been done following the HORRIBLE death of Mr. Floyd. We have pushed for identity politics around the world, not even in the USA. Even our own Mr. Justin Trudeau took the knee (ironically protected by a group of RCMP officers whilst demonstrating against the police. Do you see the irony too ??).

Anyhow, perhaps it is common for politicians to use events but using identity politics is a DANGEROUS game that can lead to tragic consequences (for a not-to-do lesson, read the recent history of Lebanon).

Now, the third story is about an increasingly common phenomenon in the United States’ medical schools where students are re-writing the traditional Hippocratic Oath, which starts with the traditional first, do no harm” (or “primum non nocere,” in Latin as a translation from the original Greek).

Of course, throughout history, there has been attempts to re-write this oath or to make more modern versions of it. This is not the point of this post. The point is how latest versions seem to be turning future physicians more into activists than clinicians. Is the former what you look for in a healthcare provider, as a patient? As far as Bambi is concerned, she looks for expertise and, of course, compassion. Period.

Well, Bambi has developed a sort of an allergy to ideologies in life after going through civil war. She has witnessed how too much ideology can radicalize people, especially when they may lack critical sense. 

Anyhow, you can see below the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Class of 2024 Oath (taken from: https://www.pittwire.pitt.edu/news/modern-day-hippocrates-incoming-school-medicine-students-write-their-own-oath):

“As the entering class of 2020, we start our medical journey amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and a national civil rights movement reinvigorated by the killings of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery. We honor the 700,000+ lives lost to COVID-19, despite the sacrifices of health care workers.

We recognize the fundamental failings of our health care and political systems in serving vulnerable communities. This oath is the first step in our enduring commitment to repairing the injustices against those historically ignored and abused in medicine: Black patients, Indigenous patients, Patients of Color and all marginalized populations who have received substandard care as a result of their identity and limited resources.

Acknowledging the privilege and responsibility that come with being a physician, I take this oath as a call to action to fulfill my duty to patients, to the medical profession and to society.

Thereby, I pledge as a physician and lifelong student of medicine:

I will support and collaborate with my colleagues across disciplines and professions, while respecting the patient’s vital role on the health care team.

I will honor my physical, mental and emotional health so as to not lessen the quality of care I provide. 

I will carry on the legacy of my predecessors by mentoring the next generation of diverse physicians.

I will recognize the pivotal role of ethical research in the advancement of medicine and commit myself to endless scholarship with the ultimate goal of improving patient care.

I will care for my patients’ holistic well-being, not solely their pathology. With empathy, compassion and humility, I will prioritize understanding each patient’s narrative, background and experiences while protecting privacy and autonomy.

I will champion diversity in both medicine and society, and promote an inclusive environment by respecting the perspectives of others and relentlessly seeking to identify and eliminate my personal biases.

I will be an ally to those of low socioeconomic status, the BIPOC community, the LGBTQIA+ community, womxn/women, differently-abled individuals and other underserved groups in order to dismantle the systemic racism and prejudice that medical professionals and society have perpetuated.

I will educate myself on social determinants of health in order to use my voice as a physician to advocate for a more equitable health care system from the local to the global level.

I will restore trust between the health care community and the population in which I serve by holding myself and others accountable, and by combating misinformation in order to improve health literacy.

In making this oath, I embrace the ever-changing responsibilities of being a physician and pledge to uphold the integrity of the profession in the clinic and beyond.”

Of course, Bambi may be wrong in her reflections or you may not agree with her concern about identity politics infiltrating all our institutions and even our streets with slogans.

You may perhaps be applauding to the oath above or to the apologies.

Anyhow, time will tell us where we are heading with all this.

May the best happen to our beautiful sister province, to us, to our neighbouring country, and to the whole world.

May everyone be as respectful as possible, regardless of his or her profession or role (nurse/physician or patient).

Today, a nurse or a physician may be an employed healthcare provider. Tomorrow, he/she will be a consumer of that same system. Same for our politicians. Today, they are writing history (or so they think), tomorrow they (or their children) will reap the fruits of their ideas and apologies.

It is Bambi’s hope that these fruits will be delicious for all, instead of being too sour or bitter.

A conversation between Bambi & Mr. Nasrallah

Those who read this blog on a regular basis may recall that Bambi developed a little pleasure in life recently, namely the hobby of replying to Mr. Nasrallah’s speeches. She may at times be sarcastic. At other times serious. At all times, she will speak up her mind without any self-restriction.

