Bravo to Mr. Legault for setting up “an anti-racism task force” whilst sounding convinced that there is no “systemic” racism in Québec

Below is the Q & A period with anglophone journalists:

According to Bambi’s non-expert citizen’s opinion, Mr. Legault is an excellent Prime Minister. For instance, he is pragmatic, logical, wise, courageous, and principled… Too bad he is not Canada’s PM ?.

He said that there is no consensus on a definition of the word “systemic”. When a journalist asked him about his own definition of racism, he explained that for him it is simply about a system (of racism).

He recognized that there is racism in Québec, even if most of the people are not racist (common sense for Bambi). He spoke about conditions that are not acceptable like high rates of unemployment in some communities (i.e., blacks). However, for him, there is no “systemic racism” in Québec.

When another journalist tried to link Bill 21 to systemic racism, he replied calmly “no it is not, that’s it, that’s all” (a Québec expression to say: this is what it is, period). Wisely, he even added “secularism is good for everyone, regardless of one’s skin colour or ethnic background“.

As a reminder, Bill 21 is often VERY wrongly/negatively featured in the English media. Same for Québec, historically (one must not forget).

Bill 21 is simply about the state’s secularism, namely that representatives of the government in positions of power will not be explicitly wearing any religious symbol when they are on duty (e.g., judges, crown prosecutors, teachers in the public sector, etc.). It is a choice that the population of Québec has clearly made when they elected their current government to power, with a majority (it was part of the platform of the CAQ party).

It is a moderate bill, compared to other countries with similar bills.

It is a bill that came after a decade of a public debate on “reasonable accommodations”. It is a bill that respects the history and values of Québeckers.

In other terms, it is simply a bill with a different cultural approach to secularism.

For Bambi, this bill is like Bill 101 about the French language as Québec’s official language.

It is a bill made by Québec and meant for Québec.

Long life to Québec, to its civilization, and own values.

To conclude this post, here are some earlier posts of Bambi about Bill 21:

Mr. Trudeau, can you please stop calling Bambi a “racialized” Canadian deer?

Despite any good intention, Bambi would like to kindly ask you Mr. Trudeau to please stop calling her a “racialized” Canadian deer, as per the article below and several others, citing you or your honourable ministers.

Bambi is a Canadian deer. Period.

Just like all the other Canadian deer.

Please do not put her so-called “race” (she prefers the term “ethnolinguistic background) into what looks like a tribal category.

Without wanting to, this seems like a recipe for dividing Canadians, not for uniting them.

For Bambi, this seems not only unwise but also insulting.

Please, rise above all this.

Please unite us together, today more than ever.

Without wanting it to for sure, your anti-racism language/efforts may sadly backfire on us all, as they may act as seeds for communitarism.

Bambi and all her community of deer are Canadians.

We are proud Canadians.

We do not want to be treated with neither pity nor holiness.

We want to be treated equally to ALL Canadians.

We are neither better nor worse than our fellow Canadian citizens.

As immigrants, we want our kids (and/or young relatives) to have a sense of belongingness to their adoptive country or to the country that has adopted their parents.

We want them/us to have a sense of responsibility toward our society and country, in addition to our Canadian laws to protect our rights.

Thank you, Mr. Trudeau.

Even when fighting the noble anti-racism cause, it is sad to see NB youth being radicalized

Below, Bambi feels the urge to react to the following CBC article informing that “official Black Lives Matter chapter formed in New Brunswick”:

Canadians, and especially Maritimers, are naïve.

They do not know how radicalism operates.

They are blessed to live in peace and in a quiet environment.

The lady in the picture is citing the Prophet Mohamed…. A holy Prophet (bless his name) but ironically, he comes from one of the most racist parts of the world.

Plus, this article talks about “the black community”.

There is no single “black” community (and no single “white” community neither).

How can you be from one single entity when you come from different places and backgrounds?

The experiences of an Afro-American adolescent are not like those of a Sudanese youth living in Ottawa or a newcomer to NB from Congo or a francophone Maritimer from Paris who happens to have a black skin.

What do all these people cited above have in common? Really?

The only thing they have in common is to be New Brunswickers all of them! Canadians!

Why don’t they focus on what unites them to make our province and country a better place for all?

Why are they falling into the trap of putting barriers between them and others instead of building bridges between them and others?

Bambi feels like telling these surely well-meaning young people the following:

Like you, she has encountered a couple of “racist” situations or folks throughout her 30 years in Canada. Who hasn’t?

