Why are Big Techs an arm of our government?

In the USA, as per the older posts below, a former President of the country has been banned by Twitter. So were so-called anti-Kamala Harris “trolls”.

In Canada, in the past, the competent (and compassionate) Dr. Oren Amitay has been permanently banned from Twitter.

Today, in our country, Dr. Amir Attaran (who has been using an awfully racist/hateful language toward Québec and its Prime Minister for ages) has been banned by Twitter. Why? Because he criticized our federal government’s health policies. He seemed to have written that Mr. Trudeau must be “tarred and feathered” for being late in vaccinating children against the coronavirus, as per first the National Post and now all the other mainstream Canadian media (https://nationalpost.com/news/twitter-bans-ottawa-law-professor-amir-attaran-for-saying-trudeau-should-be-tarred-and-featherd).

First, Bambi has always defended Dr. Amir Attaran’s right to freedom of expression (even if this has not been reciprocal when she was the target of cancel culture). She is saying so and she TOTALLY disagrees with his “woke” insults toward Québec. She is saying so, even if she is not too sure if the vaccination of 5-11 year olds is a wise idea (since this is not an at-risk group and everyone can still transmit the virus). Plus, the technique used is new. This means no long-term data about potential side effects in kids are available yet. Plus, most importantly, in her mind parents should have the final say in deciding whether to vaccinate their young kids or not. Of course, they need full informed consent to be able to do so properly.

Second, Bambi is far from being a fan of Mr. Trudeau’s vision for our country on so many levels. However, she does not use the language of Dr. Attaran (especially that English is neither her first, nor second language… She had to google “tarred and feathered “ ?).

Despite this, she still wants to believe we are in Canada and Canada is in North America (neither is in the Middle East, nor in some countries of the Far East). This means traditionally a free country, not a dictatorship. In free countries, and even in not-so-free ones (like Lebanon), people are relatively still able to criticize powerful groups and corrupt leaders (when they are not killed for real, not just symbolically from time to time).

So, Twitter, please restore Dr. Attaran’s account immediately (same for Dr. Oren Amitay, if he wishes to use this company’s unreliable services again in his practice). To conclude on a musical note, Mr. George Moustaki’s beautiful song is dedicated by Bambi to all those involved in this post or reading it. It is about freedom (sub-titled in English). Yes, this most precious value in life that is supposed to be for us all, not just for some and not others (depending on the forces in power).

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