Happy 2022!

A year will end soon.

A new year will start.

There is something reassuring in how time keeps moving, no matter what.

Indeed, time does not stop when we are facing adversities or when we are in good periods of our lives.

Time also keeps moving when we fall in or out of love.

Time does not stop when we lose our dearest ones… and when they lose us.

Time is just time… and life is beautiful, even when it is tough at times.

Some of our loved ones may be in different time zones.

Some of our dear ones are in a different and timeless world… we miss them, we remember them, and we honour their memory (whether in our own personal times or at specific spiritual rituals, etc.).

Bearing the above in mind, Bambi does not want this year to end without remembering her friends Pat, Nadia, Raymond, Khalil, Kavana, and the adorable Abeer gone too soon (as per the older posts at the end of this one). She also remembers your mom, Rita. May God know how to comfort the broken hearts of their family members… and to support them in keep moving forward, just like time.

To conclude this post on a joyful note, once again life is beautiful (with our loved ones close, far, or very far in that timeless, unknown world). Luckily for us, as Bambi has always thought since her migration to Canada at age 17, it is the distance between the hearts that matters the most in life (more than the geographical or timely distance). As for our own time, well it is up to us to to make the best out of it: To appreciate it, to use it, to pause it, to remember it, be homesick or hopeful about it, and to keep dreaming it.

May your 2022 be joyful and meaningful to you!

HAPPY New Year everyone :)!!

6 thoughts on “Happy 2022!”

  1. Happy new year to you my dearest Bambi and her lovely husband ❤️❤️May this coming year brings you all the best ??❤️❤️??

    1. Sweet!THANK YOU!! What can Bambi say about Maya (habibi or habibta :)) and her wonderful spouse and their amazing boys!!?? ??? Happy 2022!!

  2. Time gives and takes away and gives and takes away…May the blessings outweigh the sufferings!
    Wow, Happy new year by Abba is one of my favorite songs! Happy new year to Bambi as well ?

    1. “Time gives and takes away and gives and takes away…May the blessings outweigh the sufferings!”
      How well said, Achim. Many thanks. Bambi is happy you like the Abba :). Happy 2022!

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