In democracies, it it normal to: 1. see the American and almost all Canadian media going into one direction about the US Elections? & 2. have a private company, like Twitter, watching each tweet of its own President (up until January 20th) and adding their own comments?

What is happening South of the border is no longer about the Republicans (i.e., Mr. Trump) or the Democrats (i.e., the duo of Mr. Biden-Ms. Harris). What is unfolding under our eyes is about democracy (or lack of) and it is sad, if not worrisome.

Bambi can understand when such behaviours occur in third world countries (yes, including her own birth country), but not the USA. She does not understand. Even if we dislike Mr. Trump, what he is denouncing (fraud) is SERIOUS and deserves to be addressed with as much objectivity and decency as possible.

It is not about the Republicans. It is not about this odd President. It is about democracy. Period.

Bambi is saying so, after having watched a couple of hearings about those claims of fraud.

She is saying so and she is not a Mr. Trump supporter. She is just observing from far.

For her, all the phenomenon resembles more totalitarianism than anything else. It is even scary.

For example, we read Canadian media titles and articles deviating our attention from what is unfolding, but telling us gossips about how Mr. Trump and his wife argue about their renovations ( Honestly speaking, does anyone care about a couple’s conversations or fights, assuming it is authentic information?

Plus, are we reading silly media in countries in the third world during civil war times? Or are we reading serious articles?

Is it normal not to see any single article explaining us the two versions and the debate and letting use our own judgment, to come to the conclusion that Mr. Trump is out of his mind or not.

Yes, Mr. Trump may not have the most assembling personality in the world. How could you when you would likely score so high on narcissism tests?

Let’s be fair to him also, the media has not treated him well since Day 1. He is not one of the elite and he is vulgar, which does not help his case. Yet, he is followed by many on his Twitter (even Bambi reads him, especially lately. She even laughs at his style ?. For instance, she heard his Christmas message. A nice message with Ms. Melania minus the part on Christmas. It was a turn off for Bambi and yet she has the same Christian faith in her heart. He insisted on reminding us how much Jesus is the Messiah, the savour… he referred to the Bible, and blahblahblah…).

Regardless of this funny video, she does not know about you, but for Bambi, what matters the most in solving the world’s problems must be the actions of politicians, not their taste in renovations or in women (or men!). Not even their direct and often awful words about colleagues.

Policies affect people’s lives, domestically and worldwide. Taste in decorating one’s home does not.

To come back to the issue of claims of elections’ fraud, regardless of the winner, we must be concerned. Why? Because countries matter more than one single leader or one single political party. Countries must always come first and be above. Bambi has seen what happens to a country when partisanship, pandering, corruption, and militia rule. The whole world has an example of not-to-do in politics: Please do not Lebanonize the United States, with or without Mr. Trump.

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