The text below comes from Mr. Nasrallah’s own speech of today. The bold sentences are Bambi’s replies.

For those who do not know this, Mr. Nasrallah is the head of the Hezbollah.

This post ends with two screenshots of an article published in Naharnet about Mr. Nasrallah’s speech.


Nasrallah: We welcomed President Macron’s role and the French initiative for helping Lebanon, but not for him to become a prosecutor, a ruler or a custodian over us. We still support the French initiative but the rhetoric must be reviewed, because national dignity was insulted two days ago.

Wow. So, Mr. Nasrallah got triggered by Mr. Macron. Funny how the insult works only when it comes from France and not when it comes from Iran, its Master.

Mr. Nasrallah, speak for your own “dignity”. Do not add the word national to it. Nations belong to people. Not to thugs who pretend to speak in its name.

Nasrallah to Macron: If you want to know who foiled your initiative, look for the Americans who imposed sanctions and are threatening to impose more and look for King Salman’s speech at the U.N.

Bambi does not know the details behind the scenes to know if this is a piece of truth or a lie hidden in a statement. She only knows that people do not believe anyone of their political leaders, especially those from the war era like yourself, Mr. Nasrallah. Since she has been away from Lebanon for over 30 years, miles away behind sea and ocean, she can see matters more clearly than you, especially that: (1) As a deer she is free by definition. She does not put anyone’s fate in the hands of external powers like Iran and (2) She does not feel scared because she is cornered like yourself.

Nasrallah: Iran does not interfere in the Lebanese affairs and it does not make dictations and we in the Shiite duo [he means Amal movement and Hezbollah, from the Shiite or Shia Muslim sect] take the decisions.

Mr. Nasrallah, it is not because you state something as the truth that it is true. No one believes you. So why do you keep lying? What’s wrong, Mr. Nasrallah. You stopped being proud of being a proxy for Iran all of a sudden ??

Plus, what an inspiring duo, you and your peers from the Amal movement. Wow. Amazing. You do not burn or destroy tents of Lebanese students and civilians who were revolting against their government’s systemic corruption/banking fraud. You do not indulge in any corruption neither. You are not allied with a movement that steals like the rest of the political system. Plus, you do not hide weapons.  

Nasrallah: We still welcome the French initiative, but the approach that was followed last month cannot be continued.

What is this initiative? What approach are you talking about?

Nasrallah: We do not accept that anyone addresses us with this language.

WOW. Your words will make Mr. Macron go hide in the ground floor of the Élysée Palace!

Nasrallah: We are not part of the corrupt political class.

If you say so… but just as reminder: “all of them means ALL of them!” (slogan of the Lebanese revolt of October 17, 2020).

Nasrallah to Macron: A settlement is different than surrender. We do not practice the game of terrorism and intimidation against anyone in Lebanon.

Ha!Ha!Ha! You could have been a comedian, Mr. Nasrallah. Do you know that? Perhaps you can change your vocation if you ever become unemployed.

Nasrallah: It was not us who chose war, the Zionists rather occupied our land.

What should Bambi say to this? The Israelis sadly occupied your land indeed. However, their occupation ended in 2000. That was 20 years ago, Mr. Nasrallah. Perhaps you did not choose that initial occupation indeed. However, sadly you keep choosing and re-choosing the rhetoric of war and the acts of violence over and over. You start wars or you provoke them or you indulge in them. Who pays the price? The innocent people of your country .

Nasrallah: We did not go to Syria to fight civilians. We went there at the invitation of the Syrian government to fight terrorist groups.

Perhaps you are saying some truth here. You did not plan to fight civilians… but you supported a dictator who conveniently got rid of a large part of his civilians who escaped to Lebanon, to neighbouring countries, and to Europe in HUGE numbers. Perhaps you did combat some who are religious freaks (like you… but the other side of the coin). However, did you ask your government for the permission to go to war? You did it behind their backs when they were telling the whole world that they were being “neutral”.

Nasrallah to Macron: Our enemies and friends know that we honor our pledges.

How dignified. Amazing.

Nasrallah to Macron: What you are asking from us contradicts with democracy. You are asking the parliamentary majority to bow and cede power to the parliamentary minority.

Ha!Ha!Ha! So Mr. Nasrallah is now giving lessons of democracy to the President of France.