Sometimes, we may perceive situations as being negative when they are not.

Sometimes, we judge too fast. We do no wait for facts or explanations.

We are 37 million Canadians. Isn’t it normal to have a few who would be truly racist or truly unwelcoming?

We are about 745, 000 New Brunswickers. Isn’t it normal to meet a few who may be unwelcoming?

However, this does not mean that our country is racist.

NB is NOT racist.

Canada is NOT racist.

We do NOT have “systemic” racism or “systemic” discrimination.

We just have “systemic naivety” because we are a young country and because we want to save the world.  

Oh, one quick question to Mr. Husoni Raymond: Upon your graduation from St-Thomas University, you have been named the 2020 recipient of the Tom McCann Memorial Trophy for your “strong leadership and character, and who best portrays the spirit of St. Thomas through their contributions”.

If NB is as racist as you are claiming, would one of its prestigious universities be honouring you like that ??

To conclude this post, sorry but Bambi does not buy your claim, you and your peers… But, by the way, she will tell you: Congratulations on your award!

Bravo to President Macron for defending his Republic and its security forces

As per France24 and the video below from Le Parisien, “French President Emmanuel Macron vowed Sunday to stand firm against racism but also praised police and insisted that France wouldn’t take down statues of controversial, colonial-era figures”.

In his address to the nation, he warned that the “noble struggle” against discrimination risks being led astray by “communitarianism” and a “hateful, false rewriting of the past”.

He said: “I tell you very clearly this evening, my dear fellow compatriots: the Republic will not wipe out any trace or any name from its history. It will forget none of its works. It will overturn no statue.”

France will look “lucidly, together, at all our history, all our memory”… “in particular its colonial relationship with Africa… to build a possible present and future on both sides of the Mediterranean”.

In the process of doing so, he talked about “a will to establish the truth but under no circumstances revisiting or denying what we are”, he firmly stated whilst looking straight in the camera.

Mind you, this aligns with the message of Mr. Trump: Of course, no to discrimination and racism but a definite no to destruction and chaos. Mr. Trump went even further by cutting the funding of organizations fueling what Mr. Macron called “communitarism”.

The communitarism Mr. Macron is referring to is easy to fuel in volatile places of the world (i.e., Lebanon)… but luckily there too, politicians, religious leaders, and so far the desperate population seem to know (at least until now ☹) that there is a red line not to be crossed… for the sake of the safety of everyone.  

Why is Ms. Jessica Mulroney apologizing? And why is our mainstream media and a famous company participating in symbolic intimidation? Today it is about Ms. Mulroney. Tomorrow about whom?

First, here the Global News article in question:

Bambi lives on a different planet sometimes… She has never heard of this Ms. Jessica Mulroney until reading the news today, even if like her, she also originally comes from Montreal.

Of course, after reading her story, she understands she is the spouse of Mr. Ben Mulroney, son of Mr. Mulroney (a former PM).

Maybe Ms. Jessica Mulroney is privileged because she is married to the son of a former PM or was born into a wealthy family (who must have worked hard to be successful), not because she is “white”?

Maybe Ms. Sasha Exter is privileged too with her beauty ?, even if she sounds fake in her video (see the link above).

In addition to her beauty and “blackness” to use her own logic, for Bambi, she looks more Lebanese than anything else given her cleavage ? (TV stars dress like that in her birth country).

Seriously, it is odd how she tells us, between two “apparently fake” tears, that she is a single mom, raising a “black daughter”? Who calls her daughter like that in real life?  

Bambi does not have kids but she would have never said “I am raising a deer daughter” (just HER DEAR daughter!), white or yellow or green/blue or black daughter… or a Christian or Jewish or Muslim daughter, or Canadian or Lebanese daughter, etc.

She would be “raising her daughter”. Period.

For Bambi, the truth of this story got out at the 2:55 minutes of the video when we understand what it is all about: Ms. Mulroney seems to have been “invited” to take part in a campaign of a certain movement… and she probably said no.

It seems that some people do not know how to take no for an answer.

Ms. Mulroney should have not apologized (as per the text at the end of the article above), according to Bambi, even if the company she works with (credit card one) is dumping her over this story.

From civil war past experiences, Bambi knows that we should not apologize to the mob in life.

We should know ourselves/our values well in life, keep standing up for them and keep the freedom of saying no to any project, personal or professional.

Ms. Mulroney did not do anything wrong. Why is she apologizing to her apparent bully?

