A song for Bambi’s sister

Bambi does not want to go to bed without sending her solidarity to her sister and through her to all the residents of Lebanon.

Below, you can see a tweet by journalist Roula Douglas from earlier today, along with a reply:

The tweets above are both moving.

The first one means: “I do not want to adjust as our authorities (accused of corruption) are advising us AND I refuse to leave. # Lebanon“.

The reply (of “El Baron”) shows the picture of Alexandra (“Lexou”), one of the young children who died in the surrealistic Beirut explosion on August 3, 2020. It reads as follows: “So we have to fight relentlessly“.

As a gesture of solidarity, Bambi would like to offer her sister Mr. Claude Capéo’s song entitled “Mon pays” [My country]. In this song, the artist asks his country for “forgiveness” for having had no choice but to leave it to protect his children from the “raging madmen who destroyed it“. The latter did so “as their minds thought they were Gods“.

Gods of corruption in the case of Lebanon…

Hang on Ms. Roula Douglas et al.

Thank you for your courage and resistance (to leave Lebanon for a third time…). Thanks also for caring for our parents and for being there for all your loved ones, those nearby and those abroad. Be safe please.

Love to Lebanon while it awaits its brighter days!

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