Nasrallah to Macron: We did not say around the table that we would accept any government.

No clue what you said. Bambi does not care. It is your acts that matter the most. Not your blahblahblah.

Nasrallah: President Macron, who accused us of intimidation, is the one who practiced the intimidation policy against the heads of parties in order to pass the government.

Ha!Ha!Ha! Sometimes in life it is better to laugh than to cry.

Nasrallah: What if a new government decides to sell the state’s assets.

What if? Is this a threat? You sold people’s souls after selling your own soul to the devil whilst naming your party in the name of God.

Nasrallah: What if a government accepts the conditions of the IMF without any discussions.

What if? People want a government that will reform. People want impunity to end. People trust the IMF more than they trust you and your peers (all the other mafia-club).

Nasrallah: We should be in the government to protect the back of the resistance, so that Lebanon does not witness a government similar to the May 5, 2008 government.

Ha!Ha!Ha! you said the truth here, the whole truth: we should be in the government to protect the back of the resistance”. This is all what you care about: protecting yourself. Period! You hide in the government and/or behind the scenes. You do not want much exposure to avoid much sanctions and isolation. You are taking Lebanon down with you. Don’t you see that it is becoming not just Venezuela, not just Gaza… but worse than Somalia. When will you wake up Mr. Nasrallah? When will you decide to put Lebanon FIRST? 

Nasrallah: We cannot stay out of the government because we fear for the country and its people.

See, this is your dilemma. How to survive… How to manage when the American elections will take place. When Iran will come to its senses (or knees?), Lebanon may find itself finally safe again. You will remain part of its fabric but minus your military megalomania (proxy to Iran).

Nasrallah: The coercion method does not work in Lebanon, regardless of its advocates and sponsors, be them the U.S., France or Europe.

Only coercion works with thugs or delinquents.

Nasrallah: What was proposed last month was not a salvation government but rather a government named by the club of ex-PMs.

No clue about the details. The problem of Lebanon is being taken hostage between corruption (of all) and the hegemony of one group (yours… just to show that you are not isolated, you are now stressing your alliance with Mr. Berri). You are making it sound like it is about being Muslim Shia. It is not about sects or religion. It is about a philosophy of life. Yours is into a logic of war and destruction. People’s logic is about life and love. They do not want to die. They want to live in dignity and prosperity. Why don’t you get it?!

Nasrallah: The French initiative does not mention the number of ministers nor the rotation of portfolios.

Shame on you Mr. Nasrallah. This is not kindergarten where we distribute candies or pieces of cakes. This is supposed to be the government of a country!

Nasrallah: Some wanted to eliminate the parliamentary blocs and the President’s powers and they sought to introduce new norms.

No comment. Bambi does not care neither about the powers of the President nor about your own powers. This is about saving Lebanon from you!!! ALL of you!!

Nasrallah: The naming of ministers for all sects in Lebanon by a single person is dangerous for the country.

You are the danger, Mr. Nasrallah.

Nasrallah: It was not Adib who was negotiating with us over the government, but rather ex-PM Saad Hariri, and the club of ex-PMs wanted to distribute the portfolios and name the ministers alone.

No, this Mr. Adib may have been decent, who knows? He recognized that he was being used, most likely by yourself. This is why he stepped down. How many more PM are you going to sacrifice?

Nasrallah: Adib did not consult with President Aoun.

No clue if he did or did not. He is doomed in either way. You made him fail (remember, you are the proxy…).

Nasrallah: The French must know where they erred, especially as to eliminating the President’s most important remaining power, which is participation in the formation of governments.

Mr. Nasrallah, please give us a break. Stop the blahblahblah.

Nasrallah: We did not put any conditions when Mustafa Adib was nominated and did not make any prior agreement to show our intention to facilitate the process.

Sure ?. We all believe you. Very convincing. Just like when you said you did not know anything about the port. Same like the explosion in the south of the country last week. We all believed you. It was not related to your weapons. It was all about the same welders and the same firework. Yay, all meant for festivals of love and fun in Lebanon!

Nasrallah: We do not place missiles at Beirut port nor near a gas station and we know very well where we should place our missiles.

How clever. Amazing.

Nasrallah: Hizbullah is not obliged to invite journalists to any site mentioned by Netanyahu, but we are doing this now due to the sensitivity of the situation after the August 4 explosion.

How sensitive. How noble. Amazing.

