To what extent can we trust Ms. Kamala Harris? She may become the President of the USA one day, perhaps sooner than we may think

Bambi would like to begin this post by congratulating the winners Biden-Harris.

She is officially congratulating them, even if deep inside she remains skeptical about the voting process of this election (as an observer from far). She is saying so, not because of Mr. Trump’s legal battle or some American States’ suits. It is rather because these elections have world-wide high stakes. As Bambi’s spouse has always said: “In politics, things are often not what they seem to be”.

So, could Mr. Trump be perhaps right about systemic cheating, even if he is a narcissistic President? Or is he a lunatic freak who does not know how to acknowledge loss?

Anyhow, with all due respect to all the lawyers of the world (she is in love with one of them ?), she does not trust them much, as politicians. She wonders sometimes whether other professionals may not be more trustworthy as public servants (the latter thought has even influenced her own vote in the past).

Related to the law profession, let’s focus on Ms. Harris now (ie., a lawyer who is married to another attorney, by the way). Here is what is puzzling for Bambi about this politician: In 2019, she told American citizens that “she believes the women” accusing Mr. Biden of rape/sexual harassment. A few months following this statement, in 2020, she told them that she “believes in Joe” whilst endorsing his campaign.

In which statement was Ms. Harris authentic?

In the first or in the second?

What has changed in Mr. Biden from 2019 to 2020? Chances are he is still the same man (either innocent/wrongly accused or guilty/responsible of his acts).

Chances are Ms. Harris too, the same woman who is playing the game of politics. In Bambi’s non-expert citizen opinion, she may be an arriviste… but all the media of the world are only putting the accent on her being a woman or a “coloured” woman.   

At one point, Ms. Harris endorsed the BLM movement and that too was far from being authentic or wise, at least in Bambi’s own mind. Mind you, interestingly, the authenticity of this endorsement was later questioned by one of the co-founders of this movement. BLM supporters reported feeling “used” by Biden-Harris, to use their own words. Bambi is citing and agrees with them, even if she is not fond of this group herself. Perhaps this is called “pandering” to groups of interests? Sadly, this is a Canadian speciality in politics. For instance, check how both Mr. Trudeau and one of his ministers, along with Mr. O’Toole, Chief of the Opposition, all made a statement about the 84th birthday of Mr. Agha Khan. The question is not about the goodness of this man full of philanthropy and beautiful universal values, such as pluralism (he is an Imam for a world minority Shia Muslim group called, the Ismaili:

The question is why should we appear like losing all self-respect when it comes to people or countries with power (i.e., money)? Can’ we be respectful of philanthropists and visionary leaders, without going out of our way in what looks more like pandering?

To come back to Ms. Harris, Bambi was curious lately. She searched her Twitter account. She read that she describes herself as “She/Her”. Bambi could not help not to wonder: Is she being authentic in her description? If so, good for her for being assertive. In other terms, does she believe all this? Or is she rather a compulsive compliant with societal trends? Or, even worse, is she an arriviste who knows how to say the “right” (politically correct) thing, without conviction?

Only time will tell Bambi if her intuition about this politician is right or wrong.

For now, she will say the following: Between Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris, Bambi trusts Mr. Biden more.

Between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden, she does not trust anyone of them, even if she may have more sympathy for Mr. Biden.

Yet, she thinks that Mr. Trump’s elections would have been better news for her birth country, than a Biden-Harris team with the same establishment of earlier years. Why is she saying so? Well, in her mind, if Mr. Biden is a continuation of Mr. Obama’s legacy, this is not promising for tiny Lebanon (Mr. Obama said all the beautiful things in the world, but the actions were rather useless). Sadly, Lebanon is under the total grip of Iran… to the point that it is increasingly isolated by Arab countries (ironically, many of the latter are now closer to Tel Aviv than to Beirut).

The question that matters the most to Bambi is the following: Will Mr. Biden (and/or Ms. Harris) offer Lebanon to Iran on a silver platter?

Or will it be Mr. Macron/the Europeans who will be the ones responsible for such a deal?

Of course, all this would not be possible had MANY corrupt Lebanese politicians (along with some connected citizens) not been blindly cheering for or benefiting from the alliance with Iran?

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