Mr. Trudeau’s refusal to defend free expression: Why is he putting us all at risk, including Muslims and Arabs?

In the video below (La Presse), we hear Mr. Trudeau talking about the limits of free expression:

Tu illustrate his non-sense, he gives a totally irrelevant example as an analogy to what happened in France (the decapitations).

To score his point, he seems to be telling us that yelling “fire fire” in a movie theatre where there is no fire is exactly the same problem of Islamism in France and… by extension, in the whole world (including both Canada and Lebanon!).

In France, heads of innocent people where chopped.

In Lebanon, eyes of soldiers were taken out of their faces during their sleep (sorry to be graphic).

Other Lebanese police officers and army members have been kidnapped to Syria.

Many died. Many are still missing.

Some may have been lucky to survive, who knows?

The Lebanese authorities were much more courageous than Mr. Trudeau in dealing with this tragedy that made so MANY families and a whole nation suffer :(.

So once again, how does your fictional movie theatre example compare to real-life Islamism, Mr. Trudeau?

With all due respect, you are totally wrong.

We all know it, including your former and potential Muslim or Arab voters.

You may think that you will gain the vote of a part of the population, but you will lose more than you think.

You will lose more votes of those Canadians from the invisible minority (you already lost Bambi’s vote :)). More seriously, your will lose your own (OUR!!) country.

Please wake up, Mr. Trudeau, to courageously defend democracy.

Free expression does not have ANY limit.

Its only limit is the direct incitement to violence.

This would be called criminality.

Thankfully, we have criminal laws to protect citizens in that case.

So, no Mr. Trudeau, hurting the feelings of people is not a limit on free speech!!

This is rather the excuse you are naively giving to Islamists to justify their criminality… and mildly yet seriously to all the so-called triggered marginalized people to intimidate the silent majority. Enough please!

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