Nasrallah on Netanyahu’s allegations: Hizbullah’s media relations department is calling media outlets to invite them to the site.

How generous. How wise. Wow!

Nasrallah: The Israeli enemy is maintaining the highest level of alertness on Lebanon’s border and this is something good.

Bambi does not care about either you or them. ENOUGH of stupidity both of you!!

Nasrallah said Hizbullah still intends to retaliate to the killing of one of its fighters in Syria.

Sorry for the loss of life of this person. Bambi hopes it is not a youth you brainwashed to go to war ☹. As for your logic of revenge and hate, so sad to see you a prisoner of your stupid ideology. You must be a sad man deep inside, Mr. Nasrallah. Why don’t you learn to relax and just live life… while at it, can you let others also live their life!!!??

Nasrallah: The armed groups in north Lebanon were plotting major military action.

Perhaps so. Perhaps an external force is interfering there (Turkey? Other? Who knows?). This is not your business Mr. Nasrallah. It is the Lebanese army’s role that sadly saw two of its soldiers killed.

Nasrallah offered condolences to Kuwait over the death of Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah, saying the late leader played a “personal and major role” in ending Lebanon’s civil war.

May he rest in peace. Why don’t you honour his memory by ending YOUR wars now?

Nasrallah said security forces made major achievements against the extremist groups in the North during the latest confrontations.

Why are you telling us this? To make the people think that you are the hero or the savour? In other terms, a needed force against any Islamism of the other side of the coin? This is not your role. This is the Lebanese army and Lebanese secret services role only. Do not take credit for their heroism.

Taken from Naharnet
Taken from Naharnet

Is Mr. Netanyahu right about Beirut “ticking bombs”?

All the pictures below were published in Naharnet, taken from the above video:

A major part of Beirut was destroyed on August 4th, 2020. About 200 people died and over 6000+ were injured. Many citizens are now homeless. Four hospitals were fully destroyed, several schools heavily damaged, and a high number of businesses are now closed.

Whether the ammonium nitrate of the Beirut explosion was just mere carelessness or meant to be used as weapons, Bambi does not care… In either case, in her mind, it is a story of criminal negligence (in addition to political stupidity). It is a crime against one’s population and city. Once again, where is the international investigation!?

Enough of human tragedies in Beirut/Lebanon. ENOUGH of stories of dangerous weapons and risky behaviours, whether the video above is accurate or not.

KAFA“, as they say in Arabic!!

Thank you Mr. François-Philippe Champagne for continuing to support the people of Lebanon. Your words are like oxygen to them!

On our federal governmental website, we can read the following statement:

Canada deeply disappointed following resignation of Lebanese prime minister-designate  


September 28, 2020 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada

The Honourable François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today issued the following statement:

“Canada was deeply disappointed and concerned to hear about the resignation of Prime Minister-designate Mustapha Adib.

“We call on political leaders to work together and form a Government that will fully respond to the urgent and legitimate demands of its people. The Lebanese people deserve nothing less.

“Canada remains ready to further support Lebanon’s leaders with the urgent, fundamental and serious reforms necessary to put the country on a path to recovery and reconstruction.

“Impunity must stop. Reforms must be implemented. And the people of Lebanon must be heard. ”

The above is taken from this source: https://www.canada.ca/en/global-affairs/news/2020/09/canada-deeply-disappointed-following-resignation-of-lebanese-prime-minister-designate.html .

At the end of this post, you can see an earlier post related to this topic. As a reminder, Mr. Champagne travelled to Beirut on August 27th, 2020, and pushed the country’s President for the much needed reforms, using terms like “listen to the street” and “seize the moment“.

Sadly, the country is being taken hostage between two evils, corruption and militia… All this in the middle of a deep financial crisis (due to systemic corruption) made worse by the economic consequences of the covid-19 pandemic.

What is next for this tiny bankrupt yet charming Mediterranean country? Time will tell… Until then, Bambi is holding her breath, praying that “the people of Lebanon” will be finally “heard“, to use Mr. Champagne’s own wise words.

The Lebanese people have been demanding the end of impunity and financial reforms since October 17, 2019.

Yesterday, families of the victims of the Beirut explosion came together to demand justice. They are still waiting for answers. Where is the (international) investigation? It has been 55 days since that doomed August 4th, 2020. This is over 13 times “the 4-day-investigation maximum“, that was promised by the Lebanese authorities. Until when will we keep deceiving the population? When will impunity stop?!


