Music of the day: All the way from Lebanon…

Bambi just discovered a talented Lebanese virtuoso violinist, called Mr. Andre Soueid. If you are interested, you can hear him, along with the Lebanese Oriental Orchestra, playing a wonderful love song (that Bambi adores) composed by the late Mr. Melhem Barakat (a famous musician, songwriter, and singer; Bravo!

Here is the same song, with a talented pianist, Maestro Elie Alya, along with the unique voice of Mr. Melhem Barakat himself. Thanks to the latter for having spoiled our ears while enriching his/our (birth) country… May his memory be eternal.

Again, here is the same song, featured above, but interpreted by Ms. Karol Sakr. What a beautiful version too. Thank you, Ms. Sakr.

The song lyrics go like this: “After you have left my life, tell me for whom eternity will pay tribute to (or bow) and to whom the world’s sun will shine for“. Very powerful words, especially in a poetically rich language like Arabic. Mind you, these words could be or could have been written for anyone, not just to a lover. It could have been written to a a family member or a dear friend. So how about if it is dedicated now to a beloved fellow resident of our small town who left our lives too early? Yes, Bambi is thinking of you Pat Belliveau (or Patty Kakes to many of your friends). If she may, she will allow herself to offer you this beautiful song. Please consider it as a tribute, not just from one of NB deer but also from all your human friends who will miss you. Thank you for having touched their lives in so many ways.

To continue with the incredible musical talent of tiny Lebanon, of course there is the eternal voice of Feiruz… and below you can find two love songs with English sub-titles (thanks to the persons who kindly posted them on YouTube and made them public). Bambi would like to offer these songs to her mom, dad, and friends (especially you Mary, who adores Feiruz, as well as you Firas who was also in love with Feiruz… Can you somehow hear Bambi now from heaven, especially that this blog was meant to be a tribute to you and to your very short yet full life?).

To conclude this post, thanks to ALL Lebanon’s artists… may their country survive, rise, and shine again. May the sound of music have the final and lasting word (and not the sounds of fear from stray bullets or explosions, etc.).

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