Aren’t the chipmunks cute and talented when singing the “three dakat [heartbeats]” Egyptian love song?

Bambi is biased. Yes, she adores Three Dakat. This being said, the melody of this Egyptian love, summer-related, song is lovey to the ears, even when interpreted by chipmunks :).

For those of you who do now know this song, here is its original human version interpreted by a talented, apparently Lebanese, singer/guitarist Bambi just discovered. His name is Mr. Paul Waked (

This brief musical post will end with all the older posts featuring this song.

May your hearts beat, three memorable “dakat”, for what you appreciate in a particular moment: Life itself, a vigorous dance you enjoy, a beautiful sunset or a landscape, the love of your life or a new date, a reunion with your children, other family members or dear friends, etc.

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