Black Journalism Fellowship program with CBC/Radio-Canada and CTV News: Is this form of apartheid our latest Canadian lunacy?



Can someone explain to Bambi what is the purpose of initiatives like “Black Journalism Fellowship” or prior to it the “Indigenous Journalism Fellowship”?

Is the underlying message that such fellows cannot compete in the regular competitions of excellence?

Is it a good thing to divide us like that?

So, we will eventually have the Arab or Jewish or Muslim Journalism Fellowships? Or the left-handed journalism fellowship? Or the short-people fellowship award?

When will we stop and think about the consequences of our divisive policies and funding programs?

Can’t we be a professional journalist reporting facts and being respectful of people without being part of this tribe or that tribe?

Should we be of Lebanese origins to be able to report on the Beirut explosion and its human tragic consequences?

Should we indulge in prostitution ourselves to be able to support sex workers, to cite one of Bambi’s former professors?

When will we stop creating interest groups and making them holy (but only superficially without ever addressing any of their serious issues)?

Is this our new Canadian way of living from now on?

Will there be any Canada left in 25, 50, or 100 years if we all become like tribes living next to each other instead of being collectively one country?

Did the Halifax Regional Municipality ask Haligonians if they wish to see BLM painted on their streets… with their own tax money?


We learned from the above article that Black Lives Matter (BLM) is to be painted on the streets of Halifax.

Why do Canadian politicians always feel the need for virtue signalling?

Why can’t they be genuinely respectful of all citizens without having to show the whole world how good they are, how morally noble, and even superior to the rest of us?

We saw the same phenomenon with Montréal Mayor, Ms. Mayor Valérie Plante, another highly illuminated politician. She seems to have forgotten to consult her citizens on this matter. Perhaps she so much wants to be part of the latest global fashion that she often genuinely forgets that her metropolitan city remains part of the province of Québec, which the last time Bambi checked, was still in Canada (not in the USA). If you do not believe Bambi, go listen to Ms. Plante’s first official speech as a Mayor. She spoke to her citizens in English, imagine (not even French, the official language of her province!). Her excuse was that she forgot which language she was speaking ?.   

To come back to Halifax now, did its regional municipality impose its illuminated ideology on Haligonians, like Ms. Plante (https://globalnews.ca/news/7176516/black-lives-matter-street-sign/)? Or did they think of asking their citizens how they feel prior to their decision?

Although she may be wrong, Bambi suspects that only a minority of hardcore activists may be all for BLM paintings. Some may be too naïve to realize the implications of such movements with their unrealistic demands. In contrast, most of the people likely do not endorse this radical movement. For them, all lives matter. In other terms, you or Bambi do not matter neither more nor less because of so-called skin colour (or whatever race-based descriptive). We are all Canadians. We all deserve respect, regardless of our ethnolinguistic background. We all have a responsibility toward our city and country. We are all citizens to the same extent and under the same rule of law.  

We are blessed to live in a country that, although VERY far from being perfect, is likely one of the most beautiful places in the world! So, please let’s not import slogans that, even if they sound empty to some, they can be used to divide us, regardless of any noble intentions.

Thanks to Mr. Macron but, when dealing with thugs, we need more than diplomacy

Mr. Macron gave a press conference about Lebanon.

He said he is ashamed of Lebanese politicians. He added that “the Hezbollah should not think it is stronger than it actually is“.

He gave the Lebanese politicians 4-6 weeks to form a government.

Well, this timeline brings us to what matters the most in the region: The results of the American elections.

It is Bambi’s hope that Mr. Trump would be re-elected. No, it is not because she finds him friendly, articulate, respectful, inspiring, or beneficial to our Canadian business interests.

It is simply because he is enough of a “jerk” to truly make thugs like the Iranian regime feel threatened.

Once they do start to behave, then there is room for more diplomatic approaches.

From what Bambi understood from today’s press conference, Mr. Macron, although well-meaning, seems more like Mr. Obama. The latter has used the term “red line” with Mr. Assad more than once (about his chemical weapons in the Syrian war). Did he act on his words? No. He lost his credibility, even if he is well-spoken (contrary to Mr. Trump).

This is the sad reality when we are dealing with delinquents. Kindness does not work. Actually, any kindness will be interpreted by them as a sign of weakness.

