Happy Birthday Brittany!

Bambi is blessed to have you in her life, Brittany! Below, she will repeat what she wrote in an earlier post meant to share a few beautiful winter pictures you took:

“Talking about beauty, Bambi cannot help not to think of the beauty of the talented photographer, her friend Brittany, who took the fabulous pictures in question. She is beautiful at all levels, from her soul to her mind, from her heart through her external look too. Bambi loves you and will forever be grateful for our friendship (to the extent of kinship!). She will always cherish what you did for her during her saga (a true sister!).

To conclude this brief post, two songs for you today. Yes, you can guess that the first is to wish you a Happy Birthday. As for the second, it simply meant to try to put a smile on your face :). Enjoy the rest of your day!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Brittany!”

      1. Yay– So well-deserved! Bravo/Thank you, Brittany ??! May this day be followed by many happy days, years, decades— yes a lifetime of beautiful moments and memories to keep building!!

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