Canadians can be too funny

If she may, Bambi would like to post a comment by a sarcastic reader of the CBC of an article entitled “Higgs facing carbon-tax squeeze from Ottawa“. The article title is referring to Mr. Trudeau’s announcement of a $170/tonne carbon tax by 2030 (on Canadian oil (i.e., Alberta). If Bambi understands well, this carbon tax does not apply to imported foreign oil though (e.g. from Saudi Arabia). How fair is that to the citizens of Alberta?

First, although Bambi did not read that article in details, she could not help not to think: Oh well, only Mr. Higgs is facing this squeeze? Not every single citizen will do so, especially in our tough economic times? Bambi is asking because the title of this article seems to insinuate that, minus our NB Premier, we are all lovers of taxes. How could we not be fond of taxes when when they have appealing name? We would be bad citizens otherwise.

Second, below you can read the funny comment that comes from a citizen called Mr. Dave Shimla. Bambi could not help not to laugh when she read it, with all due respect to our federal government’s green (or so-called green?) policies:

“I love carbon tax, I’ve noticed a lot less carbon in the air since I’ve been paying it. Thank you government for this additional tax on almost everything I buy. When can I expect to pay a covid tax? or are you combining it with the carbon tax? ”

To conclude this post, entertaining our sense of humour as citizens is our best medicine. At least sense of humour is still tax-free :). Thank goodness!

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