Although his throne speech at home may have been ridiculous, Mr. Trudeau made much more sense in his UN speech

At home, his speech was heavily criticized across provinces and territories. Not surprisingly, he promised us more and more public debt… over decades, he wanted to reassure us.

As usual, he also meddles in provincial affairs and seems to care more about special interest groups than about the average Canadian.

As Ms. Denise Bombardier said, our Governor General may have perhaps wished to go back to space while reading this speech ?

Bearing this in mind, Bambi listened to the whole UN speech of our PM yesterday before going to sleep. Well, she was happily surprised and even impressed. His speech was much better than the usual. He even dared to criticize Iran, Russia, and China, without naming them. Bravo Mr. Trudeau for standing up for justice around the world!

He did not even use buzz words like “systemic racism”. He just said racism among other problems of our world in crisis.

He even mentioned the Lebanese people in his example of a country’s sufferings.   

Of course, he talked about climate change, and that’s fine. What resonated the most in Bambi’s mind is the above message. It sounded clear, courageous, and in line with those classical liberal values that Bambi has been missing much over the past years. Those conservative values too of standing up for what Canadians believe in. These are the values that unite us and make us so well respected in the world. Can we have more of these words and acts, Mr. Trudeau? Can we have our OWN wisdom back, not just repetitions of global buzz words empty of meaning? And while there, can we have our country back please?

Thank you, Mr. Trudeau, for giving Bambi hope yesterday night. It has helped her upon waking up to more dramatic news from Lebanon… Precisely because of Iran’s hegemony over her birth country, through some Lebanese proxies. (https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/26/middleeast/lebanon-pm-designate-steps-down-intl/index.html).

Cancel culture–Lebanese style: Did you know that intimidation can spread from one country to the other?

What is cancel culture? It refers to (group) shaming, often online. It consists of withdrawing support for public figures or companies or artistic groups for doing or saying something considered offensive. This practice may go as far as destroying someone’s reputation or provoking the end of his/her career.

Keeping this definition in mind, before sharing the story behind this post, Bambi admits that sometimes she seems like a lost deer, likely living on her own planet. Well, perhaps this explains why she has not heard about this talented Lebanese humourist before, even if the latter became one of the revolt’s famous public figures.

This 32-year-old humourist is called “Ammounz” (her real name is Ms. Amani Danhach). She is SO funny. Her specialty is to make fun of ALL the Lebanese politicians. She has videos on each one of them separately or jointly. She records herself in her car or in her living room and posts her videos online. Her language is natural and direct. She even composes and sings songs, without any financial reward. It seems like a pure pleasure for her whilst earning a living in another field of work in Dubai where she has been living for a few years.

As mentioned earlier, she jokes about all the Lebanese political leaders. Yes, all of them, men and women, older and younger, including Mr. Nasrallah (Chief of the Hezbollah) and his ally Mr. Aoun, President of Lebanon.

Well, what a shame that the funny Ammounz was recently the victim of a nasty cancel culture attempt, not in Lebanon… but rather in Dubai, her host country. Can you imagine? Someone had the guts (and heart) to email her employer to complain about her disrespect of Lebanon’s President. The person who did this nasty complaint also contacted the Government of the Arab Emirates. Can you imagine?!

Here is the text of the email sent out of Lebanon all the way to Dubai:

Well, the silly person who wrote the above text emailed the former employer of Ammounz by mistake, if Bambi understood the story well. Luckily, this did not affect her employment status.

Instead of accepting humour, like any other politician, a supporter of Lebanon’s President (or was it a fan of his ally?) had the nerve to try to harm a fellow Lebanese citizen IN ANOTHER COUNTRY to silence a dissenting voice. The idea was so kind that it simply aimed to prevent her from earning a living and perhaps supporting a family. Do you see how absurd and nasty cancel culture can be.

Mind you, this post is just one example of cancel culture. In reality, neither the topic nor the country is what matters here. The person(s) who resort to cancel culture or the victim(s) of such practices are not the mere issue here. Today, it is about this President and this humourist. Tomorrow, it will be about other individuals. When cancel culture happens in Canada (like we have been observing recently), it is about other forms of political correctness or ideologies. What remains the same, across all stories like this one, is that cancel culture (or silencing) is an act of aggression (or intimidation) because someone is being intolerant of other opinions.

