Picture of the day: Canada, Acadie, and Lebanon… all on one Christmas tree!

Bambi is grateful to God because her mom and dad survived the Beirut port explosion.

In all honesty, even four months later, she still cannot understand how they were not even injured every time she looks at the picture of their destroyed place. Deep inside, she is convinced that is because it was not their time to go… as simple as that.

In life, we come to the world without even asking for it and we usually go not knowing when it ill be the time to start this one-way, luggage-free, trip (in Bambi’s mind, this is the best trip in a lifetime as she does not need to pack for it :)).

Seriously now, Bambi’s parents are still repairing their apartment, slowly but surely. Sadly, other neighbours were not as lucky. Many lost their lives on the streets, in their places, and in the nearby hospital. Some survived but lost they loved ones. Yet many more were badly injured whilst being homeless.

Well, out of respect for those neighbours who are grieving, Bambi’s parents decided not to decorate their balcony with their annual Christmas lights and red decoration. They just decorated their living room with their beautiful Christmas tree.

Today, Bambi, received a moving picture from them, along with a cute WhatsApp call to tell her about a Christmas tree that is uniting Canada, Acadie, and Lebanon :). At first, Bambi did not understand her dad’s comment. She thought they were watching a TV show or movie about Atlantic Canada. Well, it turned out that the small flags of Canada, Lebanon, and even Acadie, are in their own tree in Beirut, Lebanon! They kindly told Bambi the following: “Because you are not coming this Christmas to visit us from far away, we are honouring your country” (and their beloved second one too :)!).

Without further due, you can see this picture below (Bambi asked for the permission to share it).

Thank you mom and dad for honouring Canada and for having brought your family to safety to it during civil war. Without your move, Bambi would have not been able to call Canada home.

May your Christmas decoration bring you comfort, mom and dad.

May the Christmas spirit always shine in your hearts… and hopefully in those in charge of your country.

Bambi misses you. She hopes/trusts she will see you ASAP when that tiny yet mean virus gives our world a break!

2 thoughts on “Picture of the day: Canada, Acadie, and Lebanon… all on one Christmas tree!”

    1. Thank you SWEETEST Nicole… Bless your own family too (Bambi always thinks of your parents where they are now, as you know…). Love!

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