Bambi’s reply to Mr. Nasrallah’s speech of October 30, 2020, on France and Islam/ism

Well, those who read this blog know that Bambi has a little pleasure in life, which consists in replying to Mr. Nasrallah ?. The latter is the Chief/Leader (or Secretary General) of the Hezbollah in Lebanon (

Further below, you will see a screenshot of the speech text, published in the Naharnet.

Bambi’s comments are in bold.


Nasrallah: We hope the PM-designate in cooperation with the president will manage to form a government as soon as possible and we will facilitate the process as much as possible.

No comment.

Nasrallah: The time is for cooperation and openness, not bickering.


Nasrallah: We will spare no effort to help facilitate the formation of the new government.

No comment.

Nasrallah to France: You should address the source of the problem.

Who are you to blame France? What gall!

Nasrallah: No one in the Islamic world is seeking new rivalries. Muslims want to lower the number of rivalries in the world… France must rectify the mistake and this would not be submission to terrorism.

Which mistake? And why the threat?

Nasrallah: When the issue relates to a certain sect or to Israel or the Zionists, freedom of expression stops… Freedom of expression in France and Europe is not ultimate.

What is this nonsense, Mr. Nasrallah? What are you trying to insinuate here? Stop lying and distorting the reality of France. JUST stop!

Nasrallah: There are instances of repression of freedom of expression in France and Europe, such as what happened with French philosopher Roger Garaudy.

You are absolutely right. Even holocaust deniers have the right to express their opinion.

Nasrallah to West: The use of these (extremist Islamist) groups as tools must stop or else you will keep paying the price.

Why are you threatening the Western world? Are you talking about yourself?

Nasrallah addressing West: The beheadings started in our countries through the people that you supported.

Is Syria your country now, Mr Nasrallah? Bambi thought it was Lebanon like her birth country ?. Or your country is about Islamism in the whole area?

Nasrallah: You in the West protected this (extremist Islamist) ideology ten years ago. You helped them come to Syria and Iraq. You helped equip and finance them.

There could be some remote or limited truth to it. Mr. Obama sadly encouraged them. Perhaps other Americans too to fight Sovietism.

Nasrallah addressing West: Instead of blaming Islam and the Islamic nation for these terrorist acts, let’s search for your responsibility for these acts and these groups.

Islamic nation is your dream, isn’t it? Other dreamers walked after the Friday prayer in Lebanon today. They also dream of an Islamic nation. Same fantasy, but with a different Muslim perspective. Yours more like Iran. Theirs like Turkey (or Saudi Arabia). Everyone forgot about the beauty of the Lebanese makeup, which is multi-confessional with 17 other sects/religion than yours. Plus, most of the Lebanese people are not that religious as you pretend to be. They prefer secularism.

The tragedy of Lebanon, Israel, and now France is that a minority of religious folks is imposing its vision/values on the rest of the more secular population.

France, which is secular, values freedom of expression; this includes the right to blasphemy. Those who do not like it should not immigrate there, period.

France is in Europe, Mr. Nasrallah, not even in the Middle East. France is NOT your country. So, please leave it alone. Leave it as a safety option for Muslims and Arabs who want to escape the craziness of the Middle East!

Nasrallah: The sanctities of nations must be respected.

What do you mean? Nations are secular. France is a secular country, whether you like or not. Lebanon too!!

Nasrallah: Some Muslims certainly harm Islam and its prophet through their terrorist acts and killing of people.

Absolutely! Wise words.

Nasrallah addressing French authorities: There is nothing called Islamic terrorism or Islamic fascism.

If you say so (always too funny, Mr. Nasrallah, even when upset ?). How do you call chopping heads of innocent teachers, elderly people, and young mothers? Do you have a better term?

Nasrallah: It is unacceptable for French authorities and others to blame Islam and Muslims for this crime. This is an incorrect, unrealistic and unethical approach.

They are NOT blaming Islam or Muslims. Stop playing on the words and stop exciting our crowds. They blamed criminality called Islamist terrorism.

Nasrallah: This incident is rejected by Islam and the Islamic religion, which forbids the killing of innocents.

Islam does, thankfully, but sadly not Islamism that has hijacked it. You must know it even better than Bambi ?.

Nasrallah: We strongly condemn the Nice incident and Muslims everywhere have also condemned it.

BRAVO Mr. Nasrallah. Wise of you!!! Is this an “incident” to you?

Nasrallah: The current problem between French authorities and Islam and Muslims concerns all people and not only a single country.

It concerns first and foremost France! Surely, none of your business!!!

It concerns the Western world, where sadly we have reckless leaders like our own Canadian PM, who do not want to defend freedom of expression (including the right to blasphemy). A carte blanche to folks like you. A carte blanche to the neo-Sultan too. Very sad.

Leave France French and Western. Do not impose your own vision on others, as you are sadly doing with tiny bankrupt yet beautiful and multicultural Lebanon.

You do not speak for all Muslims.

Muslims have the right to chose to be observant or not.

Observant does not have to mean obedient like sheep.

Nasrallah: Muslims cannot tolerate any insult addressed to their prophet.

No one insulted Prophet Mohamed. Plus, even if they did, so what? Live with it.

Stop the insanity please, Mr. Nasrallah... Muslims have a brain and now is the time to critically and wisely use it.

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