Why is abortion such a big deal in the Americas, North and South? And is our Premier pandering to those voters who have radical views about abortion?

In Bambi’s mind, the choice of having children or not in life clearly belongs to the woman only… or first and foremost if there is a couple’s partner in the equation. 

Bambi recalls very well having once bumped into an acquaintance who was born in the same birth country as her. This lady shared with her and with Bambi’s spouse that she did not see them lately because she was busy at work and she had an abortion. She said it in a very natural way. They replied to her in the same natural way that they hope she is feeling well and made plans to see her later.

After this encounter, Bambi recalls having told her spouse: “See, I told you, abortion is only a hot topic in the Americas. Imagine, in South America for instance, you can go to jail for having had a “spontaneous abortion” (medical term for a miscarriage).

Can you imagine?! Had Bambi been living there, with three recurrent miscarriages, Bambi would have spent the rest of her life behind bars!

Anyhow, why is Bambi talking about choices and abortions here, it is because of this CBC article from which we learned that our provincial government “blunts opposition abortion motion, removes references to Clinic 554”:


The question for Bambi is not why this political move/decision. It is rather, why does a man as pragmatic and logical as Mr. Higgs, (shamelessly) pander to radicals (religious or not?) who want to impose their anti-choice views on others?

Perhaps he needs their votes to keep his majority government?

Perhaps he wants to thank them for their votes because he has a majority government?

Of course, regardless of his own motivation, our province is free to manage its health decisions as it wishes. Perhaps this is easier with a majority government, along with distorted political moves like what they did. Our MLA, Ms. Megan Mitton, is right on denouncing the latter. Thank you.

Last but not least, did we think about access to abortions at hospitals in terms of travel costs, risks of losing one’s job, risks of car accidents in the winter term, etc. Why BOTH of these hospitals offering abortion services are in Moncton and not one in Moncton and another one elsewhere (Fredericton or Saint John, etc.)? This point was well raised by Minister Jill Green, thanks to her too.

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