Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté: A tiny little man named Trudeau [Un tout petit homme nommé Trudeau]

In Bambi’s mind, one thing is as clear as water: The worst PM she has ever encountered in her three decades as a Canadian voter is Mr. Trudeau.

OK, she is guilty of having believed in his potential for competence, as our PM. She voted for him the first mandate. However, she proudly did not repeat her mistake the second time, despite the remaining incredible talent in his party that she has traditionally voted for (Luckily, there is something called learning in life ?).

Well, this being said, below is a thoughtful article by Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté published in the Journal de Montréal today (you should also see all the media articles worldwide, especially from Paris. Journalists there, real ones not propagandists like our end, did not seem to be impressed with his “mediocrity” to use the words of Bock-Côté).

Who knows? Perhaps he is just being naïve or paralyzed by fear (with a reason. Islamism is dangerous).

Is he pandering to his Muslim permanent residents and future Canadian citizens, as potential voters (especially with his announced mass immigration yesterday)?

We cannot help not to wonder if such cold calculation could be made by desperate politicians to hang on to power.

Is he too globalist (like Islamists since their nation is not the “global world” or their own country, but rather their religion)?

Is he just too politically correct?

Or maybe too rigidly multiculturalist in his mindset (dogmatic finally like Islamists, even in this noble approach to citizenship)?

Is he aspiring to becoming the Secretary General of the UN? one day (if so, he thinks that it could help to please Islamists)?

Anyhow, Mr. Trudeau, we and the whole world need your courage. When will you open your eyes?

Mind you, Mr. Macron started as a globalist as well, if Bambi is not mistaken, but he recently demonstrated that he is wise and more courageous. He had no choice but to see the risk of this civilizational war on his country with lucidity. It is sadly in his face.

Mr. Macron put his country’s values (freedom) first in order to protect his citizens from Islamists and literally stand up for his country’s future existence. By doing so, he is also protecting our own right to freedom of expression in the so-called free world (contrary to you). For that, he should be thanked and supported, not let down by you.

Anyhow, enough of Bambi’s blahblahblah and here is the article in question:


“We could have thought that Justin Trudeau had hit rock bottom. That it couldn’t be more mediocre.

Sadly, we were wrong.

In the current global crisis affecting freedom of expression and the possibility of publishing Muhammad’s cartoons, he sided with the Islamists. He may pretend to multiply the nuances, his position is clear.


I quote his words: “Freedom of expression is not without limits. We are not allowed, for example, to cry fire in a crowded movie theatre.”

In other words, the kid from Ottawa compares criticism of religions to a criminal act.

He also says that freedom of expression should not be used to hurt people.

Let us translate: he gives way to the tyranny of the susceptible who see in every criticism a hate speech. He forgets that the freedom of expression, the freedom to criticize all dogmas, whatever they are, is the foundation of our civilization. No group has the right to impose its conception of blasphemy on others.

Trudeau is nonetheless true to his multiculturalist convictions. For him, “minorities”, whom he sanctifies, have the right to set taboos in public life. They can decide whether the title of a book can be pronounced. Or if we can make fun of religions.

Trudeau wants to give Islamists the right to define in what terms we can talk about Islam. You might think that the fear has something to do with his position.

Whoever wants to censor cartoons so as not to displease the Islamists submits to them. Are we to understand that the price to pay for the establishment of Islam in the West consists, for the latter, in sacrificing its freedoms?


France is the target of Islamist aggression. And Justin Trudeau betrays his ally by spitting in his face.

He is a very small man.

He’s a coward.”

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