Ms. Marie-Élaine Thibert: isn’t her voice amazing?

Fond of Ms. Marie-Élaine Thibert’s voice, Bambi posted her music on this blog in the past. For those of you who may not know her, she is a highly talented and moving Canadian singer from Québec (

As a treat for herself, that is before anyone else, tonight Bambi would like to share two performances by Ms. Thibert, namely: Mr. Jacques Brel’s “La Quête” [“The Quest”], which is a song about the pursuit of an impossible dream, and Ms. Édith Piaf’s L’Hymne à l’Amour, which is a hymn to love.

With these beautiful French songs, this brief post will end with the following wishes to all: may you follow your dreams while learning when and how to dream new ones, as needed. Regardless of the world’s darkness or life challenges, may you dream, be, and spread love around you. May this love come back to you in many meaningful ways.

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