Happy Canada Day: Bambi is honoured to be a panel guest of Mr. Andrew Lawton, along with Dr. Mark Milke and Dr. Lynn MacDonald!

Happy Canada day/long weekend to all ❤️!

Bambi was not only honoured, but also delighted to be a panel guest of True North‘s talented Andrew Lawton on his show, along with: (1) the clever Dr. Mark Milke, editor of The 1867 Project, the new book of the Aristotle Foundation for Public Policy, who is also the president of this promising new think tank, which “aims to renew a civil, common-sense approach to public discourse and public policy in Canada” (https://shorturl.at/rzEM1); & (2) the inspiring Dr. Lynn MacDonald who is a professor emerita in Sociology & a former New Democratic Party (NDP) member of parliament.

MacDonald, Milke, and Bambi (or Azar) contributed chapters to The 1867 Project, along with 17 other authors. The panel chat covered topics related to “Canadian history, identity politics, and the mob” (https://rb.gy/c2f48). The book is on sale now on Amazon: https://shorturl.at/aAIX6.

Following the YouTube panel video entitled “The Andrew Lawton Show/Why the activists who hate Canada are wrong“, Bambi will end by honouring Canada in music. The first chosen piece is our beautiful national anthem, which is performed by Ms. Lara Fabian in both French and English. The second song is Dalida’s Helwa Ya Baladi, which means my country is beautiful in Arabic. This song is performed by Ms. Hiba Tawaji.

Since her arrival to her adoptive country at age 17 (33 years ago– yes, time flies!), Bambi is happy to have lived in three beautiful Canadian provinces: Québec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. Note how Dalida’s song is about one country’s beauty. It is thus not about its perfection. The latter does not exist anywhere. After all, we are just humans. We can only keep aiming for the best, try to be forgiving (with both ourselves and others) while learning from the past and co-building the future hand in hand. Happy Canada long weekend everyone ❤️!

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