Ms. Cynthia Karam: It is never too late to discover her talent!

Bambi is like a dinosaur sometimes, not just a deer. Yes, she is often lagging far behind when it comes to knowledge about new (or even older!) movies, songs, actors, brands, etc. However, thanks to her favourite internet radio, she just discovered a talented artist from Lebanon. If she may, she would like to introduce her to you.

Her name is Ms. Cynthia Karam. She is a Lebanese actress and a singer ( It seems that she sang in French and English, before Arabic even.

Ms. Cynthia Karam is very interesting to listen to. She impressed Bambi with her wisdom, depth, and… even her talent in love (i.e., caretaker of her grandmother) and appreciation of it. Indeed, here are her beautiful translated concluding words at the end of the radio interview: “Love. Love. Love each other. Love like a mother (mothers know how to love maybe the best…). When we love, we tolerate. When we love, we accept the other. When we love, we forgive. When we love, no need for wars”.

To conclude this post, here are four select songs for you, by Ms. Cynthia Karam, in French and English (+ some Arabic in the last one). She is performing with other talented Lebanese artists. Bambi hopes you will enjoy them, especially you Jacinthe (with your appreciative ears… not just your own beautiful voice)!

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