Is this all what you have to say, Mr. François-Philippe Champagne, about freedom of expression in France?

Yesterday, at 5:30 PM, Mr. François-Philippe Champagne, whom Bambi respects (and likes!) came at the rescue of his boss, Mr. Trudeau (who remains silent).

Yes, Mr. Champagne tweeted something likely to save face, from him as our Foreign Minister to his French counterpart.

In other terms, not from Canada to Turkey to condemn the excessive, defamatory (and stupid) words about Mr. Macron and the risk to freedom of expression and international safety.    

What is Mr. Trudeau waiting for to express himself directly and condemn the unacceptable behaviour OR to express sorrow about Mr. Paty OR to defend freedom in our world?

Is he paralyzed by Islamism or… by political correctness? Or both?

Is he afraid of losing “Muslim” potential vote, as one of Bambi’s clever friends wondered?

Perhaps he is waiting for the American elections to see what will happen in our world?

Perhaps he has many other concerns, as some may think?

Perhaps all the above.

Mr. Champagne wrote the following: “We will always stand together to defend freedom of expression with respect”.

Mr. Champagne, was does “with respect” mean?

Why did you add this term after freedom of expression? To hide behind it or to say nothing, even with words that sound supportive?

When we defend freedom of expression, we do it clearly, simply, directly.

Same for denouncing barbaric criminality of Islamists (i.e., decapitation of a teacher, Mt. Samuel Paty).

It would be nice to also reject inflammatory and disrespectful remarks by Mr. Erdogan and truly support Mr. Macron.

To conclude this post, what is deeply disturbing to Bambi in our sadly stupid times is not seeing the world divided or radicalized. This will pass.  

It is not whom would win in the USA, Mr. Biden or Mr. Trump. This will also pass.

Despite being polarized, Americans will eventually find a way to re-unite, just like the Lebanese people did after civil war, and especially on October 17, 2019 (with their revolt).

Bambi is not worried about all the above as much she is disturbed to see Liberal parties (here and across the border) becoming illiberal ☹.

Freedom of expression is at the heart of our democracies.

What are we waiting for to defend it?

We are doomed Mr. Champagne and Mr. Trudeau, if we stop believing in ourselves, as a society, and stop standing up for our Western values (including our attachment to freedom) or self-respect as a civilization (sense of pride of our past, despite the mistakes and imperfections, “universal values” to re-cite Mr. Macron, etc.).

We are also doomed if we keep endorsing trendy racial ideologies, without critical sense, but that is not the focus of this post.

Populations in least developed countries (under so-called “secular” dictatorships, full-blown corrupt governance without accountability, and/or under Islamism) look up to the Western world, Mr. Champagne.

Many immigrate to it, precisely because of this freedom of expression.

They expect it to keep standing up for its own values. Yes, those values of freedom and democracy they aspire for, without any conditional attached words to them.

Can we have back this Liberal party of the past, Mr. Trudeau? Bambi misses it.

The question also applies to the Conservative party, mind you (+ other parties or independent brains; no one is immune).

In Bambi’s non-expert citizen opinion, political correctness is like an epidemic collective insanity. What would be its outcomes in 10, 20, 50, or 100 years from now, if we do not wake up?  

Bambi may be wrong in being concerned, of course.Yet she is asking these questions with the utmost respect and… lucidity.

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