Did you eat chocolate today?

Bambi would like to offer you a chocolate treat ahead of Halloween :).

Did you know that today is the National Chocolate Day (https://shorturl.at/fijOT)? Whatever this means, Bambi wishes you a good one.

Some of us cannot live without chocolate. Many may be diabetic whereas a few can be literally allergic to cocoa or to milk. Who knows? They can even be sensitive to one of the chocolate’s ingredients https://shorturl.at/aIY57).

Through this post, assuming that you are a chocolate tolerant (and ideally lover like her!), Bambi offers you a little treat. Yes, you will get a virtual chocolate of your choice (dark, milk, white, etc.), along with a few song about chocolate in different languages.

Long live chocolate… Vive le chocolat!

4 thoughts on “Did you eat chocolate today?”

  1. Think you missed it? I eat chocolate every day of the year but the one where I didn’t is the day you wrote that article. 🙂

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