If Bambi was called “a proponent of rape culture” by those who did not like her blog, who is surprised that “the trial heard that Cumberland made sexist and derogatory comments to students”?

Bambi has several earlier posts about the ordeal of Biologist and Professor Rod Cumberland, all shown further below. She has also been honoured to concretely support him twice.

Professor Cumberland is one of the most decent scientists of our province. He is not afraid of speaking up his mind and sharing his scientific expertise and findings. This is called a professor with integrity in the dictionary of Bambi. But, a Judge from our province “called Cumberland “an individual of strong convictions and not someone who can easily embrace the points of view of others when such views do not align precisely with his own.” With all due respect, what does the latter mean precisely?

And what do claims about sexism or racism or any other “ism” mean in the context of a shocking yet not surprising cancellation of a scientific career?

One thing is sure in Bambi’s mind: Professor Rod Cumberland is anything but what is reported about him in the CBC article entitled “Forestry college instructor wasn’t fired for views on glyphosate, judge rules (https://bit.ly/3I0BDOD): “The Judge also added: A forestry college instructor was fired because he was a “disruptive and destructive force” and not because of his views of the herbicide glyphosate, a New Brunswick judge has ruled“.

To conclude this post, Professor Cumberland deserves our utmost respect. Indeed, he is one of the MOST COURAGEOUS citizens of our beautiful province, in addition to being a man filled with goodness and beautiful values. He also deserves a MUCH higher compensation than what he got at the end of his trial ($48,645 in severance and $6,700 from his former College toward his legal costs).

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