A medley of joyful songs…

First, two of Bambi’s older and old posts, respectively entitled “Why don’t we just… smile?” and “What is happiness for you?“, are shown further below. Second, Bambi will be brief today. It is her wish that the music and/or lyrics of the chosen songs will entertain you, hoping that they can also make you smile :). Enjoy!

Bambi adores this old French song entitled “ça fait rire les oiseaux“!
This English song that Bambi just discovered is also about happiness, taking
another approach to it (more spiritual).
This adorable French-Canadian song, entitled “Demain matin, Montréal m’attend” reminds Bambi of her mom. She would like to dedicate it to her… as well as to Bernadette and Claire.
Comment ça va?”, an award-winning German song (with French and English content) that Bambi listened to it and sang like a frog SO many times. She was 11-year-old at the time… What a nice break from the absurdity of the civil war.
3 heartbeats” [“3 dakat”!]: This Egyptian love song does not need any introduction! All Bambi’s close friends know how much she loves it. She wants to dedicate it to each one of them now :).
La ballade des gens heureux“: Mr. Gérard Lenorrman’s beautiful French song
is meant for happy people.
This superb Lebanese song is entitled Let’s rejoice in Arabic. Bambi dreams to dedicate it to the people of her birth country when their worries will finally be history…
This French (Acadian) song is offered to Louis, along with Antoine and Robine. To our great memories on the Magdalen Islands :)!
C’est bon pour le moral“, another joyful old French song by la Compagnie Créole!
Il était une fois des gens heureux“: What a great French-Canadian song (from Québec).
Thank you Ms. Nicole Martin!
This beautiful French song was featured in one of the earlier posts below. Thank you Mr. Christophe Maé for wondering: “Where is happiness”?
Ya Mustapha” OR “Chérie, je t’aime, chérie je t’adore” is an old yet still famous joyful Egyptian love song (French and Arabic content; https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ya_Mustapha). It reminds Bambi of her parents and their friends. The singer is called Mr. Bob Azzam. He is Egyptian of Lebanese origins. Of note, there is funny version of this melody that kids used to sing, with part of the
lyrics related to food, including potatoes :)!
Thank you Ms. Nana Mouskouri for your unique interpretation of Oh Happy Days!

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