The “3 dakat” song, instrumental: Talented artists’ faces light up when playing this beautiful music

To begin with, there is no secret in this post. Yes, it is already established from a long time ago that, like MANY other people, Bambi loves the famous, now old, Egyptian song called “3 dakat” (featured earlier on this blog, as shown further below). It is both light and deep. It is joyful with a hint of nostalgia. It celebrates love and the summer in addition to the beach. Its music is lovely and its lyrics sweet.

This being said, this post will focus on the melody of 3 dakat only, no words. First, Bambi would like to thank her cousin Paul who kindly attracted her attention to a video yesterday. Bambi tried to search for the name of the artist. She could not find it. She could rather not guess it as she cannot understand the language written although it looks like Arabic (is it Farsi?). Anyhow, whomever this artist is, she is TALENTED and seems friendly. Thanks to her and to all the musicians for this lovely moment!

Second, Bambi would like to share with you a public video of a famous Lebanese violinist she only discovered lately and was fascinated by his talent. She posted his work once on this blog, as you can see further below. Mr. Andre Soueid was born in 1992 in Lebanon and he is treasure for his tiny and now bankrupt country. You can listen to him playing 3 dakat.

While listening to him, please take a moment to look at his beautiful face lighting up with the melody. He is surely in another world while producing music, totally immersed in this artistic moment. As Bambi knows that her father-in-law is amused by the word “flow” or “flow state” (taken from the field of cognitive psychology), she is thinking of him now :). This term may describe the light we see on the face and in the eyes of these artists. Mind you, we do not have to be artists to experience the flow. Even non-artistic folks (i.e., regular people and even deer) can and do experience the flow. It happens when we love the task/activity we are doing and do a task or activity we love at a particular moment. When we allow our mind to be free of concerns and to just focus on the pleasurable moment of this activity/task (e.g., baking, having fun with a puzzle, dancing, watching the stars, creating something, etc.).

To conclude this post, Bambi wishes everyone to have enough peace of mind as well as a welcoming attitude for the flow. Yes, may we all experience this state of mind in which we become totally immersed in a pleasurable activity!

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    1. Bambi hopes you will always be enchanted Aline by this beautiful song that you and her love. Vive l’amour et la musique dans la vie 🙂 ❤️!

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