Canada: From a democracy to Wokistan to now Polistan…

There is no word to describe the disappointment of Bambi today (

When we come from a birth country torn by sectarianism and now struggling to exist, the last thing we want in life is to see our adoptive country turn into an authoritarian banana republic in front of our own eyes…

We are now officially in a police state… yes, a red line has been crossed.

Mr. Trudeau et al. are still telling us empty words about “healing” and about “how we cannot allow anger to divide us”. We are supposed to believe them and applaud to them, as they do in countries like former Soviet union or Syria under Mr. Assad-father, etc.

It is not anger that is dividing us, Mr. Trudeau. It is rather your style of governance. How sad to see our policy makers, NDP and Liberals, voting for your Emergencies Act. Some even gave their trust to you (in our name!).

Our Dear Mr. Jack Layton must be turning in his grave…

Ms. Elizabeth May, the decent politician from the Green Party, why?

The two Liberal MPs who changed their minds after their earlier courageous positions, why?

The other competent/decent Liberal MPs, why?

As for the Bloc Québécois and the Conservatives, thank you for having tried to block this absurdity.

The Bloc Québécois proved that is is a true left-wing party (for the workers, contrary to the current NDP under its current leadership). Bravo, it is refreshing to read the historic tweets of Mr. Blanchet questioning the Emergency Acts. This being said, it may be somehow ironic to see the sovereignist BQ trying to save Canada… from itself.

Thank you, Mr. Blanchet. History will remember your position…
Thank you, Mr. Rheal Fortin. History will remember your clever arguments…

Bambi will stop here…. she will let Dalida and Mr. Alain Delon reply to Mr. Trudeau, as they do from time to time on this blog.

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  1. I think the sad part is how fast this protest has gained popularity and support while indigenous communities keep getting trampled down and ignored when they ask for clean water and no oil lines on their land

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