By the way, if we speak the language of this new age anti-racist activists, are Jews (or Arabs) “white”? Bambi thought they have been victims of a holocaust because they were not “white” enough according to the Nazis.

Yesterday, we learned from our local media (Warktimes) that a friend in Bambi’s town called herself “a person of colour” (sounds funny as a label, one must say, but it is not white then… both Ms. Mulroney and this younger friend are semitic, mind you ?).

Oh… one more thing, Ms. Mulroney should be thankful for not having Ms. Meghan Markle as her friend anymore… A friend who does not stand by you when you need her the most in life does not seem to be the most loyal friend on earth.

Who needs unauthentic “friends” in life?

Mr. Mario Dumont: “Victim cult” [“Le culte de la victime”]

The following article by Mr. Mario Dumont, published today in the Journal de Montréal, is a thoughtful piece. In Bambi’s mind, this sad story about the author of Ms. J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter, is yet another example of the collective craziness of our times.

What Mr. Dumont is describing in his article Bambi has always called it since her younger years “une victimite aiguë”. In English, “acute victimitis” (a sort of an inflammatory victimhood response, if you want): I am a victim therefore I am.  Poor me, I am a victim. I am more of a victim than you are, etc.

A cult and a competition of victimhood among “victimized” groups. “Yalla” (= Come on in Arabic), who is going to earn a higher grade of victimhood as people, as a “group”, as a cause, etc.?

Please make no mistake, Bambi is saying this with all due respect to all causes in life. Yet, she denounces this unhealthy mindset for herself, to begin with, that is in her personal life. This would apply to her personal life and to any group she may be part of/perceived as being part of.

Yes, sometimes we are truly a victim of our times, of situation, of a tragedy, of part of history, or of a geopolitical reality for a given country.

For instance, we do not choose our birth country, as Bambi’s wise mom once said. It is what it is. We live with it (she was talking about Lebanon with its serious issues).

However, Bambi has always refused to see herself as a victim in life. When we fall into this trap, we remove our personal responsibility (role) from our misery. We have a brain and we can make decisions in life on how to avoid risky situations or how to cope (before, during, and after misery).

Of course, it is tough at times. Thankfully, people can rely on family and social support.   

In other terms, there is something called dignity and resilience in life. We can all ultimately find or re-connect with our inner strength to transform ourselves and our lives. This is how we see people around us turning challenges (or even tragedies) into something positive for them or for humanity. They grow though adversity. They refuse to remain stuck in it. One example could be to tell oneself: Never again to me and to others. So, we treat others with the same respect we would like them to treat us with, as persons and as groups.

Plus, when we are in the mindset of “I am a poor victim”, we are in the same game or dance of power abuse. Without wanting to, we can at times become the abuser/bullies in the future. Yes, narcissism can breed narcissism. Violence can surely breed violence. No one is immune in life.

Ask anyone who went through adversity like growing up in domestic violence or in a civil war, he/she would know about the danger of such a mindset (not just Bambi). Even deer can fall into this “acute victimhood” mindset, not just humans.

No group is holy, so to speak, but ALL groups (of deer or human beings) deserve RESPECT.  

Who hasn’t been a (true) victim throughout history or in one situation in a personal lifetime? Who isn’t a victim somewhere (nearby or as far as the Middle or even Far East) right now, as we speak? It is called power relations in life. The best antidote to it is a simple ingredient, that is free-of-charge, thankfully: Self-respect/respect of others.

Anyhow, the story of Ms. J.K. Rowling, which is the focus of Mr. Dumont’s article is just one example of a dangerous and ridiculous (both) societal phenomenon we have been observing for a few years now (in the UK, here as well, and elsewhere in our world).

Is this what a radical left look like? If so, it is no longer the left that Bambi grew up knowing, respecting, embracing, and once even voting for (that centre left, this social-democratic left that is genuinely concerned about workers, about people, a left that has wanted to build a better world, no to destroy it and destroying its symbols like all those monuments, etc. Is this still the Western’s world or are we in Afghanistan destroying monuments?). She does not recognize herself in this so-called “left” anymore, although she is still herself and with the same values. Is it because she is older (hopefully wiser ?) or because this is too radical or too dumb? Perhaps both.

Enough of Bambi’s blahblahblah and here is a translation of Mr. Dumont’s article:

“J.K. Rowling is an admirable woman. Penniless, at a time when life seemed to give her little chance, she bravely got down to writing. She invented characters, including Harry Potter, and a wonderful story. Today, we compare its wealth with that of the Queen of England.

