In solidarity with Ms. Tammy Giuliani, owner of Stella Luna Gelato Café filled… with humanity!

Where is love, Canada?

From out of Beirut, a friend shared this Fox news video with Bambi with the following meaningful words:

Can’t believe this is really happening in Canada :(! This is a crazy come on… RIP free Canada.

Bambi’s friend is her hero of humanity. She could not not stand silent. She sent an email of support to Ms. Giuliani… Yes from out of Beirut where freedom of expression is known to be under threat (

Just watch this heart-breaking interview… All the best to Ms Giuliani, her family, and staff. May love, peace, common sense… and FREEDOM prevail again in Canada.

Until then, take good care everyone.

An earlier post on the mourning heart of Bambi…

8 thoughts on “In solidarity with Ms. Tammy Giuliani, owner of Stella Luna Gelato Café filled… with humanity!”

  1. I’ve been to Stella Luna cafe. It’s a wonderful place and I also met her husband.
    Amusing to hear the Americans referring to us as ”up there/up North” as if Canada were like a shelf in a chest of drawers.

  2. Pushing ideas so hard that the humanity of dissenters is no longer part of the picture has rarely led to good results

  3. I’m sure that the various police forces in Ottawa will take a break from trampling old ladies with horses, kneeing people, stealing jerrycans of diesel, assaulting journalists and getting banks to screw people up in order to investigate this hate crime. NOT.

    Make no mistake: the régime actually WELCOMES the harassment and intimidation of people like this. While they won’t formally encourage it, when you see that nobody gets in trouble for it, the message is clear. Sort-of like church burnings…

    Isn’t it a bit of a hallmark of fascist-type régimes that they have loosely-affiliated gangs of régime thugs – nominally acting on their own – acting as enforcers?

      1. I happen to be know this Louis very well, Jay. I can assure he is anything, but a jerk (i.e., the opposite actually). Anyhow, thank you for your comment. I believe this is your first time on this blog. So welcome to you :).

      2. You’re entitled to your opinion.

        If your grammar were better, I’d be more impressed with it.

        You’re even entitled to vote Liberal.
        Make sure you spell it right on the ballot, though.

      3. Jay, gelato is serious business, so you will want to get your facts straight and your contractions well contracted before expanding your opinions on my friends, eh.

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