Professor Cumberland: bravo for appealing the court judgment to rectify the remaining injustices!

A picture taken from the website of the Court of Appeal of New Brunswick, which is the highest court in our province. “It is the last avenue of appeal, except in a few cases where a further appeal
to the Supreme Court of Canada is possible”, as per its website:

Bambi has continuously supported biologist and Professor Cumberland, as you can see in the earlier posts shown further below. He is one of the most decent scientists of our beautiful province. All what he did was to speak his mind and share his scientific expertise and findings related to the glyphosate use in NB forests.

For those who do not know it, our province is 85% forested. Thus, the hot issue of glyphosate use is critical, regardless of the point of view about glyphosate use or abuse. In a place truly free of moral or even intellectual corruption, such an issue is supposed to be considered a scientific opinion. No more, no less. Sadly this was not the case in this story in which we forgot that Professor Cumberland is a scientist with integrity who was simply doing his job. We now know that he is also a man of courage, given his incredible ordeal and his spine. What an inspiration!

Anyhow, one thing was clear in Bambi’s mind last month was that Professor Cumberland deserves full justice as well as a MUCH higher compensation than what he got at the end of his trial ($48,645 in severance and $6,700 from his former College toward his legal costs).

Thus, Bambi is happy to have learned this evening, from a public platform of support for his case (, the following update: on June 1st 2023, Lawyer Paul Champ who represents Cumberland, appealed his case ( May they succeed in rectifying “some of the remaining injustices that have been ignored“!

Of note, because Professor Cumberland’s former position of instructor at the Maritime College of Forest Technology (Fredericton, NB, Canada) is not unionized, all Court documents are and will be a matter of public record, unless there is a provision/order prohibiting public access.

This being said, Bambi just paused her typing to cross her fingers for Professor Cumberland (and his lawyer)! To end on a musical note of hope, Bambi will offer him (and his family) two songs: one meant to celebrate the value of integrity and the second a song about courage. With his deep faith and love of youth, she hopes he will enjoy the latter as much as she did when she discovered the song.

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