Today is Olga’s birthday, which would have been Mr. Gilbert Bécaud’s big day!

Happy Birthday to Olga from Bambi and her spouse!

Olga is family, not just a close and inspiring friend.

Yes, Olga is a DEAR friend as well as the mother of friends.

Bambi is blessed to have Olga in her life. For those who do not know her, she has a big and a generous heart, a sharp mind, and a sense of humour. Of note, she is filled with creativity and artistic skills (e.g., drawing, painting, writing beautiful words, cooking, etc.). She is an inspiring spouse, mother, and grandmother.

This being said, as usual, this post would not be complete if it does not end in music, including a few songs by Mr. Gilbert Bécaud with whom Olga shares her special day. For those who have never heard of him, Mr. Bécaud was a GREAT French composer, pianist, singer, and actor who lived from 1927 (October 24) to 2001 (December, 18) ( Bambi likes his songs a lot.

May the magic of music entertain and brighten your days, dearest Olga. May God bless your heart filled with love. Thank you for being a faithful reader of this blog, for having enriched the latter with a highly supportive comment during its saga of censorship, for your continuous care, and positive vibes/prayers for Bambi’s family abroad. Everyone is grateful and we all love you, especially Bambi ❤️!

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