Second Street’s Colin Craig interviewed Drs. Mark Milke and Rima Azar: “Are we seeing the erosion of our Canadian values?”

Many thanks, Mr. Colin Craig for interviewing Dr. Mark Milke and Bambi, as co-authors of “the 1867 Project” book (with 18 other writers). As described by the News Forum‘s on YouTube, “they discuss Canadian values and why we need to continue to create a free and flourishing society“.

Bambi enjoyed the thoughtful conversation. It is her hope that you will learn something valuable about our beautiful country and its history.

The older posts, shown further below, introduce the book entitled “The 1867 Project: Why Canada should be cherished, not cancelled” and edited by Dr. Milke. If you are interested, it is on sale now on Amazon: If you happen to be reading it now, well enjoy it! Oui, bonne lecture!

Full interview can be found here:

Only the first part is embedded here…

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