She didn’t steal anything. Her miracle of literature and cinema comes from her imagination and the determination of her fingers. Pure success. Without the contacts in politics and high finance, just the success of the person who makes a great offer and finds so many takers.

The week she has just spent reveals a lot about our time. Ms. Rowling found herself at the centre of worldwide controversy.

If you’ve only read the headlines, you may think that she attacked transgender people and is guilty of shameful discrimination.

The indictment

All this is a hoax. Her crime consists in having commented on a text which said “people who are menstruating”. She made a joke that maybe you could call it a “woman.”

She didn’t attack anyone or disparage anyone. It would have departed from the linguistic diktats of the left and it is paying the price. She sinned and would have made “victims”. She must atone for her fault.

The most interesting thing is the angle she chose to defend herself. In the midst of the storm, J.K. Rowling reveals that she was the victim of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Well. I used to find the decision to publicly disclose such a tragedy about her privacy to be courageous. Many have done so to free themselves, to change things, to do justice.

But how do you react to a person’s decision to expose the abuse they suffered to the public in order to get out of another controversy? Discomfort? Uncomfortable?

In 2020

It sounds like we hear her PR specialists say, “The world is so crazy in 2020, you can’t get out of it. The only way out would be for you to be a victim yourself. You should present yourself as the victim of something even bigger. “

And we imagine her revealing with fragility the sad elements of her personal life to these image pros. And we can still imagine them saying: “Yes, yes, yes, it’s perfect! Victim of domestic violence, victim of sexual assault! Great modern causes! With that, you get through! “I invent, but…

I have respect for all the suffering that must find listening and comfort. I have respect for defending the causes that generate this suffering. I’m sorry, but I give up in front of one-upmanship [surenchère in French] of the notion of victim.

The J.K. Rowling episode is pathetic. Get out of a false controversy by placing yourself in the position of the biggest victim yet. This heightening of the notion of victim ends up trivializing the causes.”

Why are they putting jokes in the same basket as lynching?

Why are these Hollywood stars self-flagellating like that, even if they may be well-meaning?

Why the dramatic virtue signalling? What is its educational purpose?

Plus, since when lynching or torture is equivalent to a joke?

Perhaps they should focus on their professional career only… They are MUCH more talented with it.

Most importantly, this would help improve the society through movies to educate people about respect, tolerance, and peace in life.

They can perhaps show us some productions about themes like humanity, unity, respect, and love.

They can also complete projects to simply entertain people in a pandemic.

Artistic entertainment makes everyone relax, forgetting about “systemic racism”, the coronavirus, and economic hardship.

Entertainment makes people dream of a better world, with beautiful values, human encounters, touch, travels, normalcy, etc.

As artists, they are well suited to know that arts can help inspire and lift people up.

Why should Mr. Higgs apologize to Dr. Ngola?

In the following Globe & Mail article, we learn that Dr. Nogla, the physician in Restigouche likely responsible for the latest cluster of new cases in our province is requesting apologies from our Premier.

He is also asking to resume his services.

We also read in the article the following:  “During the week of May 10, he drove to the Montreal suburb of Longueuil to pick up his daughter after her mother had to leave the country for a family emergency. There, he said he limited his contacts to the 4-year-old and his brother, who had been caring for her.On his way back, he stopped in the city of Trois-Rivières to meet with two fellow physicians for a discussion about the pandemic and possible future work in Quebec. A private investigator hired by Mr. Ngola’s lawyer said the meeting took place in a local clinic for about 20 minutes.”

Now we know why he did not self-isolate. Likely because he did not want his colleagues to know that he had a job interview. Could it be? This is a rather normal behaviour in normal times… but not during a pandemic. Sorry.

In Bambi’s mind, no Mr. Higgs, there is absolutely no need to apologize to Dr. Ngola.

You are a polite and pragmatic man Mr. Higgs. You have been a great Premier thus far and your covid-19 committee members (with all our political parties) have done a wonderful job, as much as realistically possible (despite any confusion, excess, or contradiction).

Please dot not accept to be pushed around in public.

Whether Dr. Ngola returns to his practice in NB or elsewhere, whether he is charged or not for medical negligence, the reality is the following:

He took a risk and he was unlucky (sorry for him… BUT sorry for Restigouche and NB too!).

Without wanting it for sure, he seems to have brought the virus back to his community.

Even if the recent cluster was not because of him, the reality is that he did not act wisely.

This has nothing to with his skin colour or country of birth. In all honesty, Bambi does not care about any of the latter!

