Is Mr. Justin Trudeau telling that using words to educate is worse than chopping heads to silence?

Is our PM out of his mind?

Does he think before talking?

First, thanks to the Bloc Québecois for playing the role of the real opposition (whilst the Conservatives are busy competing with the Liberals in political correctness).

As Mr. Yves-François Blanchet (Leader of the BQ), explained in his two tweets below:

It took 10 days, with the instance of the BQ for Mr. Trudeau to denounce a sordid attack against a professor in France, our close ally and friend, against freedom of expression”.  

Well said/done, Mr. Bergeron (video attached about the motion proposed by the BQ to denounce what happened to the teacher in France). The Liberals were avoiding the topic for over 10 days, incredible! They finally had to put their pride aside and support France that clings to freedom of expression.”

Second, in the media article (French CBC, Journal de Montréal, La Presse, etc.), we read Mr. Trudeau’s words about how the horrific story of the teacher in France is not comparable to the saga of the professor in Ottawa. As a reminder, the latter was maltreated by a student who indulged in exaggeration and in social media/media (sharing not only her name, but also her home address). She was cowardly let down by the high administration of her own University… and now, once again, by our PM who is too blinded by his ideologies. Ironically, he is a teacher himself, like Mr. Paty and Dr. Verushka Lieutenant-Duval. Our times are not just collectively silly, they are also sad.   

From La Presse article, ( we read Mr. Trudeau’s following words:

“That is why I am going to take the opportunity to speak to leaders, world leaders, community leaders, leaders of the Muslim community here in Canada, to understand their worries, their concerns, to listen and to work for reduce these tensions”.

He means talking to the neo-Sultan (oups, Mr. Erdogan is his name) and all the hypocritical Muslims or Arab leaders denouncing France for living according to its values (and putting French citizens abroad in danger).

He also wants to talk to Muslims in Canada whilst he knows deep inside that most of them denounce Islamism (some have escaped it to immigrate here from their birth countries or even from France!).

Sadly, he seems to care more about their votes, than anything else.

He also presents them as the victims in this sad story in France.

Does that make any sense? Shame on you, Mr. Trudeau, to borrow the words of Mr. Richard Martineau from an earlier post.

In the French CBC article below, one reader attracted Bambi’s attention that the word “Islamist” is written so small under Trudeau’s picture telling us he is denouncing this terrorism in France. In contrast, the long article does not mention this word not even once:

However, in both English and French media, Mr. Trudeau seems to insist to tell us that freedom of expression in France is not as valuable of freedom of expression in Canada.

He also tries to convince us that a word (the N-word) is worse “to the receivers of education” than the trauma of a sword decapitating the head of a teacher. Should we laugh or cry to this illogical logic, Mr. Trudeau?

Both teachers were educating students. Both teachers believed in the “light of education” (no, not in the darkness of obscurantism) to borrow the words of Mr. Bergeron above (from the BQ party).

Bambi has a prediction, that could one day happen. It is about that funny term called “BIPOC” (that society of nowadays wants her to fit in). It means: Black, Indigenous, and People of colour (she is supposed to be a deer of colour :)). By the way, what happened to the cleverer term of “invisible minority“? Anyhow, she would not be surprised if we continue down this silly logic by adding an extension to this acronym to specifically include Muslims as another victimized group, meaning those with a thin skin when it comes to religiosity. That would be a recipe for a societal disaster waiting to happen… no, not because Muslims (and others) do not deserve to become holy too like all the BIPOCs. It would be the case because Islamists would salivate, taking it as a carte blanche to chop more heads, including those of innocent Muslims 🙁 .

This is sad reality of our world… Mr. Trudeau is smart enough to know it, deep inside.

So, when are we going to wake up, as a society?

Perhaps this book can help you Mr. Trudeau, if you have the time to read it during the Christmas Holidays. It is called “The empire of the politically correct” by Mr./Dr. Mathieu Bock-Côté. Bambi is eager to read it (she sadly did not have the time to do it yet):

Bonne lecture, Monsieur Trudeau :)!


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