Canada-France: How sad when friends talk the talk, but do not walk the walk, when needed

Lebanon President, Mr. Michel Aoun, immediately stood up for France.

He offered his condolences to France and its people on his personal behalf and on the behalf of the Lebanese people. Well done, Mr. Aoun.

He also offered the injured citizens wishes for a smooth healing (sadly, they died later. The words of one of the victims were: “Please tell my children that I love them” :(, as per CNN).

On behalf of the USA, Mr. Donald Trump also stood up for France and named the elephant in Mr. Trudeau’s room. Yes, it is called Islamism and it kills innocent people, including Muslims.

What did Mr. Trudeau do?

As a reminder, it took him 10 days to be forced by the Bloc Québécois‘ motion to denounce the decapitation of the French teacher, Mr. Samuel Paty.

Today, he could not afford to remain silent for that long since the barbaric attack in Nice (symbolically at a church) and at the French embassy in Saudi Arabia (French territory abroad in other terms) was in the face of the whole world.

He denounced the terrorist attack on Twitter, but he omitted the word “Islamism” in both languages.

Luckily, we have an opposition that is more direct (even if it is also into political correctness or hypocrisy). Mr. O’Toole immediately named France’s nightmare in sensitive words in French (thank you) and in English in a video that he posted on his Twitter account.

Mr. Trudeau, did you already forget your words on July 14, 2020? You praised our friendship with France. Aren’t “closest friends” supposed to courageously and directly support each other as needed, to cite your own tweet/re-tweet!?

Well, it is NOW that our friends need us!

Please, show them (and show us) that you can genuinely be a good friend.

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