This being said, his behaviour may have been related to his culture rather, with all due respect to the fantastic professionals from similar ethnic backgrounds.

Bambi comes from a culture where sometimes people behave like Dr. Ngola (they are known to be less rule abiding than Western cultures, especially English Canadian ones).

Of course, from physicians we should expect higher standards.

Physicians should know how to behave better, whether they are locals or not, immigrants or not, locum doctors or tenured ones.

Mr. Ouellette lost his life, as a result of the latest outbreak. Yet his son was the most dignified person Bambi has ever heard on TV. He did not blame Dr. Ngola, and he has all the right to be upset. Actually, Bambi was a bit upset to see how we have denied him this voice of anger (part of grief, as an emotion) because of all the political correctness and crazy “fascist” times we live in.

If this physician has received threats, his best bet would be to contact the police. Did he do so?

All what Mr. Higgs said was that the person (or Dr.)’s behaviour was irresponsible. He did not even name him (and Bambi has wondered why in an earlier post, see further below).

Mr. Higgs is right. This behaviour was irresponsible, even if unintentional and despite Dr. Ngola’s compassion as a physician.

When Bambi listened to the interview Dr. Nogla gave to the French CBC (on his initiative, one must say), she thought to herself the following: He is desperate. Who can blame him when he must be sad to be suspended ☹? And she also imagined how sad he must feel now in a small place where everyone knows everything about everyone.

She thought to herself: This is why he is playing the racism card.

Even if we have to be severe now in pandemics, perhaps we can forgive him later, Bambi hoped.

However, now after reading this article in the Globe & Mail, she has changed her opinion. She thinks that Dr. Ngola does not deserve our Premier’s apologies. Our Premier deserves his apologies rather for asking about the latter in the mainstream media.

By the way, had Bambi been living in his community, and even if he returns to his medical position tomorrow morning, she would not take her own parents to him, as new patients, especially in a future pandemic… Perhaps she would in non-pandemic times.

O Canada: Ms. Diana Akilian took the oath of citizenship virtually, a first in Canadian history. Bravo for officially becoming a Canadian citizen!

The Canadian federal government implemented virtual ceremonies for those whose ceremonies have been postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Well, thanks to our government (and to technology in life ?), Ms. Diana Akilian, an inspiring entrepreneur (garage owner AND car dealer) residing in Amherst, Nova Scotia (NS), was among the happy new Canadians!

In addition to being a businesswoman and an alumnus who speaks several languages (e.g., English, Armenian, Arabic… and even Turkish), she is currently completing a Mount Allison University’s business degree in Sackville, New Brunswick.

Diana is a good friend of Bambi and her spouse. Like all her friends, especially those from the Lebanese diaspora of the Maritimes, they are thrilled for her!

Actually, Bambi’s spouse made plans to attend her ceremony, which was supposed to take place in Halifax (NS) on March 18, 2020. Thanks to his good friend, Mr. Internet, he can share Diana’s joy and pride.

 “Mabrouk” Diana (this means “Congrats”, “Félicitations” in Arabic).

“Մաբրուք”! Hoping the latter means the same in Armenian and not a bad word found online ?.

For Canadians who are immigrants (basically everyone at different times throughout history!), taking the oath is a VERY moving moment in an immigration journey.

When Bambi took her own oath of citizenship, the older text was as follows:

“I swear (or affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada, and fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen.”

Yesterday, Diana recited the following text:

“I swear (or affirm) that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Queen of Canada, Her Heirs and Successors, and that I will faithfully observe the laws of Canada, including the Constitution, which recognizes and affirms the Aboriginal and treaty rights of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples, and fulfil my duties as a Canadian citizen.”

The Oath of Citizenship is usually recited at a citizenship ceremony. The latter is the final legal step to becoming a Canadian citizen:

Each newcomer is unique.

Each story is different.

Each experience is uniquely lived.

Ms. Diana Akilian is also a uniquely talented citizen… now legally a Canadian citizen, enriching our economy and social fabric with her skills, great values, and personality. As she is humble despite her skills, she may be perhaps blushing now whilst reading Bambi’s words ?.

Now, taking the oath virtually is surely a NEW experience that Bambi has never imagined to hear about during her 30 years in Canada.

It is a virtual ceremony yet it is CONCRETE. It is legal. It is final… even if it is lacking family/friends’ physical (or virtual) presence and camera flashes.

To eternize this great moment, Bambi has asked her friend if she accepts to be interviewed for this post and to share pictures. Guess what? We are lucky because Ms. Diana Akilian generously accepted to share with us her feelings and experience just a few moments following her virtual oath ceremony.

