Mmm, had Mr. Jack Dorsey (Twitter) silenced Ms. Hillary Clinton four years ago after the election results, would you have accepted it? If your answer is no, perhaps you should re-consider your support of the current censorship

So, the CBC published an article about the series of incongruent tweets by Mr. Dorsey. Of course, the CBC is not allowing readers to comment this article. This is why Bambi will have some fun sharing some of her thoughts about this totalitarian circus in North America’s media and social media:

Mr. Dorsey seems to be telling us that the tweets of Mr. Trump were so dangerous that he had to cancel him. Funny, because Bambi who is not a Trump supporter (just for the record!), did not observe any of this whilst reading and listening to his tweets and speech posted on Twitter on January 6. She was listening to it live when the sad and tragic violence took place in the Capitol.

Here is his full speech, by the way, thanks to Al Jazzera:

Same for his latest speech from the website or YouTube channel of the White House (yesterday). Is there any call for violence in it? None whatsoever. On the contrary actually. If you do not believe Bambi and if you wish, you can got watch it, as she did.

Now, if you want to tell Bambi that his awful character is divisive by itself, she gets it.

If you tell her that just by encouraging people to go express their disapproval with the elections results in front of the Capitol is an indirect way of encouraging excesses or violence, she gets it and also agrees with you.

However, the last time she checked, gathering for political reasons is a right in democratic countries, even in her own birth country (despite the totalitarianism of the Hezbollah).

It may be risky or STUPID during a pandemic, but that’s a different story. Perhaps saving one’s democracy matters more than public health at times, at least in the mind of those who attend such demonstrations. To understand this, one must be born in a “shit hole”, to use Mr. Trump’s awful words ?… not in Canada.

Politically defending oneself (especially in such exceptional circumstances) and putting a political pressure on those decision makers is not a crime against humanity.

Those who stormed the Capitol in a criminal way in front of the world’s eyes or those who follow their leaders in a sectarian (dangerous and silly!) way, are the ones who must be held accountable for their actions.

Mr. Trump remains the current President (until January, 20, 2021). Mr. Dorsey’s attack on freedom of expression toward his President (even if he hates him to death) or toward his other fellow citizens, goes against the minimal basis of democracy: Everyone’s right to express an opinion peacefully and in public.

Had Mr. Trump been Mr. Hassan Nasrallah’s or those Mollahs’ in Iran, Bambi would have not agreed with Twitter in silencing them neither. She is saying so and God knows how much she dislikes their DANGEROUS ideology to our world, including her birth country.

Actually, she reads the Hezbollah website from time to time (even if it is a terrorist organization in Canada). She reads it to try to understand what is happening in the same way she reads the Israeli newspapers (even if she would be considered a traitor in her birth country for doing so).

Does she agree with Hezbollah or Israel? NO is the answer. Does she tolerate their media? Of course, she does. Even Mr. Nasrallah is smarter than Mr. Dorsey. He understood the importance of keeping your channels of communication open with your enemy. His website has a Hebrew version ?.

So, no Mr. Dorsey, your tweets are incongruent and inaccurate, telling us just half of the story. The half you sympathize with. To understand the complex reality, one must read both and all sides. This is what Bambi used to do during civil war. This is what she will continue to do, even if everything around her is censored to one side only, regardless of this side.

Some say you are a private company. In the end, you are free to collude with those silencing this President.  Maybe… but are you really a free person, Mr. Dorsey? Who is your boss for real or in your own close-minded mind? Are you serving this boss right now, before your shareholders (this is why your share prices went down?)? Why not serve your fellow citizens and freedom in your country? Or do you truly believe that you are saving the world from Nazism?

Bambi is disappointed because she has always had fun reading the Tweets of everyone, those to the left/radical left as much as those to the right/radical right. She learns about our world by reading all the voices. She sometimes agrees with the left (she has traditionally been a centre-left citizen). She sometimes agrees with the right (tolerating them and sometimes seeing value in some positions, especially on the economic level, etc.). She sometimes observes an agreement between the two sides on some issues (e.g., lockdowns) and this amuses her. Now, you have removed a source of entertainment for her during this pandemic.

Ironically, we now have almost an Apartheid on the web, the leftists on Twitter (of course, some of those to the right are still not cancelled) and those to the right to other platforms like Parler (now we are diabolizing it too).

Bambi saw a video where an American lady was kicked out of Delta Airways for her political opinion. Is this the new normal in this country, or just now where people are heated?

Before the era of social media, people resorted to rumours or nastiness in real life. Now, they can express their nastiness online.

To shut down opinions we do not agree with… or even to silence silly nastiness is simply insanity, in Bambi’s mind. Of course, Bambi is not talking about when someone calls for specific violence against a specific person at a specific time, etc.

Collective insanity pushed to the extreme can become fascism or totalitarianism.

For Bambi, this is a slippery slope, even if the winning side is the political side she has more sympathy for.

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