Mr. Erdogan, would it help to contact Mr. Trump to learn tips of thick skin in politics, despite mockery? How about taking lessons in humour from the Turkish comedy artists you jailed after insulting you?

The satirical magazine Chalie Hebdo dared to publish a hilarious cartoon of Mr. Erdogan on its cover page, which reads “he is very funny in private” and showing a lady covered from head to toe, but without underwear and… check what she is carrying? Likely alcohol, which he is drinking (unless it’s just soda). Anyhow, he is saying: “Wow, the Prophet!”

A screenshot of France 24 video news

Some may find this humour vulgar or simply too much!

Others may still have a sense of humour in life. Bambi is one of them.

She laughed to this cartoon. More importantly, she could not help not to think that Charlie Hebdo is courageous, unlike many of our politicians (Mr. Trudeau # 1), journalists, or administrators of public institutions.

They may be paralyzed by political correctness… and/or by their fear of Islamists.

Some may be literally terrorized at the thought of being called racist, sexist, islamophobic, patriotic, or guilty of still defending democracy in life (because it is at the heart of our Western values).

They prefer the convenience or the hidden benefit of superficial yet rigid ideologies, coupled with civilizational emptiness.

Mr. Edorgan is threatening a legal action against Charlie Hebdo because of the cartoon shown above.

Well, in October 2020, a Lebanese TV host, called Mr. Neshan Der Haroutiounian, was set to stand trial in his own Beirut (not in Ankara!), after allegedly insulting the Turkish president on live television. Can you imagine?

Bambi is curious to know what happened to his case (we are almost at the end of October now).

As written in 961, “The case of Neshan today has raised outrage across Lebanon, particularly considering that there have been recently major insults to some heads of other friendly countries without any repercussions”.

These were his own words, as a response to all this: “If I go to prison, there is no difference; [I] live in a big prison and [I] will move to a small prison, with the difference being that I will be paying for my convictions”.

The 961 article ended as follows: “Notably, the lawsuit gave rise to a social media campaign in support of the famous Lebanese media personality, in which several celebrities and public figures participated.

To come back to the story behind this post, Mr. Erdogan insulted Mr. Macron with a series of silly yet inflammatory and defamatory words (e.g., mentally ill, Nazi, etc.).

Today, he is claiming to be terribly insulted by Charlie Hebdo, which he will take to court, likely with the tax money of the poor Turkish people (as if their Lira was not devalued enough already).

Mr. Erdogan (oups Mr. Neo-Sultan), to conclude this post, Bambi feels like simply reminding you of the following proverb: those who live in glass houses should not throw stones!

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