Did you know that in February 2019, Twitter “suspended anti-Kamala Harris accounts”?

Mmm, Bambi just came across this article published on February 1st, 2019 and entitled “Twitter suspends anti-Kamala Harris accounts suspected of being trolls“:


So, those American Big Techs truly favoured a presidential candidate whilst later banning another one. Not anyone, one must say… their own current President. They had the nerve and arrogance to ban him. They did so to some of Bambi’s good friends, mind you. This started a few months ago.

Now, who is or who will soon be running the show in the USA: Ms. Harris, Mr. Biden (obviously lacking stamina and sometimes words, even if he is an experienced politician)… or those Silicon Valley IT guys?

From what it seems from far away, many powerful interest groups, domestic and perhaps external ones, came together to try to get rid of Mr. Trump.

Some will say, good riddance. Maybe? But is this truly how democracy works in life? Or is our neighbouring country in a state of undeclared war?

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