In addition, Ms. Kate Walker from CTV News interviewed her and shared Ms. Diana Akilian’s happy story with all of us on TV this evening. Wow!

Here is a video link, followed by Diana’s own words, as answers to Bambi’s questions, and by pictures of this memorable day!  

Before we begin our interview, Bambi will say: Thank you both Diana and CTV news for enriching Bambi’s post. Bravo to Canada for moving forward with these ceremonies in the middle of this pandemic.

Bambi: Bravo Diana! How are you feeling now that you have finally officially become a Canadian citizen?

Diana: I don’t know where to begin with, but the feelings are too strong, in a good way. I feel like I’m dreaming and I’m physically numb, also in a good way. This is the happiest moment I have felt in a very long time.

Bambi: What can you tell us about your immigration journey leading to this great day?

Diana: There have been many exciting moments as well as rough moments from the day I landed in Canada to the day I became a Canadian citizen. It has been very rough for me, as a student coming to a new environment and culture. It has even been more difficult for me to get through this journey without the presence of my family.

When I first met people from the Maritimes, they were very welcoming, and that did comfort me. However, deep down I still felt sad and at times alone, because I lacked the presence of the physical support and love of my family.

You don’t have the option to choose where and when you want to be born, but I chose Canada to be my home and the day I became a citizen will be celebrated every year as “my birth date” because it is the date that I was newly born into this country.

Bambi: Do you have any particular message, or advice tip, to someone dreaming of immigrating to Canada?

Diana: First and for all, Canada is such an amazing and safe country. My advice for anyone who wishes to immigrate to Canada is to be strong and willing to survive through the rough times, because nothing comes in easy, you have to work hard to achieve any goal. In other words, you have to have the motive and the will toward anything you want to achieve. From my experience, it is definitely worth the hard work, because this country has a lot of good things to offer.

Bambi: How did you experience the virtual aspect of taking the oath (compared to physical ceremonies you have attended in the past when your friends became Canadian citizens)?

Diana: It was definitely not what I expected, I have been waiting for 12 years to walk up the stage and receive my citizenship physically. It was disappointing that the ceremony was cancelled just four days prior the date. But I believe that everything happens for a reason, and that reason is the following: I was able to share this beautiful and special moment with my family virtually as well with the world.

Becoming a citizen when you’re a minority is such a big deal, and having a physical ceremony is even a bigger deal because it is a moment where we all can gather together and celebrate it. But again, it is a new experience to have this type of ceremony virtually.

Bambi: Would you like to add anything else? Congratulations again!

Diana: I would like to thank every single person who helped me throughout my journey and who was a special part of me becoming a Canadian citizen. I want to thank you personally for giving me the opportunity to share my story.

Ms. Diana Akilian’s moving words:
I have an Armenian blood. My heart is in Lebanon. My body was born in Koweit. And I will die in Canada!!
Ms. Diana Akilian and her adorable family in Koweit (check the red outfit!)
Ms. Diana Akilian taking a picture to be shared with her family. Check the nice note on the wall:
Thank you God, Canada, mom“. Bambi feels like adding here: Bless you Diana and welcome to our beautiful Canadian family!
Ms. Diana Akilian taking the Canadian citizenship oath!
Thanks to the Honourable Citizenship Judge Joan Mahoney (see Diana’s happy face in the small screen :)!)

Why doesn’t Mr. Scheer hold Trudeau accountable on national matters (i.e., taking Canada into a reckless direction)? Instead he is blaming him/his party for something that is NOT his/their fault

The morally corrupt milk drinker

Mr. Trudeau is right on this file, it is not his problem if his MP Mr. Marwan Tabbara is charged with criminal acts (what looks like domestic violence?).

It is neither our PM’s fault nor the Liberal Party of Canada’s fault if one MP has been criminally charged. It is something that Mr. Tabbara is responsible for.

Of course, when we are accused of anything, we may be truly guilty or not.

If he is truly guilty, what he seems to have done is BAD for sure and domestic violence is surely criminal.

If he is wrongly accused (sometimes it happens in life, even to those so-called criminals), this is not good but we may never know the truth.

Lately, there has been a story in the media of a truly racist Canadian woman at a Park in NY. Well, this woman is not just racist lacking any moral standards, she is also sexist. Men can be wrongly accused at times but this we rarely hear about it.

Mr. Tabbara seems to be of Lebanese origins like Bambi but she has never heard of him before in her life.