Mr. Kendji Girac & Mr. Claudio Capeo: “Que Dieu me pardonne” [May God forgive me]. Have you heard their beautiful song?

Bambi lives on a different planet sometimes, especially when it comes to the most recent music or movies. Well, this time she is just three years behind :). Indeed, the song she just discovered is from August, 2018. If she may, she would like to share it with you because she finds it both joyful and inspiring.

The lyrics of this French song (subtitled in both English and French) tells us how much these two talented men are proud to embrace their sensitivity as well as imperfection in life. Yes, these artists are happy to “just be humans“! For them, acknowledging their limitations, while being genuine about their state of mind, seems to be the main ingredient for a fulfilled life. They sing about slowing down or even giving up (as needed). In turn, this facilitates perseverance later on (once ready), even in the face of failure. Of note, the joyful music of this song shows us how much they are happy to “listen to their instincts” in life (instead of hiding behind a mask or an illusion of perfection). After all, they are not “Gods“, “just humans“, to use their own words.

Clearly, Mr. Girac and Mr. Capeo seem to have fun singing together. Good for them and bravo for their lovely song!

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