A song for a friend

Today our town said goodbye to Pat (or Ms. Patricia Belliveau).

Thank you, Pat, for having existed and for having touched SO many lives.

May you rest in peace now… May your memory be eternal in our hearts.

May both God and time, slowly but surely, comfort the hearts of your children, grand-children, and entire family. Same wishes for all your friends and loved ones.

To conclude this post, a French song is coming to Bambi’s mind now (by Mr. Pierre Delanoë and Mr. Michel Fugain, 1967). It is interpreted below by Ms. Vox Angeli. If you wish, you may read an English translation of the beautiful lyrics (found online). This song reminds us of how short life is/can be: short yet precious. Perhaps even more precious because it is short. Too short yet beautiful, especially when it is lived to a full and genuine extent. In other terms, to a meaningful and inspiring way… like Pat’s life.

“I won’t have enough time

I won’t have enough time,

Enough time…

Even if I run

Faster than the wind,

Faster than time,

Even if I fly,

I won’t have enough time, ( no, no, no)

enough time.

To visit all the immensity

Of a universe so vast.

Even, even, even, even if I had 100 years,

I won’t have enough time

To do everything.

I open my heart wide.

I love with my open eyes

But it’s too little,

For so many hearts (For so many hearts)

And so many flowers.

Thousands (Thousand) of days,

It’s much too short (It’s much too short)

It’s much too short.

And to love

As we have to love,

When we really love,

Even if I had 100 years,

I won’t have enough time,

Enough time.

I won’t have enough time,

Enough time.

I won’t have enough time,

Enough time.

Here is an earlier post honouring Patricia’s Belliveau’s life:

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