Does Hezbollah think Lebanese citizens are dumb to believe that Kinda Khatib (and another activist) have been jailed “for three years, with hard labour, and stripped of civil rights” for having “collaborated with the Israeli enemy”?

Ms. Kinda Khatib is just 20 years old.

Her first sin: She believed in a new Lebanon where she can live in peace, study, find a job, love, and be free. Like MOST of the Lebanese population, she was active in the revolt and took the streets to demand justice when the financial crash occurred on October 17, 2019.

Her second, and perhaps most fatal, sin was to tweet making fun of the President of Lebanon, Mr. Michel Aoun and the Hezbollah (the two are close allies). Her tweets are still available and Bambi was able to read and watch. She also tweeted a picture showing how the Hezbollah returned the remains of an Israeli solider to his family, from Syria if Bambi understood well. She wrote in Arabic: When is the turn of the hundreds of Lebanese people jailed in Syrian prisons to also return home?

In Lebanon, you cannot criticize those truly in charge (the groups of the two allies above). You can criticize anyone else (or all of them together), but not point to those excesses or abuses. If you do so, you are a traitor.

For now, it is prison with hard labour. Tomorrow, what would it be? Executions like in Iran (with the poor journalist called Mr. Zam. May he rest in peace…

Bambi does not know Ms. Kinda Khatib, but she was moved by her story when she was first jailed in April (hence this earlier post shown below).

Today, a coward judge accused her of collaboration with the “Zionist” enemy, as per two articles, one in the Naharnet (further below) and the other in Hezbollah’s own Al Manar:

By doing so, they would scare her and scare others through her.

The truth of the matter is that citizens are too lucid to be fooled.

So, Hezbollah, you may perhaps have an interest in questioning your methods and listening to the voices of young people. They are telling you something: They want a change. They want to live in dignity and safety. They want to love and live in peace. Is it too much to ask for?

As for Mr. Aoun, with all due respect to his position, he is neither a king nor a saint. He is a politician. As a politician of his senior age, he must have a thick skin by now. So, enough of deception and stupidity for God’s sake!

To conclude this post, Bambi will end with a little prayer: May Mr. Biden (assuming he is now officially the President of the USA) end up surprising Bambi by being both lucid and courageous when it comes to Iran ( ). Lebanon’s fate, including Kinda and many younger and older people, is hanging on it!

Thank you.

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