How about if we love each other?

Love is the very essence of life

Is there anything more meaningful in life than love? “Aimons-nous” [Let’s Love Each Other], what a beautiful song originally by Mr. Yvon Deschamps and Mr. Jacques Perron. It is performed in this post by the talented Mr. Nicola Ciccone. For those who do not know it, this song was inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2019 (

Bambi took the time to attempt to translate the lyrics of Aimons-nous for you to the best of her capacity, of course with the help of her friend Mr. Google Translate. Since this post is all about love, she will thank the latter or his online existence and tell him that she loves working with him :).

Let’s love each other anyway

Let’s love each other day by day

Let’s love each other anyway

Let’s love each other in spite of love

Let’s love each other with wrath

Let’s love each other but without pity

Let’s love each other even in a cage

Let’s love each other without friendship

Two thousand years of hate

Haven’t changed anything about love

To break our chains

Cannons’ and drums’ sound

It’s love that rumbles

Love is moving fast

For the love of the fight

I love you, you love me, he loves her

We love you

you love us

They love me, they love you, they love

Do we still love

Death unites without return

Let’s love each other, I love you

I will kill you, my love

Love preserves us

From remorse for our killings

One’s kills without reserve

For the love of his country

We live in history

When you live without loving

love is glory

power and friendship

Let’s love without constraint

Let’s love each other like we should

Let’s tighten the embrace

Who will suffocate us with joy

I love myself, you love yourself, he loves himself

We love ourselves

You like yourself

They love each other

will love each other.

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