Well, this being said, Bambi got more curious about Ammounz, especially after she heard on a Lebanese-American radio all the phone calls of support. Indeed, calls and words of support came from ALL around the world, including Lebanon, Paris, the USA, Dubai, and Canada (this station has listeners in 140 counties). People of all age groups called (even a kid called from Beirut). Very clearly, this humourist/singer is well-liked.

Googling Ammounz made Bambi spend a few minutes laughing to her funny jokes. In one of her recent online videos, she criticized how the President (and many other politicians) knew about the ammonium nitrate at the port. She did her funny video despite all the grief.

It is sad and unfair to the whole Lebanese population to silence one of their artists. By doing so, we prevent an entire traumatized country from venting in times of hyperinflation, of sorrow, and of fear from the unknown (health, political, and security crises). People need humour in order to keep their sanity when everything else seems to have been stolen from them (dreams, savings, lives, houses… country!).

Talking about lost lives, yesterday an injured citizen died after 50 days. She joined the other 200 victims of the Beirut blast, including two young kids, one Canadian and the other Australian. May all those injured (6000+) survive and heal…

Obituary taken from the Twitter account of Ms. Roula Douglas.

May Ms. Marine Elias rest in peace.

To conclude this post on a lighter note now, here is a picture of this talented Ammnouz:

Taken from l’Orient Le Jour

Well, she seems to be so talented that she is not only a businesswoman and a (non-professional) singer/humourist. She is also a biker who wins competitions in the desert of the United Arab Emirates. Look at the picture Bambi discovered (she is on the left side with the tattoos on her arm and blue eyeglasses).

Clearly, in Bambi’s mind, this Ammounz seems to be much stronger than her bully (usually a coward), even if he could have thrown her out of her job and host country. Had she been living in Lebanon, she would have been maybe jobless in the financial crisis. What would have they accused her of then? Likely of being a spy for Israel (a classical one!). If you do not believe Bambi, see the older post below. This is what happened to Ms. Kinda El Khatib, another courageous Lebanese activist. Bambi keeps thinking about her, wondering what happened to her (likely still in jail ☹):

Imagine that Burlington (USA) is your own city or town, how does it feel?

Burlington is a city in the US state of Vermont. It is just 151 km south of Montreal.

In 2019, 87.5% of the 42,819 citizens of Burlington were “White” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burlington,_Vermont).

Keeping the above statistics in mind, the city considered that “Minority-owned businesses in Burlington significantly impacted by the pandemic may soon receive financial assistance from the city”… The City Council voted Monday to approve the distribution of $50,000 in grant money to local businesses owned by Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC) entrepreneurs”(https://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/story/money/2020/09/22/city-council-approves-grants-bipoc-owned-burlington-businesses/5857778002/).

To try to describe the situation, imagine that Sackville Town Council decides to provide such grants to Goya’s pizza and Aida’s Café BUT NOT TO Patterson’ Family Restaurant or Mel’s. Can you imagine the absurdity?

Would that make any sense to you? Would that be fair? Wouldn’t that be racist because it is ONLY based on race, instead of merit (or financial needs, if it was a charity donation)?

Mind you, Bambi is asking the above whilst being a regular customer of all our fantastic restaurants in Sackville. She is saying so and she may be sharing genes and a mother tongue with the owners of one of the restaurants mentioned above. More significantly, she shares with them their cherished friendship.

Even if she would be happy for her friends to get a grant simply because they happen to be so-called BIPOC (the funny acronym justifying the grant), she would surely tell them what she thinks about this dangerous clientelism. They would compare it to Lebanon most likely and she would tease them about their both funny and insulting grant. They would be laughing together because so-called BIPOC have a sense of humour (she bets it is more pronounced than “woke” city councillors from Burlington ?).

OK, seriously now, this is a dangerous policy, that is sadly similar to what Mr. Trudeau did to us here in Canada with his loan program for “Black Entrepreneurs” (see earlier posts further below).

Of course, Mr. Trudeau and the municipal politicians, are most likely well-meaning… deep inside. They just do not take the time to think before addressing a problem as serious as racism. Their programs and policies defeat their noble purposes. They are dangerous to a society (and not the wisest for the economy).  

It is Bambi’s hope that Mr. Trudeau et al. as well municipal decision-makers (abroad and at home) will realize that programs like that are a slippery slope… unless they secretly aspire to eventually become the Lebanon of North America. Highly NOT recommended!